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Green Onyx Beads

Onyx has been used throughout history because of its beautiful and artistic striations. Green Onyx Beads make striking necklaces and bracelets with a soothing, healing quality. This stone has also been used for carving and making cameo jewelry and insets. 

Affordable beads and beading supplies are always guaranteed at the Bead Traders, because we buy beads in volume, meaning you save money whenever you shop with us. Feel free to ask any of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives if you have any questions.

Form of Chalcedony

Green onyx beads are made from a type of chalcedony that has been dyed green. In its natural state, onyx displays bands of almost any color, although black and white are the most commonly seen. When the stone is dyed, the bands take on the color at different strengths, creating a dramatic striated effect.

The name onyx came to English via Latin, but it is originally from Greek, meaning “fingernail” or “claw.”  It has a cryptocrystalline structure, which means that it doesn’t break in straight lines, making it well suited for creating green onyx beads, carving figurines and small statues, as well as wall decoration in public buildings and upscale homes.

Artificial Color

Onyx has been dyed and treated since Roman times. The most common color is black, but green onyx jewelry has also been popular. Pliny the Elder described how the Romans soaked onyx in sugar solutions, then treated the stones  with either sulfuric or hydrochloric acid to turn the top layers of the stone black.Similar techniques are used today to create black onyx, while other dyeing treatments, as well as heating and nitric acid baths, are used to lighten or change colors.

Onyx in History

Onyx and its sister stone, the red-colored sardonyx, have long been popular for carving and creating jewelry. It is often cut as a rounded cabochon shape and into various beads. The parallel bands throughout the stone also make attractive cameos because they contrast with the white background. Bowls and other dishware made of onyx have been found dating back to Egypt’s Second Dynasty, and sardonyx was used as architectural decorations in the palace of Knossos on Minoan Crete.

Soothing Stone

Green onyx jewelry is known for its soothing effect and is recommended by crystal healers for overcoming fears, to help set worries aside and to help people feel comfortable in their surroundings. Wear green onyx beads to help you make wise, clear-headed decisions. The stone is also useful when trying to build stamina, increase vigor and overcome fatigue. It is often used for support in times of stress, both mental and physical, such as grief, loss or other difficult experiences.

Creating Jewelry

At the Bead Traders, we’ve collected a lovely selection of green onyx beads for your jewelry making projects. We shop around and buy in bulk to give you not only more beads, but beautiful beads at a great price. Don’t settle for less. Get your beads at the Bead Traders.

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