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Blue Peruvian Opal Beads

Because of their unusual colors and texture, opals are unique among the world’s gemstones. Opals are composed of silica and water, which makes them somewhat more fragile than other stones, but more treasured and valuable. They are found in different areas of the world, but the minerals for Blue Peruvian Opal Beads come exclusively from the Americas with the largest deposits in the region of the Andes Mountains. These colorful stones display different streaks of blue, green and white often shot through with dark, branch-like inclusions called dendrites. In addition to being the designated gemstone for the month of October, it is also the stone for the fourteenth wedding anniversary and is said to be extremely lucky for Libras to wear.

At the Bead Traders, we always have affordable beads because we purchase all of our product in volume, so we can pass the savings on to you. Whether you are looking for gemstone beads online, beading supplies or charms, we are the place to go to buy beads.

Varieties of Opals

The type of opal most people are familiar with is the precious opal. This is the one that is recognized by its opalescence, or the play of colors it displays.  The white milk opal and the red-orange fire opal are two other varieties. Blue Peruvian opal beads and the similar pink variety do not show the play of fire, but they are beautiful stones with a lovely, icy look to them. This type of opal is mined in the Andes Mountains of South America. One advantage of this stone is that it is harder and stronger than precious opals, which crack and chip more easily. This makes blue Peruvian opal jewelry a much better choice for everyday wear than precious opals.

True Blue

The color of blue Peruvian opal beads can range anywhere from the palest pastel to the deep blue of the Caribbean Sea with shades of green thrown in, too. The thing that makes opals fragile is their high moisture content, but that also makes them able to be shaped into large pendants and focal pieces. Modern artists and jewelry designers love this stone, and silver settings show off blue Peruvian opal jewelry extremely well. These beads pair well with other opaque, natural, earthy-looking stones, such as bright blue turquoise or green chrysoprase.  Dark gemstones like black spinel would set off the dark dendritic inclusions nicely.

Builds Tranquility

Artists and designers aren’t the only ones who love these blue beauties. Crystal healers have found them very useful as well. Blue Peruvian opal beads are used to bolster courage and creativity, and to increase self-esteem. This stone is connected to the throat chakra, which governs communication, and it is useful for people who have trouble expressing themselves. It is a popular stone with public speakers, because it relieves tension and nervousness and allows ideas to flow easily and freely.

Wearing blue Peruvian opal jewelry can assist with weight loss, as well as reduce fatigue and stress. It is also useful for correcting metabolic imbalances, relieving chronic fatigue syndrome and  helping the body to absorb iron more effectively. It may also be useful against dizziness and certain brain disorders.

Three-Part Value Promise

the Bead Traders pledges to provide you with blue Peruvian opal beads and other quality gemstones for the best prices available. We offer our Triple Value Pledge that means that you get the best price on the best quality beads with no lower quality substitutions. Bring tranquility into your life with some of these lovely beads from the Bead Traders!

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