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Drusy Beads

Drusy Beads are fascinating to wear, watch, and work with. Our beautiful beads are cut with precision to bring out the intrigue of this very popular craft item.  

We offer a number of dazzling options that are sure to lend mystery and appeal to your designs. Our coin beads are titanium treated to render exquisite varieties of mystic purple blue and mystic pink purple. Free shaped beads come in shades of turquoise, purple, pink, and red, and pure, cool white. No two are exactly the same, making it simple to add exclusivity and originality to your work.

At the Bead Traders, you will always find affordable beads and beading supplies, because we buy beads in volume. These savings we then pass on to you, making online purchasing from one place easy. Feel free to ask any one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives if you have any questions.

A Sweet Way to Add Sparkle

The granular nature of this mineral is reminiscent of sugar, and that’s certainly an apt association given how drusy beads are capable of providing such pleasure. What’s really sweet is that drusy has the sparkle and allure of costly gems at a fraction of their price, giving crafters many ways to catch the fancies of those looking to put a little zing into their style.

What’s in a Name?

Agate drusy beads are known by a host of similar names and spellings, including druzy, drusie, druse, and druze, but no matter what they’re called they all concern small, shining crystals that catch the eye. This phenomenon, a result of geologic action over millennia, can occur within geodes (known more colorfully as thundereggs) or along vugs, which are gaps that can be found within rock.

Quartz is a common origin for drusy, but other minerals such as garnet can also serve as the springboard for what will ultimately be prized drusy beads worthy of jewelry-making and other decorative applications. Crafters who are looking for a bold and graceful focal point for hanging jewelry and other uses will appreciate the beads’ ability to command attention.

Drusy Beads Have an Attractive, Magnetic Quality

Magnetism is a function of positive and negative charges, and this same dynamic plays out with the attractive pull of agate drusy beads, whose delicate glitter contrasts with rocky origins.

Whether it’s in romance or minerals, it’s certainly true that opposites can attract. Gems that embody both “fire and ice” naturally captivate our hearts and imaginations. Such is the case with our selected offerings, which transmit a message of subtle and graceful beauty but are surprisingly durable.

Excellent Pricing Adds Value

It’s said that all that glitters is not gold, but adding our quality drusy beads to your next crafts project will produce a big pay off, whether it’s for a special client, a new product line, or just your own creative muse. the Bead Traders' bulk buying power ensures value, superior look, consistency, and reasonable pricing. A wise purchase!

Eye-Catching, Head-Turning, and Fun

The eye is naturally drawn to our agate drusy beads and their shimmer, which catches the light for quick and arresting instants, and that sparkle enlivens all who wear it. If you’re looking to add eye-catching, head-turning, and fun elements to your crafting, then by all means choose our drusy beads for your creative mix.

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