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How to Clean Baroque Pearls Necklace - The Bead Traders

How to Clean Baroque Pearls Necklace

How to Clean Baroque Pearls Necklace?

Baroque pearls have always been prized for their unique and organic beauty. These amazing gemstones are created when an irritant enters the oyster but does not form a neatly spherical pearl. Instead, the pearl takes on various irregular shapes, from minor aberrations to distinctly ovoid or lumpy shapes. 

The vast majority of freshwater pearls, over 90 percent of them, are baroque pearls. This shows that the most common misshapen or imperfect shape of pearls makes round pearls more valuable. 

Freshwater pearls come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common are baroque. Despite their imperfections, baroque pearls can be stunningly beautiful. They come in various colors, from classic white to shades of pink, orange, and even black. And because each pearl is unique, they can make for very interesting and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. 

While baroque pearls were once valued primarily for their use in creating small figures, today, they are appreciated for their unique look. No two baroque pearls are exactly alike, making them a truly special addition to any piece of jewelry. You may prefer the classic beauty in a single strand of pearls or the more eclectic look of a multi-strand necklace; baroque pearls are sure to add a touch of brilliance to any outfit.

Types of Baroque or Freshwater Pearls for Jewelry Making

Baroque pearls are versatile and are used to create jewelry designs with multiple gems or as statement gems. The different shapes of baroque pearls can be distinguished into 12 different categories, each of which is special in its own right.

Coin Pearls

As the term suggests, coin pearls are flat and round, just like a coin. The large flat surface area gives the coin pearls a beautiful luster and is commonly used in jewelry.

Baroque Pearls

The baroque term is used to define both irregularly shaped pearls and also a subtype. Baroque pearls are commonly elongated spherical pearls with dents and uneven surfaces.

Twin Pearls

Twin pearls are the outcome of two pearls fused together. They are a favorite among jewelry makers for creating stud earrings.

Potato Pearls

Potato pearls look similar to potatoes as they have a small and lumpy outlook.

Cross Pearls

Cross pearls are the ones that are naturally shaped as a cross and, therefore, rare and most often used in creating jewelry for religious purposes. 

Stick Pearls

Stick pearls are long, flat, and narrow, like a stick, and are also known as BIWA pearls since these freshwater pearls are found in Biwa pearl mussels. 

Rice Pearls

Rice pearls seem round at first, but if you look closely, they are not perfectly round and resemble the tiny grains of rice. 

Egg Pearls

These pearls have wide bottoms and narrow tops and resemble small eggs. 

Heart Pearls

If you are planning to make jewelry for a special one, heart pearls are the best choice for their resemblance to the shape of a heart. They are pretty similar to coin pearls.

Teardrop Pearls

Teardrop pearls are commonly used in earrings for their pear-shaped silhouette that looks like a teardrop. These pearls are highly sought after for their unique shape compared with other baroque pearls. 

Leaf Pearls

Leaf pearls are one of the most delicate and thinnest baroque-shaped pearls with an uneven surface. 

Keshi Pearls

These are the rarest type of baroque pearls that do not have a center particle and form when the mollusk rejects the seed but develops the pearl. They are elongated and extraordinarily lustrous and what makes them unique is that they are composed only of nacre.


How to Clean Baroque Pearls

Caring for your pearls doesn't have to be difficult. A few simple steps will help keep them looking beautiful for years to come. 

Wipe your pearls with a soft cloth every time you wear them to remove any oils or other substances that may have transferred from your skin. 

Clean with a damp cloth only when required. If you find any visible stains on your pearls, gently wipe them clean with a mixture of lukewarm water and mild dish soap. 

Ensure that your pearls are completely dry before storing them so as not to compromise the elasticity of the silk strand. 

And take them to your jeweler once a year for a professional cleaning. With just a little effort, you'll be able to enjoy your pearls for many years.

