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Gemstone Beads

gemstone beads for sale

Gemstone beads add natural beauty to your jewelry and overall look. Gemstones are natural rocks with uneven surfaces and unimaginable shapes. They can be shaped and polished into smooth, shiny beads. At The Bead Traders, we have all the varieties of gemstone beads, crystal beads, etc.

The wide range of gemstone beads available with bead traders can work as a catalyst to get your creative juices flowing. These beads and gemstones can make unique jewelry and DIY craft projects like gemstone wire trees for home décor. A fascinating thing about gemstones is that no two can be precisely identical; each is unique. So, you’ll always be unique with your gemstone bead jewelry or whatever product you use them in!

The world of natural gemstone beads is enormous. You can find authentic gemstone beads in shapes, sizes, colors (such as red crystal gemstone beads for jewelry making), and textures. Let us give you a glimpse of the gemstone beads you can find with us.

Why are Gemstones so Popular?

Gemstones have been used in jewelry making since time immemorial. Early civilizations give us proof of the existence of gemstone jewelry. Some cultures and civilizations also link gemstones with a person’s fate and the effects of planetary movement on them. Different gemstones are known for their different healing powers.

Modern-day gemstones and gemstone beads for jewelry making are more popular as a fashion statement. Due to their availability in huge varieties, they give us a chance to reflect our unique personality. Every kind of attire can be styled and complemented with bead gemstone jewelry. And an exciting thing about gemstone bead jewelry is that it can be made at home creatively. You don’t necessarily need someone, as in the case of gold and diamond jewelry.

Another thing that adds to the popularity of gemstone beads is their application in home décor. People are using myriads of creative ways to include precious gems in their home décor, be it in the form of wall-hanging crafts or something like gemstone trees to be decorated on your table. Gemstones add a unique beauty to the home's interiors when used for home and wall décor. In addition to adding beauty, gemstones are also believed to add positivity to your home, thus creating a relaxing ambiance.

How Do You Recognize A Quality Gemstone?

Though gemstones are starkly different from each other, there are some common traits between all of them. As a rule of thumb, the gemstone bead industry considers a gem with bright, intense, pure, rich, and vivid colors the best per industry standards. This is why gemstones that exhibit pure color with only a slight tinge of secondary color are the most valuable. The primary color of a high-quality gemstone is often medium, i.e., neither too dark nor too light.

While checking a gem to be authentic or fake, you must remember that gemstones are natural, hence they have flaws, and they are never identical, as will be the case with factory-made fake gemstone beads. The weight and shine of natural gemstones are also different than fake ones they are lightweight and shinier. The cost of the gemstone beads, too, can be an identifier. The fake gemstones are available at cheap rates as they are produced in bulk using cheaper raw materials.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Gemstone Beads Made Of?

Gemstone beads are made after the processing of naturally occurring gemstones. Almost every gemstone material can be made into beads. They can be made of transparent to translucent gemstone materials like tourmaline, quartz, sapphire, and ruby. They can also be made of translucent to opaque gemstone materials like opal, lapis lazuli, moonstone, and turquoise.

Where to Buy Authentic Gemstone Beads?

If you want authentic original gemstone beads, your search ends at The Bead Traders. Here you get unimaginable varieties of natural beads gemstone beads for jewelry making. Here you will find bead gemstones of your choice in various shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.

Where to Buy Gemstone Beads?

The Bead Traders are the trusted source for authentic natural gemstone beads for jewelry making, costume design, and more. All genuine gemstone beads can be bought here at the most authentic prices. You will be spoilt for choices when scrolling the website for a beaded gemstone.

How Are Gemstone Beads Made?

You might know that gemstones are naturally rough rocks. It takes a lot of processing at the hand of the manufacturer to make plain surfaced, round, or shaped gemstones ready to be made into jewelry. A range of processes, like drilling, shaping, sanding, polishing, etc., is done before the gemstone gets ready to be a part of your jewelry.

How to Drill Gemstone Beads?

Drilling a hole in a gemstone for threading is a challenging task to begin with. In addition to proper tools, you must have precision and attentiveness for the task. You will require a proper automatic gemstone drill explicitly made for the purpose. Wearing protective eyewear is always advisable while working with such powerful tools. You will also need silly putty or poster putty to keep your gemstone still while you drill the hole. Keeping the gemstone surface lubricated is also important otherwise, the gemstone may break while drilling.

How to Make a Wire Tree With Gemstone Beads?

Wire gemstone trees are an excellent way to include gemstone décor in your home. First, you must choose a big gemstone with a flat base to make the tree's base. Typically, Drusy amethyst geodes or quartz crystals are used for the base of the gemstone wire tree. From this base, a wired trunk is made, replicating the feel of a bonsai tree. From this base trunk, various branches and sub-branches emerge. Each wire branch is beaded with a gemstone. If your gemstone has no drilled hole, you can glue the gemstone on these branches using craft glue or epoxy.

How to Make Gemstone Bead Bracelets?

Making a gemstone bracelet is an enjoyable and relaxing activity. You will first need to choose your favorite gemstone. Once you have chosen your gemstone beads, measure your wrist and cut an elastic cord for the appropriate size. Now, take an elastic band of your calculated size and start threading the beads in the style and pattern of your choice. Once you have strung the beads, put a secure knot at the end of the elastic.

How to Make a Gemstone Bead Necklace?

You will start by putting a hook at the edge of your beading wire and then let the crimp bead follow. Once you secure both these in their place, you can measure the length of the beading wire and cut the size you need your necklace to be. You must leave a few margin inches to secure the wire at the end. Now you can start putting your beads in the wire in the pattern of your choice and make a beaded necklace that shines your personality. In the end, you’ll have to knot the wire securely, cut any extra wire, and hide the knot in the nearest bead.

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