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Hessonite Garnet Beads

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6x4mm-8x5mm Hessonite Garnet Plain Rectangle Beads 14 inch 64 pieces - The Bead Traders
7-9mm Hessonite Garnet Faceted Oval Beads 13 inch 43 beads - The Bead Traders
4-5mm Hessonite Garnet Handcut Rounds 12 inch 75 pieces - The Bead Traders
Hessonite Garnet Rectangles Silver Chain by the Foot 25 pieces - The Bead Traders
6x4-7x4mm Hessonite Garnet Faceted Rectangle Beads 14 inch 52pcs/str - The Bead Traders
5.5x4mm Hessonite Garnet plain rectangle Black Gold Chain sold by the foot - The Bead Traders
Shaded Hessonite Garnet Faceted Oval Beads 13 inch 43 pieces - The Bead Traders
4mm Hessonite faceted coin Black Gold Rosary Chain by the foot 30 beads - The Bead Traders
3-6mm Hessonite Garnet Plain Heishis 12 inch 105 beads - The Bead Traders
Hessonite Garnet Plain Teardrops 12 inch 140 beads - The Bead Traders
5mm Hessonite Garnet Faceted Candy Kiss Beads 8 inch 59 pieces - The Bead Traders
6mm Hessonite Garnet Top Drilled Pillows 8 inch 45 beads - The Bead Traders
4-6mm Hessonite Square Heishis 16 inch 190 beads - The Bead Traders
3-4.5mm Hessonite Garnet Plain Heishis 12 inch 105 beads - The Bead Traders
Hessonite Garnet Faceted Ovals 12 inch 43 beads - The Bead Traders
Hessonite Garnet Plain Pear Beads 8 inch 50 pieces - The Bead Traders
4-5mm Hessonite Garnet Faceted Cubes 8 inch 48 beads - The Bead Traders
4-5mm Hessonite Garnet Faceted Coins 14 inch 75 beads - The Bead Traders
7x5mm Hessonite Ovals Silver Chain 23 pieces - The Bead Traders
6x3mm Hessonite Rectangle Silver Chain 25 pieces - The Bead Traders
Hessonite Garnet Faceted Teardrops 8 inch 70 pieces - The Bead Traders
13x8mm-15x11mm Hessonite Garnet Plain Pear Beads 8 inch 52 pieces - The Bead Traders

Garnets are widely popular, due to the fact that they come in so many stunningly colorful variations. The hessonite garnet is a gorgeous variety that comes in a range of warm tones. Hessonite Garnet Beads capture the natural radiance of this gem, and makes a beautiful gemstone bead.

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Where Are Hessonite Garnets From?

There are many different kinds of garnets found around the globe. Hessonite garnets are found primarily in Sri Lanka and India, as well as in Brazil. It can also be found in California. It is a form of grossular (or grossularite) garnet, meaning that it is rich in calcium and aluminum.

The name hessonite comes from the Greek word hēssōn, meaning lesser. However, don’t let the origin of hessonite’s name give you the wrong idea; it refers to this particular gem’s hardness being relatively low when compared to the hardness of most other types of garnets. We guarantee that our hessonite garnet beads are always of superior quality!

What Makes Hessonite Garnets Special?

Garnets are truly incredible gems, as they range in color from reds and yellows to greens. Hessonite garnet comes in a beautiful range of hues from rich browns and deep reds to bright oranges and even pinkish yellows. Its warm coloration earned this gem its own nickname: cinnamon stone. Our hessonite garnet beads capture the radiance of this gemstone in all of the various tones that are unique to this member of the garnet family. Although it shares shades with other gems, such as topaz and zircon, one defining characteristic of hessonite garnet is that it often contains wavy patterns of higher or lower transparency, meaning that some spots on each gemstone may be easier to see through than others.

Our Selection

Since hessonite garnets come in such a diverse palate of colors, our hessonite garnet beads are offered in regular strands and shaded strands. These gemstone beads also come in a large selection of shapes and sizes, many of which are faceted to give your project an extra sparkle that will light up this fiery gem.

Here at the Bead Traders, we are dedicated to making sure that your next hessonite garnet jewelry project is made of the finest gemstone beads. We keep the quality of our goods and services in line with with our high standards by implementing this three-part Value Pledge:

  • Our Power Buys are designed to save you money by allowing you to buy in bulk - we guarantee that you will get more beads for your buck!
  • Any Price Quality Insurance will ensure that you are shopping for consistently high quality products at consistently affordable prices
  • Our No Substitution, No Downgrade policy keeps you safe from buying low-quality knock-off products. Since hessonite garnets have such a sought-after color that is shared with other gems, we know how important it is to give you exactly the beads that you need. We make sure that our products are the real deal!

the Bead Traders prides itself on its customer service, so any concerns that you have regarding your orders are our highest priority!

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