A Few Tips to Maintain Your Pearls

Pearls are a classic jewelry staple that can be found in the jewelry boxes of women around the world. These lustrous orbs have been associated with elegance and luxury for centuries, and their timeless beauty has made them a popular choice for special occasions. While pearls are often passed down as family heirlooms, they require care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. These simple tips will help your pearls look beautiful for generations to come. 

First, make sure to put your pearls on after you've applied makeup, perfume, and other products. 

Second, store your pearl necklaces flat to prevent them from stretching out of shape. 

Third, keep your pearls in a dedicated space, away from other jewelry that could scratch them. 

Finally, remember to wear your pearls often! Pearls thrive in moist environments, so wearing them often will help to keep them hydrated and to look their best. 

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your pearls will be treasured family heirlooms for years to come.

If you are looking for stunning baroque pearls to add to your collection, visit The Bead Traders and buy Baroque Freshwater Pearls that are especially popular among jewelry enthusiasts. They carry a wide selection of gemstone beads, beading supplies, and charms, all at incredibly affordable prices. You can order baroque pearls wholesale for a craft project or a few special beads to finish a piece of jewelry - The Bead Traders is the perfect place to shop.


What is meant by baroque pearls?

Baroque pearls are irregularly shaped, non-spherical pearls. You can find baroque pearls in various shapes ranging from ovoid, curved, pinched, or lumpy shapes. Most cultured freshwater pearls are baroque.

Are baroque pearls worth anything?

Baroque pearls are genuine pearls and are valuable for their one-of-a-kind appearance. Although less expensive than round pearls, their value depends significantly on their type since all baroque pearls differ.

How do you know if the baroque pearl is real?

The best way to differentiate a real one from a fake baroque pearl is to gently rub it along the surface of your tooth. A real baroque pearl will be gritty, while a fake one made of glass or plastic will be smooth. If you find a baroque pearl necklace with all the pearls the same size and shape, it is most likely a fake one since baroque pearls differ significantly in their forms and size. 

How do you value baroque pearls?

Factors like luster, size, pearl type, and color give baroque pearls their value. Luster means how shiny the pearl is, i.e., the ability to reflect light. In terms of color, lighter shades are considered less valuable than the rare, darker shades. When it comes to shapes, larger pearls, such as teardrops or pearls with symmetric shapes, are more valuable than small and misshapen pearls.

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Types of Gemstone Beads and Their Uses - The Bead Traders

Types of Gemstone Beads and Their Uses

Gemstone beads have been prevalent throughout history and worldwide. For jewelry makers and enthusiasts, gemstone beads are a versatile and essential jewelry item. Whether you want to add a splash of color to an outfit with a strand of beads or incorporate multiple strands to create a more intricate look, gemstones are an excellent choice for jewelry. You can use them as pendants or combine them with other types of jewelry, like rings and necklaces, to suit any style or occasion.

Gemstones come in various forms like ruby, sapphire, quartz, and tourmaline, as well as opal, moonstone, turquoise, and lapis lazuli. These beads are a great choice for anyone looking to embellish their wardrobe. It has a long history of use in fashion and jewelry design, as you can create something casual and understated or dazzling and high-end with gemstone beads. Whatever your budget may be, there is bound to be a variety of beads that will fit your needs.

Different Varieties of Gemstones

Minerals vs. Non-Mineral or Organic Gemstones

Gemstones are prized for their beauty and durability. Although most gemstones can be classified as minerals, certain gemstones are non-minerals. Minerals are inorganic substances that occur naturally within the earth's crust. They have specific chemical compositions and crystalline structures, which give them distinctive characteristics such as color, crystal form, hardness, specific gravity, luster, fracture, and tenacity. The rare and magnificent minerals are often termed gemstones, such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, garnets, amethysts, and topaz. 

Organic gems like pearl, coral, amber, ivory, and jet are classified under non-mineral gemstones. These gemstones are derived from living organisms transformed by natural processes such as fossilization or petrification. While they may vary widely in appearance compared to mineral gemstones, one thing in common is their enduring beauty. 

