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Lemon Quartz Beads

The luscious yellow color of Lemon Quartz Beads makes you want to pop one in your mouth - but they’re probably better for making them into necklaces, bracelets or earrings! Quartz comes in many colors, including this variety featuring a clear yellow with a slight greenish hue. Quartz rates a 7 on the hardness scale, so lemon quartz jewelry is durable and will stand up to everyday wear. Most lemon quartz comes from Brazil, but there are deposits in North America, Africa and Europe as well.

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Quartz is one of the most commonly found minerals on the planet. It is composed mostly of silicon; the addition of other elements gives quartz its many types and colors. Lemon quartz is a greenish yellow and is sometimes called lemon topaz, green gold or lemon citrine. Lemon quartz beads come in shades from very pale sunshine to intense golden lemon. The splendid coloring comes from the mixture of iron with the silicon. As with most gemstones, the clearest, darkest yellow colored specimens are the most valuable. Lemon quartz is often cut into faceted shapes to display the glittering yellow color to its fullest effect. Lemon quartz beads are also available in rounded styles for even more versatile crafting.

Ancient Quartz

Quartz crystals of all types have been used for jewelry, decorations, carvings and healing since ancient times. Quartz is very hard and can be cut and carved into designs that hold up over time. The Celtic tribes used quartz for tools and added them as crystals to sword and dagger hilts. They referred to it as the “Sun Stone.” Quartz was used in Europe and the North Africa in a similar way that jade was used in the Far East. The Romans considered it to be a form of permanent ice because it was hard, cool to the touch, and didn’t melt.

Promotes Creativity and Prosperity

The yellow color of lemon quartz beads is tied to creativity and a sunny outlook. Wearing lemon quartz jewelry can help increase organization skills. Meditate with a piece of lemon quartz to clear your mind, organize your thoughts and help you communicate your ideas. Like citrine, the merchant’s stone, lemon quartz is considered useful for attracting prosperity and wealth, so it is a common practice for anyone involved in commerce to keep a piece of lemon quartz tucked into the back of the cash register. Lemon quartz drives away negative energy and makes one more focused on personal goals.

Glittering Yellow

The greenish yellow of lemon quartz looks very pretty when strung with green gemstones like peridot, green chalcedony or prehnite. The yellow stones also work well with amethyst and ametrine beads. Gold findings enhance the yellow color of lemon quartz nicely. If you want to add some sunshine to your next jewelry or crafts project, come to the Bead Traders.com for lemon quartz and other quality gemstone beads.

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