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Obsidian Beads

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12x12x12mm Obsidian center drilled plain triangle beads 16 inch 65 pcs - The Bead Traders
6mm Silver Obsidian Faceted Round Beads 15 inch 60 pieces - The Bead Traders
6-7.5mm Obsidian Plain Rondelles 16 inch 85 beads - The Bead Traders
27x13mm Rainbow Obsidian top drilled Plain Marquise beads 16 inch 17 pcs - The Bead Traders
16x16mm Rainbow Obsidian straight drilled plain square beads 16 inch 27 pieces - The Bead Traders
12-13mm Rainbow Obsidian faceted rondelle beads 16 inch 63 pieces - The Bead Traders
Rainbow Obsidian Beads Faceted 13mm Rondelles - The Bead Traders
Rainbow Obsidian Beads Fancy Cut, 8" length, 10x7-13x10mm, 17 pcs - The Bead Traders
Black Obsidian Faceted Teardrop Beads 17 inch 50 pieces - The Bead Traders
20x17-25x17mm Rainbow Obsidian straight drilled plain rectangle beads - The Bead Traders
9-10mm Rainbow Obsidian Faceted Triangle Beads 7.5 inch 12 pieces - The Bead Traders
22x18mm Rainbow Obsidian straight drilled faceted oval beads 16 inch 17 pieces - The Bead Traders
8mm Rainbow Obsidian Faceted Rondelle Beads 16 inch 85 pieces - The Bead Traders
20x16mm Rainbow Obsidian top drilled Plain Oval beads 13 inch 27 pcs - The Bead Traders
24 - 27mm Rainbow Obsidian Faceted Flat Nugget Beads 15 inch 13 pieces - The Bead Traders
8mm Snowflake Obsidian Faceted Heart Beads, 8 inch - The Bead Traders
12mm Snowflake Obsidian Plain Nugget Beads, 14 inch - The Bead Traders
7mm Snowflake Obsidian Plain Square Beads, 14 inch - The Bead Traders
10x8mm Rainbow Obsidian Faceted Ovals 16 inch 40 beads - The Bead Traders
4mm Silver Obsidian Microfaceted Cubes 12 inch 70 beads - The Bead Traders

The beauty of Obsidian Beads is undeniable. Its deep black color and bright sheen has given obsidian an air of mystery throughout the ages. Traditionally used for jewelry and carving, obsidian is also useful for creating extremely sharp tools, such as scalpels and phonograph needles. It also has powerful protective and grounding qualities.

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Volcanic Origins

Obsidian beads are born in volcanoes; their unusual crystal growth, or lack thereof, is cause by extremely rapid cooling of the lava rock as it is blown out during the eruption. The name of the stone comes from Pliny’s Natural History. He called it obsian, because it looked very much like a black stone found by Obsius in Ethiopia. Obsidian is found in areas where volcanic eruptions have occurred, and large deposits are located in the Americas, Iceland, Italy, Greece and parts of Africa.


In its pure state, obsidian is very dark, but the color can vary depending on the amount and type of impurities that are present. Obsidian beads are mostly silicon dioxide and when they include small, white crystals, they are called snowflake obsidian. Bubbles of magnetite give the beads a rainbow sparkle. In addition to the black beads, the snowflake and rainbow varieties are also popular for obsidian jewelry.

Cutting Tools

Evidence of stone age use of obsidian has been found in many areas and the oldest date back to 700,000 BC. It was a highly prized trade item because it breaks to form a very sharp edge and was used for arrowheads, knives and axes. Because it is glass, it could also be polished and used to make mirrors. The Moai of Rapa Nui, the large heads on Easter Island, were carved with obsidian tools and large obsidian beads form the pupils of their eyes. Trials are currently underway to gain approval from the US Food and Drug Administration to make surgical scalpels out of obsidian. There is evidence that these blades lead to less scarring and fewer post-operative infections.

Stone of Truth

Obsidian jewelry can be worn as a protection against depression because it is said to block negativity. The black color of obsidian is connected to self-control and inner strength. It helps a person become focused, grounded and less likely to react from emotion. Because divination tools such as scrying mirrors and crystal balls are commonly made from obsidian, it is also known as the Stone of Truth. Obsidian reveals the truth without taking sides. In the art of Feng shui, obsidian is connected to the north area, the one that governs a person’s career or life path. A bowl of water with obsidian beads in it placed in the north of a room can help to clear obstacles from your life. Small figures carved from obsidian are useful for this, too.

Quality Beads

We carry beautiful black, as well as rainbow and snowflake obsidian beads for all of your creative projects. Find top quality beads and jewelry making supplies online at the Bead Traders.

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