Precious vs. Semi-Precious Gemstones

One significant distinction in classifying gemstones is whether they are precious or semi-precious stones. For a gemstone to be precious, it must have all three characteristics: beauty, durability, and rarity. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are all considered precious gems, given their extreme rarity and incredible beauty.

In contrast, semi-precious gemstones have only one or two of these qualities. These gemstone beads are valuable in their own right and are frequently used in jewelry and other adornments. Gemstone beads made from semi-precious stones such as onyx, jasper, amethyst, or aquamarine add a unique flair to any piece of jewelry.

Natural vs. Synthetic Gemstones

Gemstones are some of the most beautiful and sought-after materials in the world. Natural gems, such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, are mined from the earth and crafted into beads for jewelry making and other decorative items. However, these precious stones may undergo heat treatment or chemical processes for improved color or clarity. These treatments affect the stone’s value, with intensive processes having a greater impact on its price.

Not all gemstones are naturally occurring, and many gemstone beads are created artificially in laboratories using machines and precise chemical processes. Due to their relatively common origins, synthetic gems are often less valuable than those found in nature. But they are very frequently used in creating stunning pieces of jewelry.

Simulant Gemstones

Simulant or imitation gemstones are items that resemble natural gemstones but lack the same physical characteristics or chemical composition. Most simulant stones are made from glass or plastic materials and can be easily identified by a jeweler due to their texture, color, and reflectivity. Regardless of the material used to produce these imitation gems, they are a popular choice for jewelry makers who want to create beautiful jewelry without spending a fortune on rare and precious stones.

Ways to Use Gemstones with Health Benefits


Amber: It is a unique and beautiful gem formed from the hardened resin of ancient trees. This organic gem has been valued for its medicinal and spiritual uses for centuries. Known for its distinctive yellow, brown, or red color, Amber is believed to help alleviate pain and promote healing by drawing out illness from the body of the wearer. In addition, amber is also used to relieve headaches and reduce stress, making it an ideal stone for releasing negative energy. 

Amethyst: It is a stunning purple gemstone that has long been associated with strength, courage, and peace. Many believe that these qualities make the amethyst an excellent choice for promoting healing and aiding recovery from various mental health conditions and addictions. With its tranquil qualities, the amethyst is also a great stone for anyone seeking to tap into their creative potential or to find relief from stress and anxiety.

Aquamarine: It is among the largest cut gemstones, making Aquamarine an ideal choice for jewelry lovers looking to make a statement. Beyond its striking appearance, aquamarine is also believed to have numerous healing properties and the ability to solve digestive issues, improve eyesight and dental health, and even serve as a positive force that helps its wearers cope with grief.

Citrine: It is a vibrant and dazzling gemstone, making it a perfect choice for all kinds of jewelry, from earrings and necklaces to bracelets. This unique gemstone has long been associated with positive energy and emotional well-being. People looking to boost their mood or manage common health problems like poor digestion, sleep issues, hearing difficulties, pain, and inflammation, should wear a Citrine.

Garnet: These are a genuinely remarkable type of gemstone, known for their stunning variety of colors and incredible healing properties.  Garnets are believed to be great for boosting overall health, revitalizing both mind and spirit, and enhancing one's sense of confidence and emotional well-being.

Moonstone: Throughout history, white or clear moonstone has been treasured as a powerful and protective gemstone. This versatile gemstone is said to have calming effects, making it an excellent remedy for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It is also a popular choice among artists and other creative people for its assumed ability to enhance creativity and intuition.

Pearl: Known for its calming and rejuvenating qualities, the pearl is often touted as a "stone of happy and positive energy." It had a special place in traditional Asian medicinal systems and was used for treating various health issues, from digestive disorders to heart problems. Today, pearl powder is often added to skincare products, such as makeup and facial scrubs, to achieve a glowing complexion and treat various skin disorders like rosacea.

