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Moonstone Beads

240 Products


Cream Moonstone side drilled Faceted Cushions 7 inch 17 Beads - The Bead Traders
Mystic Moonstone Faceted Oval Beads 14 inch 28 pieces - The Bead Traders
Black Gold .925 Bezel White Moonstone faceted pear Connector 1 piece - The Bead Traders
3.5-4mm Mystic White & Platinum Moonstone faceted rondelle beads 13 inch 128 pieces - The Bead Traders
Chocolate Moonstone Faceted Cube Beads 8 inch 19 pieces - The Bead Traders
Platinum Grey Moonstone Faceted Round Beads 12 inch 190 pieces - The Bead Traders
3-4mm Light Peach Moonstone Handcut Rounds 12 inch 85 pieces - The Bead Traders
Platinum Grey Moonstone faceted pears 8 inch 44 beads 11x9-13x9mm - The Bead Traders
25x13-20x11mm Feldspar Moonstone Plain Top Drilled Marquise 15 inch 12 Beads - The Bead Traders
22mm Black Gold Bezeled Peach Moonstone Coin Connector 1 piece - The Bead Traders
20x10mm Gold Leafed Chocolate Moonstone Point Pendant 1 piece - The Bead Traders
Silver Bezeled Moonstone Faceted Heart Pendant 1 Piece - The Bead Traders
26x17mm Vermeil Bezel Dark Platinum Moonstone Pear Pendant 1 piece - The Bead Traders
10x6mm Chocolate Moonstone Faceted Nuggets 14 inch 32 beads - The Bead Traders
2.5mm Peach Moonstone Microfaceted Cubes 12 inch 125 pieces - The Bead Traders
9-11mm Chocolate Moonstone Faceted Rondelles 15 inch 63 beads - The Bead Traders
Silver .925 Bezeled White Moonstone faceted pillow Pendant 1 piece - The Bead Traders
White Moonstone Plain Cube Gold Chain by the Foot 22 pieces - The Bead Traders
Multi Moonstone Plain Nugget Silver Chain by the Foot 21 pieces - The Bead Traders
Chocolate Brown Moonstone plain pear beads 8 inch 11x8-15x9mm 40 beads - The Bead Traders
Mystic Peach Moonstone Long Chips 7.5 inch 55 beads - The Bead Traders
Chocolate Moonstone Plain Pear Focal Bead 1 Piece - The Bead Traders
20x17mm Mystic Chocolate Moonstone Faceted Flat Nuggets 13.5 inch 15 beads - The Bead Traders
Grey Moonstone faceted rondelle Black Gold Chain by the foot - The Bead Traders
2.5mm Mystic Red Moonstone Microfaceted Round Beads 12 inch 140 pieces - The Bead Traders
Mystic Rose Moonstone Plain Nugget Beads 13 inch 26 pieces - The Bead Traders
9mm Ceylon Moonstone Faceted Coins 8 inch 21 beads - The Bead Traders
Multi Moonstone Double Nugget Silver Chain 60 pieces - The Bead Traders
26x17mm Vermeil Bezel White Moonstone Faceted Pear Pendant 1 piece - The Bead Traders
Gray Moonstone Faceted Pear Beads 8 inch 45 pieces - The Bead Traders
Cream Moonstone plain nugget oval 13 inch 35 beads - The Bead Traders
Black Gold .925 Corrugated Bezel White Moonstone Coin 2 ring Connector 1 piece - The Bead Traders
22mm Vermeil Bezeled White Moonstone Coin Connector 1 piece - The Bead Traders
8-8.5mm Grey Moonstone Faceted Rondelles 14 inch 63 beads - The Bead Traders
Multi Color Moonstone top drilled plain ovals 22 inch 103 beads 9x7-15x14mm - The Bead Traders
45x24mm Black Gold .925 Bezel Chocolate Moonstone faceted Kite Pendant 1 piece - The Bead Traders
240 results

Moonstones Beads are beautiful and mysterious with their deep blue flame that looks like trapped moonlight. Long valued for their beauty and power, these little pieces of moonlight make beautiful, ethereal jewelry.

Buying gemstone beads at the Bead Traders means you get affordable prices for all of your bead supplies every time. That's because we purchase in volume, which means we have a massive inventory and selection. Having everything in one place makes shopping much easier, and will save you time and save you money.

Blue Flame

Moonstone is a mineral composed of sodium, potassium, aluminum and silica, with layers of feldspar inside. It flashes with a blue internal flame when moved in the light in an effect known as adularescence. This is similar to the play of fire in an opal. Moonstones come from Australia, Austria, Burma, Madagascar, Norway, Poland, Sri Lanka, India, the United States and Mexico, and has been designated as the state gem of Florida. Moonstone beads come in different colors: blue or cat’s eye, gray, white, yellow and rainbow.

Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone jewelry has been popular since ancient times. The stone was first used in India, where it was said to be made from moonbeams that solidified because the adularescence made the stone look like the moon shining through clouds. The Romans used moonstones, but they really came into their own during the Art Nouveau era when designers Rene Lalique and Louis Comfort Tiffany set moonstone beads in many of their detailed filigree pieces made of platinum. The pale gems became popular again in the 1960s with customers who appreciated the stone’s ethereal look.

Feminine Stone

The Romans connected the moonstone with their lunar goddess, Diana, and moonstone jewelry was considered to be at the peak of its power during the full moon. Giving your lover a moonstone necklace when the moon was full was supposed to ensure that they would always love you, so it became a popular wedding gift. Moonstone is considered a woman’s stone and is said to help young women find balance in the physical, mental and spiritual areas. It stimulates the functioning of the pineal gland and can be used to bring hormonal cycles into balance with nature's rhythms. Other spiritual properties of moonstones are attracting good fortune, increasing intuition and insight, enhancing creative inspiration, bringing success in love and business and protecting travelers.

Rainbow Colors

Different colors of moonstone beads do different things.

  • Blue, or cat's eye, moonstone is a meditation aid and helps clear the mind and allow inner visions to come through. It also helps the wearer to see emotional patterns in life and to balance male and female energy.

  • Gray moonstone is the stone of the clairvoyant or shaman, and helps with trance journeys. Some call it  the stone of the new moon because it is tied to potential.

  • White moonstone is the stone of the full moon. It supports relationships, strengthens psychic abilities, creates balance  for women and helps drive away nightmares.

  • Yellow or orange moonstone soothes anxiety and quiets the mind.

  • Rainbow moonstonediffuses energy to all parts of a person’s aura. It is strongly connected to goddess energy and provides psychic protection to the wearer.

Purchasing Beads

the Bead Traders takes the guesswork out of buying beads online. We got into this business because we love beads, and we will only sell you the quality of beads that we would buy ourselves. Trust the Bead Traders for your next purchase!

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