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Andalusite Beads

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Andalusite faceted rondelles 4-7mm 18 inch 145 beads - The Bead Traders
3-3.5mm Andalusite faceted Heishi Silver plated Chain by the foot - The Bead Traders
3-3.5mm Andalusite faceted Heishi Gold Chain by the foot - The Bead Traders
Lot of 8ft - 4mm Andalusite Gold Chain - The Bead Traders
21x15mm Black Gold Leafed Andalusite Chiastolite Slice Pendant - The Bead Traders
24x17mm Black Gold Leafed Andalusite Chiastolite Slice Pendant - The Bead Traders
25x22mm Black Gold Leafed Andalusite Chiastolite Slice Pendant - The Bead Traders
8x5mm Andalusite Faceted Teardrops 7 inch 85 beads - The Bead Traders

Andalusite is a bold yet delicate gemstone. The earthy tones of this clear gem are ideal for bracelets, necklaces, and more. With all the cuts and sizes to choose from, our Andalusite Beads are very versatile. Bring the natural, warm glow of the andalusite gemstone into your next project. We make purchasing online easy, because we buy beads and beading supplies in volume, making it easy to get affordable beads every day at the Bead Traders.

Where Is Andalusite From?

First observed on rock samples found in Spain, andalusite was named for the province of Andalusia. Some say that this gemstone was not truly discovered there. Instead, it is believed that andalusite was first found in El Cardoso, also known as Guadalajara. Even if its origins are a bit muddled, this gorgeous gem is commonly mined in Spain, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and throughout the United States, especially in California. Andalusite has also been found in Australia and southern Africa, as well as throughout Europe and Asia, making it a very worldly gem indeed.

What Makes Andalusite Special?

The andalusite gemstone is translucent and naturally iridescent. When being cut and polished, the gem's orientation is very important; each piece of this special stone will display a different shade at a different angle. Faceted beads made from andalusite have a very unique sheen, which displays the many colors that are hidden within the stone. The common colors of andalusite are shades of yellow, greenish yellow, reddish brown, pink, or even a lovely brownish orange tone that is popularly described as honey. No matter the color, the natural warmth and radiance of andalusite beads will add an eye catching, one of a kind luster to any beading project.

How We Give Andalusite To You

Our andalusite beads come in many different[1]  shapes. Whether you are using the uniquely dainty 3mm faceted rondelle beads as spacers or as the main focus, their rich hues and light catching facets are sure to enhance any piece of jewelry. The plain ovals are sure to stand out, coming in at just more than twice the length of our little andalusite gemstone rondelle beads.

Here at the Bead Trader, we are dedicated to the quality of our products and to your satisfaction. We ensure this with our three-part Value Pledge.

  • Our Power Buys are designed to save you money by allowing you to buy in bulk - we guarantee that you will get more beads for your buck!
  • Any Price Quality Insurance will ensure that you are shopping for consistently high quality products at consistently affordable prices
  • Our No Substitution, No Downgrade policy keeps you safe from buying low-quality knock-off products. This is especially important for andalusite beads; throughout history, it has been frequently confused with alexandrite, another gemstone that reflects a variety of colors. We make sure that our products are the real deal
  • the Bead Trader prides itself on its customer service, so any concerns that you have regarding your orders are our highest priority!

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