Rose Quartz: Rose-hued quartz is one of the most popular gemstones for jewelry and is often recommended for those going through difficult emotional situations or heartbreak. This beautiful gemstone is believed to promote self-love and acceptance and help open the heart to new possibilities.  



Gemstone beads are a great way to add natural beauty and uniqueness to your jewelry designs. No two gemstones are exactly alike, so you can be sure that your design will be one-of-a-kind. The Bead Traders offers a wide selection of high-quality gemstone beads for jewelry making in various shapes, colors, and patterns. So if you want to add a special touch to your next jewelry project, check out our selection at The Bead Traders!
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How To Choose The Best Gold Chain For Jewelry Making? - The Bead Traders

How To Choose The Best Gold Chain For Jewelry Making?

Choosing chains to make jewelry is one of the most crucial steps in jewelry making. There are many options to choose from, but it all comes down to your personal preference and the design you want to achieve.

With the proper chain in hand, you can create and add a whole new dimension to your handmade pieces of jewelry. You can choose a simple chain to make the pendant or charm the star of the design, or you can opt for a beaded chain and create something sparkling and unique. While beaded chain options range from different gemstone beads to metal beads, the most preferred and common simple chain colors are gold and silver. Buying a gold chain is especially difficult owing to its color, quality, and design which can make a significant difference in the appearance of the finished product.

In this blog, we will discuss how to find the best gold chain for jewelry making to create a piece that represents your style and creativity. 

Plated vs. Solid Gold

It is safe to assume that if you make your own jewelry, you will likely choose gold-plated chains, not solid gold. While jewelry made of solid gold has only gold inside and out, gold-plated jewelry is made from another metal with a coating of genuine gold.  

The price also significantly differs, with plated chains costing considerably less than solid gold alternatives. Although the life of gold-plated jewelry is less than solid gold, modern plating techniques have made it possible for plated chains to hold their beautiful appearance and shine for a long time. When cared for properly, gold-plated chains can be one of your prized possessions. 

The Right Karat Matters

The karat indicates the purity of gold. While 24kt is the highest karat, meaning the gold is in its purest form, it is hard to work with and never found in gold-plated chains. The most common options in gold-plated chains are 14kt and 22kt. 

With solid gold, higher karat means the metal is soft and safest for people with nickel allergies or sensitivities. However, it is prone to scratches and other damages, making gold-plated chains the best choice for handmade jewelry if you are just starting or running a small business. 

Importance of Link Type

Depending on the type of jewelry you make, the links in the gold chains matter a lot. The link type decides the strength of the chain and, therefore, the durability of your jewelry. 

However, the choice also depends on your preference; for instance, men like to wear chains with heavier links while women prefer daintier ones. 

Some links come with inherent problems of twisting, kinking, and getting stuck on clothing like the omega, herringbone, and round snake chains. You can consider buying oval and twisted oval link chains that are versatile and work well in many designs and are strong enough to withstand daily use.

Choosing the Right Colored Gold Chain

At first, it may sound confusing, but gold-plated chains come in different shades and hues, not just in 'golden' color. So choosing the right color is crucial for your jewelry design to pop and look attractive.  

The choices may range from rose, yellow, to even black gold. If choosing only one seems too daunting, you can buy different shades of gold-plated chains by the foot and create your masterpiece. Always shop from a trusted vendor who ensures you get quality chains by the foot and maintain color consistency, too.  

Choosing the Right Length – Like Chains by the Foot

If you are looking to start your handmade jewelry business or even for your personal use, buying chains by the foot is advantageous as it gives you the liberty to use them the way you want while avoiding material waste. Chain by the foot is a jewelry-making essential, and it's also a lot of fun to play around with. You can make all sorts of pieces with chains, from necklaces and bracelets to earrings and anklets. And the best part is, you can buy chains by the foot, so you don't have to worry about purchasing too much or too little. 

