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Lava Beads

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6mm Grass Green Lava Rock plain rounds 16 inch 64 beads - The Bead Traders
8mm Grass Green Lava Rock plain rounds 16 inch 51 beads - The Bead Traders
6mm Brick Red Lava Rock plain rounds 16 inch 64 beads - The Bead Traders
6mm Cocoa Brown Lava Rock plain rounds 16 inch 64 beads - The Bead Traders
10mm Black Lava Rock Round Waxed Beads 15 inch 38 pieces - The Bead Traders
8.5mm Black Lava Round Beads 15 inch 47 pieces Waxed - The Bead Traders
10mm Black Lava Rock Round Beads 15 inch 39 pcs - The Bead Traders
4mm Black Lava Rock Plain Round Black Gold Chain by the Foot 29 pieces - The Bead Traders
4mm Black Lava Rock Plain Round Gold Chain by the Foot 30 pieces - The Bead Traders
15x15x15mm Black Lava Rock Trillion Focal Pendant Waxed Set of 6 beads - The Bead Traders

Lava Beads are fascinating and have a unique look. Made primarily of basalt, these rocks have almost a spongy look with their many holes and crevices. Technically, they should be called volcanic rock beads, because lava is the molten, fluid form of the rock. 

These specimens are found wherever there is volcanic activity, but much of the lava rock comes from Hawaii.  Use these Lava beads with Essential Oils for even greater versatility and appeal.

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lava beads

What Are Lava Beads?

Unusual lava stone beads began deep inside volcanoes and flowed out of the crater as molten lava. The liquid rock moved down the sides of the mountain and into the sea where it cooled very quickly, forming dark, irregularly shaped rocks filled with holes where gas bubbles once were. 

The stone is also known as pumice and its scratchy surface is often used for exfoliation and removing calluses. When the stone is cut and polished, it can be formed into beads of different rounded shapes. These volcanic rocks are often black, but they also take dye beautifully and are available in many different colors, including sky blue, teal, fuschia, green, purple, tan, cocoa and chocolate brown.

Black Lava Beads: A Popular Choice

Due to its use in ceremonies and rituals in Hawaii, volcanic rock beads (black lava beads in particular) have become very popular. When it comes to the black lava beads meaning, they are said to carry spiritual and healing properties. Being that this stone comes from the volcano, it can help ground the user to the earth. With this in mind, it is no surprise that black lava beads are used in a variety of jewelry pieces.

The Myth of Pele, Goddess of Volcanoes

Pele was the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, and her home was thought to be inside the crater of Mt. Kilauea. Pele was powerful, passionate, capricious, jealous, and did not get along with her siblings. There are several myths telling the story of how the Hawaiian islands are formed. In one version, Pele is driven off by her sibling sea goddesses to bluster and steam far away from the rest of the family. Worship of Pele and the other Hawaiian gods was outlawed in 1819, but like the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece and Rome, she continues to be referred to in works of art, literature and music. Small, glassy droplets that fly out of volcanoes are called Pele’s tears.

Lava Beads Meaning

Lava rock beads are considered very good for grounding and building a strong relationship with the earth. They are tied to the root chakra and fiery kundalini energy. Lava rock is protective, builds personal strength and supports fertility. Wearing jewelry that was born in a volcano can help you to control angry impulses and be more sympathetic. The lava beads meaning has been believed for centuries and continues to be cherished in various countries.

Lava Rock Uses

In addition to lava rock jewelry and pumice stones, lava rock is a versatile substance and has other uses. It is used in landscaping and spread around plants in garden beds to suppress weeds. Large lava rocks are often placed in the bottom of gas grills because they can withstand intense heat, and the grease that drips on them adds flavor and smokiness to the meat.

Make a Bold Statement with Lava Beads

Jewelry made from lava stone beads makes a bold statement. The holes and crevices on these stones make each piece one of a kind. Combining lava rock with other island beads, such as conch shells, coral beads, freshwater pearls or fossil beads, captures the feeling of Hawaii. Get a feel of the islands with lava rock beads from the Bead Traders!

Shop online today or stop by our wholesale page to register and order in bulk. We look forward to working with you to create lava rock jewelry and Art.


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