3 Benefits of Using Agate Beads

If you are new to jewelry-making and looking for gemstones to add to your collection of supplies, you can’t go wrong with agate beads. A form of chalcedony, agate consists primarily of silica and forms under intense heat. It comes...

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Intro to Beading: 5 Unique Gemstone Beads to Use

As a newbie to the world of beading, you are undoubtedly familiar with a lot of common stones. Everyone knows about gems like diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and many others, but there are some that are much more obscure. While there...

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ultimate guide caring for brass beads

The Ultimate Guide: Caring for Brass Beads

Brass is a stunning metal that is commonly used by jewelry designers. It has a unique texture and color that makes it appropriate for both modern and vintage designs, and it works well in any type of jewelry imaginable. Brass...

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young woman wearing pearl jewelry

5 Pearl Bead Shapes and What They Say About You

When you think about pearls, a strand of perfectly round, white gemstones is likely the first thing that comes to mind. While the spherical variety may be the most sought after and valuable option, pearls form in a wide range...

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necklace lengths for making jewelry

Necklace Lengths for Jewelry-Making

Learning how to make your own jewelry can be a rewarding new hobby, whether you’re planning to sell your pieces in the future or just creating unique items for yourself and your friends. However, if you’ve never tried making jewelry...

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white freshwater ringed pearls

Freshwater Pearls: A Buyers’ Guide

Pearls are one of the most beloved types of beads for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Part of their charm and allure has to do with the fact that these beads are created in nature and yet they have such a...

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