What are the Tools Required for Jewelry Making?

The right tools for jewelry-making are like the oars that will help you propel your business forward. These tools allow you to put the different parts together, like putting beads onto the strings, attaching the clasps to the string, and more. A good set of jewelry tools is crucial for achieving remarkable results. 

Pliers – Jeweler's pliers are helpful when working with metals and wires as they help you grip, bend and work with small objects, just like a second pair of hands. 

Wire Cutters – As the name suggests, it is used to cut wires and work with pins and findings. 

Nylon-Tip Tweezers – It is extremely helpful when working with small and delicate gems and beads without causing any damage to the surface, like scratching the color. 

Needles – Beading needles are a must for putting beads onto the stringing material. These needles should be of high quality and different sizes to accommodate various bead openings. 

Now that you know the ways to choose the best gold chain and the ideal tools for your jewelry-making process to be a success, the next step is to find a trusted vendor. Once you find a vendor offering high-quality jewelry parts, buying wholesale chains by the foot is a smart move. You will often get discounts and offers and build a relationship with the vendor, ensuring that you will find quality products every time.

The Bead Traders is one such destination where you can get everything to kick start your jewelry-making business and give your dream the wings to fly. 

Why Buy at The Beads Traders? 

The Bead Traders has the ultimate collection of gold chains by the foot ranging from Rose gold-plated link chains and black gold-plated link chains to simple gold-plated chains and gold-plated link chains. You can find your preferred link types from the extensive collection that includes Figaro, Fancy, Divot Oval, Square link chains, and plenty more.

If you want to explore other designs, you can buy beaded chains by the foot or even freshwater pearl chains by the foot. The Bead Traders also have some of the most impressive hand-selected inventory of gemstone beads. 

So if you want the best quality jewelry parts at an affordable price and convenient and reliable shipping, The Bead Traders is your ideal store. 

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Freshwater Pearls Buying Guide: How to Pick the Perfect Pearl? - The Bead Traders

Freshwater Pearls Buying Guide: How to Pick the Perfect Pearl?

Freshwater Pearls are one of the most niche gemstones in the world of jewelry. They are the ‘fashion forward’ pearls that every modern woman desires. Their stunning colors, shapes, sizes, and textures make them more valuable and demanding on the market.

Freshwater Pearls are highly versatile and can be integrated into a variety of jewelry pieces. This diversity makes freshwater pearls a favorite among wearers as well as designers.

Elegant and fashionable, the freshwater pearls are also affordable and durable, making them a popular choice for shoppers. 

Whether you need a stunning necklace, beautiful engagement rings, or statement bracelets, freshwater pearls make a great pair.

Stay tuned to learn more about these pearls and how to choose the perfect ones.

Characteristics of Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls are the cultured pearls created by freshwater mussels in China. They vary greatly in shapes, colors, and sizes. While a vast majority of freshwater pearls are baroque or oval, only less than 2% of them have a round shape, which is extremely rare. Freshwater pearls are easily recognizable, and wearing them makes people feel adventurous.

Baroque freshwater pearls are the most common and fascinating pearls in the jewelry market. They are unique, attractive, and known for their irregular and uneven shapes.

Large baroque pearls are in high demand for making jewelry for their great value and beauty.

Sizes: Freshwater pearls range from small to moderately large sizes, from 3.0mm to 12.0 mm. The new cultivation techniques have brought very large sizes of freshwater pearls in the past few years. They are known as “Edison Pearls,” which range between 15.0mm & 16.0mm sizes.  

Shapes: Freshwater pearls are found in various shapes. They are mostly off-round, oval, and even potato-shaped but very rarely are perfectly round.

Colors: Freshwater pearls are found in a rainbow of natural colors like flawless white, gorgeous pink, lavender, and peach.

