Shell Beads (2)

There is something so nostalgic about Shell Beads. Wearing a piece of shell jewelry makes us think of our fondest memories: summers by the seaside, vacations, beautiful sunsets, and long, aimless walks along the ocean. If you are anything like us, you may even have gotten your jewelry-making start as a young child, looking for shells near the water so you could string them on your earliest creations! While your techniques, skills, and aesthetic have likely become more sophisticated, eye shell natural beads still capture some of that same early wonder for jewelry makers and for your customers.

8mm Abalone Shell plain coin Beads 16 inch 50 pieces

8mm Abalone Shell plain coin Beads 16 inch 50 pieces


approximate 8mm, 16 inch, 50 pieces

8x6mm Abalone plain oval beads 15.5 inch 49 pieces

8x6mm Abalone plain oval beads 15.5 inch 49 pieces


Approximates: 8x6mm Multi Color Abalone

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Abalone Shell Jewelry for a Play of Color

the Bead Traders offers beautiful abalone shell beads for your jewelry making, as abalone is one of the most prized decorative shells of all. Abalone has been used for ages as ornamentation and abalone beads tend to have a pearly finish that reflects light and color in a rich and entrancing way. This play of color makes it fun and inspiring to match other gems, beads, and materials to your eye shell natural beads to see how they will interact together. Of course, these beads can also stand alone as well, anchoring a more simple piece that is still full of character and beauty.

Properties of Eye Shell Natural Beads

Our beads are sourced from shells that have formed in oceans off the coasts of South America, Japan, and China. Like rubies or quartz, shells are consider organically-formed gems and are associated with metaphysical properties are unique to shells and eye shell natural beads. Wearing jewelry that features shells makes us feel intimately connected with the sea, no matter where we are. Shells have always been associated with motherhood and family, which makes shell jewelry a lovely and thoughtful gift for new mothers or for Mother’s Day. Shell jewelry is also a reminder of our connection to the tides of our emotions and the flow of our feelings. Shells can be particularly helpful when it comes to getting in touch with ourselves during moments of confusion or distress. The play of color that characterizes abalone shells has also come to stand for the constantly changing nature of life.

A Simple Way to Get Quality Beads Quickly

At the Bead Traders, our focus is on supplying our customers with the most beautiful, interesting, and inspiring beads for their projects, all at wholesale prices. Any order placed through our site is processed within twenty-four hours of receipt, so you can spend less time waiting for your package to arrive and more time creating amazing jewelry. Have questions? No problem! Our dedicated customer support team is here to offer assistance every step of the way.

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