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Chrysoprase Beads

Enjoy the finest colors that nature has to offer -- Chrysoprase Beads can be green, gold, or a mix of green and gold all in the same bead. If you are searching for absolutely stunning gemstone beads, look no further. And because we always buy in volume, the Bead Traders will always have affordable beads and beading supplies. Ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff for assistance with any questions you might have.

Where Is Chrysoprase From?

One thing is for sure: “chrysoprase” comes from a combination of two Greek words. However, there tends to be a bit of debate over exactly which two Greek words. Some say that this gemstone's name comes from combining the words chrysos – meaning gold – and prasinon – meaning green. Others say that its name is a mixture of chrysos and prason – meaning leek. Both translations are highly applicable, since chrysoprase contains varying degrees of golden patterns and can come in a wide range of greens, and the lush tops of leeks display a variety of greens from light to dark. Its luxurious greens make it highly a sought after stone, yet people still tended to confuse it with emeralds.

Chrysoprase can be found in Australia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Brazil, and throughout the United States, but mostly in Arizona and California. It isn't an uncommon gem, but it is definitely precious!

What Makes Chrysoprase Special?

Chrysoprase is a kind of chalcedony, a form of silica. It is commonly described as being apple green. The chalcedony obtains its vibrant green hues from nickel oxide. However, this gem's green can be anywhere from a pale and almost lemon yellow to a deep green, which is even darker than the well-known apple shade. Because the chrysoprase gemstone itself is largely composed of silica, it can range from transparent to opaque.

Enter the matrix: another feature that makes chrysoprase such a gorgeous gem. Any copper or brown patterns found within our chrysoprase beads are naturally occurring. This gemstone forms within the crevices of caves and even inside of other rocks, and other material will sometimes blend in with the solidifying silica. Our beads are available with or without matix markings.

Our Selection of Chrysoprase Beads

Here at the Bead Traders, we are dedicated to bringing you a large selection of fine beads at excellent prices. Our chrysoprase beads are available in tons of shapes, sizes, and color variations, making them the perfect addition to any beading project! Our Any Price Quality Insurance and No Substitution, No Downgrade policies make sure that each and every one of our beads meets our high standards and your expectations. Our Power Buys pledge will please both you and your wallet: buying in bulk helps you get the most beads for your buck! Faceted or plain, angular or round, these beads will bring a splash of color to any project. They've been used in jewelry-making for centuries, so you know that they will last!

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