Texture: Freshwater pearls are displayed with a softer luster. They emanate a subtle glow rather than a sparkling shine.

Here’s a buying guide for how to pick the appropriate freshwater pearls for different jewelry pieces.  

Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

The unique shapes of freshwater pearls are an impulse for the most sought-after fancy, modern designs.


Freshwater pearl necklace is the most adorable and classic pearl jewelry to wear. Round and off-round freshwater pearls are perfect for single-strand necklaces, while baroque freshwater pearls make the best choice for various necklace types, ranging from rope necklaces, princess lengths to double-triple strands.

The immense variation of freshwater pearls makes them ideal for making creative and unique necklaces. Pairing these pearls with diamonds also will provide you with a more sophisticated and royal look.


As freshwater pearls can be easily into flat shapes, they are the perfect gemstone to make charming bracelets. They look stylish, fun, and suit any formal or casual outfit.

Baroque freshwater pearls can be used to create unique jewelry pieces, and round freshwater pearls can be blended into classic pearls.


Freshwater pearl earrings are a symbol of grace! Baroque-shaped pearls are a great choice for earrings, and single-pearl earrings are the most popular choice for brides; they make the wearer stand out.

Freshwater pearls make a touch of elegance, easily accessible to women from all socio-economic backgrounds due to their affordable prices.

Freshwater pearls can also be paired with other precious gemstones like cubic zirconia that’ll make the wearer feel elegant and beautiful.

Jewelry designers also employ another technique of polishing the freshwater pearls into new and original shapes. The oval freshwater pearls are more popular, and they can be integrated with baroque pearls to create unique amazing jewelry pieces.


No worries if you can’t afford a traditional diamond ring, freshwater pearl rings are an amazing alternative to it! Pearls embody grace and refinement, which makes them ideal for a special occasion. Single-pearl rings emphasize the delicate nature of freshwater pearls and are a great choice to make engagements.

Freshwater pearls, when combined with specimens of different sizes and shapes, make some gorgeous designs.

Freshwater pearl jewelry is the perfect gift for any occasion. They provide timeless beauty to the wearers, making them feel elegant and empowered.

Freshwater Pearl Value

Buying the best-quality freshwater pearls is important to create unique, stunning pieces of jewelry that last long.

How are the freshwater pearls graded?

Freshwater pearls are graded by the AAA-A system, which includes three main grades. AAA is the highest, and A is the lowest. There are also intermediate grades like AA+ and A+ included in the grading system due to their versatility. Identify the freshwater pearls with AAA grade to pick the best-quality pearls.

While most retailers sell freshwater pearls online, Bead Traders is the reliable brand that offers the largest selection of supreme-quality freshwater pearls for jewelry making.

The incredible beauty, elegance, and affordability make freshwater pearls the most fascinating in the gemstone market. If you are looking to create a unique piece of freshwater pearl jewelry, get these precious freshwater pearls at Bead Traders at the best cost.  

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A Brief History of Gemstone Beads - The Bead Traders

A Brief History of Gemstone Beads

Gold, diamond, or silver may have the best fan base for jewelry today, but let us not forget, gemstone beads have their significance and value.

Gemstone beads have been in jewelry making since the primitive civilizations, and they are the fashion favorites even today. Whatever style of attire you choose, gemstone beads complete the look with a dramatic flair, an eye-catching texture, and a dash of color.

A lot of people today use gemstone beads for jewelry making and compliment outfits based on their natural skin tone. They are perfect for adding natural beauty to any of your jewelry designs or attire.

Read on to know how and when gemstone beads for jewelry making began.

What is the history?

The history of Gemstone beads can be dated back to 35000 or 40000 years ago. Beads were believed to be the first item that human civilization used as jewelry to decorate their bodies. Anatolian people who lived between Asia and Europe first used the beads in the eighteenth-century BC. They made a wide variety of jewelry designs incorporating precious gemstone beads.

Why do the beads matter?

