Zoisite Beads (4)

Zoisite goes by several names. It is sometimes called anyoite after the Masai word for green. This stone is only found in Tanzania. The green portion of the stone is sometimes called Tanzinite. Zoisite Beads are a dark jade green color with chunks of red or burgundy ruby and black hornblende in them, called ruby in zoisite or ruby zoisite. 

Zoisite Faceted Nugget Beads, 13.5 inch, 16x13x9-25x20x8mm, 13 pieces

Zoisite Faceted Nugget Beads, 13.5 inch, 16x13x9-25x20x8mm, 13 pieces


Approx. 13.5 inch, 16x13x9-25x20x8mm, 13 pieces

8 - 10mm Zoisite Faceted Heart Beads 8 inch 39 pieces

8 - 10mm Zoisite Faceted Heart Beads 8 inch 39 pieces


8 inch strand of approximately 39 beads measuring 8x8mm to 10x10mm

8-10mm Zoisite Faceted Nugget Beads, 14 inch

8-10mm Zoisite Faceted Nugget Beads, 14 inch


Approx. Length 14 inch strand | Approx. Bead Size 10x8x6mm

10mm Zoisite Faceted Heart Beads, 8 inch

10mm Zoisite Faceted Heart Beads, 8 inch


Length 8 inch strand; Approx. Bead Size;10x5mm

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About Zoisite

Zoisite is one of the few gemstones that is only found in one location around the world. It was discovered in Tanzania in 1954 and that is still the only source of the mineral. Another single source mineral is Charoite, which only occurs in the Siberian region of Russia.

Zoisite is a moderately hard mineral, opaque and often cut into large, round cabochons to display the ruby and hornblende inclusions to full effect. Zoisite beads are usually three colors: green, black and red. Zoisite is also used for carving items such as figurines and vases.

Healing Properties

Being only sixty years old, zoisite is a relatively young stone and there are no myths or legends surrounding it, but zoisite beads have been used for various healing uses. It is said to be an energy stone and is used by crystal healers to increase vitality, get rid of lethargy and to shift negative energy to positive. People who wear or carry zoisite beads tend to follow their own path and appreciate the uniqueness in their nature. Zoisite is for leaders, not followers.

Zoisite is also used to enhance creativity and is particularly useful for overcoming writer’s block. It helps artists of all types focus on their work and pay less attention to distractions. Zoisite also has the reputation of promoting trust in the universe and belief that the world is basically a good place. Zoisite lifts the spirits and allows people to be happy.

Zoisite is said to be a natural detoxifier and is useful in reducing inflammation. Some healers recommend it for stimulating fertility and to help problems in the ovaries and testicles. Zoisite is also thought to help with patients regain strength after trauma or severe illness.

Triple Value Promise

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