To get adorned and feel special is why humans have started wearing beads as jewelry for a long time. And this was in the minds of both men and women, which gave rise to using gemstone beads as jewelry.

Gemstone beads were used to make adornments like necklaces and bracelets. The Anatolians used the beads in different parts of the body like hair, toes, navels, and even noses. The gemstone beads were used to magnify beauty with their diverse patterns and colors.

Above all, the gemstone beads are affordable and easy to make jewelry. Anyone can make stunning pieces of jewelry using gemstone beads.

Where are gemstone beads found?

Gemstone beads are made from crystalline materials, which are cut and polished to produce these elegant stones. These precious gemstone beads can be found all over the world.

In ancient times, beads were made by rubbing against a more rigid material known as bruting. Stone tools were used to make holes and peck the dots from the sides.

The oldest shell beads recorded were about 35000 to 40000 years ago, which proves wearing jewelry was in the genes of humans. The British archeologists reported perforated shell beads dated back to 135000 years ago.

Gemstone beads were greater in value because of their stunning beauty. Both men and women adorn these beads to enhance their beauty. As the demand for gemstone beads rose in the market, the bead makers honed their skills, developed better tools, and rapidly advanced the art of making jewelry with gemstone beads.

Gemstone beads in the modern era

Gemstone beads are more popular even today. You can find them at many online and offline craft stores. Here, at “The Bead Traders,” we offer a large selection of unique and beautiful gemstone beads for jewelry making. The gemstone beads wholesale are available in diverse colors, shapes, and sizes. We also offer a wide range of pearls to pair with gorgeous gemstone beads for jewelry making.

You can also buy gemstone beads wholesale at reasonable costs at Bead Traders.  

No matter if you are a beginner or an expert at jewelry making, gemstone beads are easy to make, adding sparkle to your jewelry piece in the wardrobe. Shop the best-quality gemstone beads wholesale at Bead Traders to adorn yourself and feel special.

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Everything About Baroque Pearls - The Ultimate Guide - The Bead Traders

Everything About Baroque Pearls - The Ultimate Guide

While pearls are always the favorite and treasured stones in women’s jewelry collections, Baroque pearls make them even more fascinating. They are an ideal choice for those who want to stand alone in the crowd. These pearls are trending with their priceless value and uniqueness in color, shape, and size.

What Exactly are Baroque Pearls?

Baroque pearls are unique pearls widely used in jewelry making for their distinct style and colors. Unlike traditional pearls depicting a perfect round shape, baroque pearls are non-spherical, uneven, and irregular in shape.

Baroque pearls are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are suitable for any high-fashion style. Baroque pearls are found in freshwater and saltwater, mostly in Tahiti, China, the South Sea, and Japan.

Types of Baroque Pearls

Baroque pearls are categorized into different types based on their shapes. These unique, irregular shapes make them stand apart from traditional pearls and can be used in various jewelry making.

Baroque freshwater pearls are the most common type of baroque pearls. While only 10% of the traditional freshwater pearls are round in shape, most of them are baroque. Baroque freshwater pearls are more affordable and can be used in different jewelry-making designs.

There are also saltwater, cultured and natural pearls, which come in baroque shapes. Even some Akoya pearls, best known for their perfectly round shapes, have baroque shapes.

Baroque pearls are further identified in vast categories, and below are their main subtypes:

Coin Pearls: These types of baroque pearls are coin-shaped, round, and flat with smooth surfaces. They have luster, which helps in creating beautiful jewelry designs.

Baroque Pearls: While ‘Baroque’ is the common term used to describe uneven and irregular pearls, baroque pearls are also one of the subtypes. They are round, long, and asymmetrical spheres with dented and uneven surfaces. These pearls are widely used in Victorian and Art Nouveau pieces.

Keshi Pearls: These are the rarest baroque pearls, mainly composed of nacre and an extraordinary luster. They appear to be elongated, come in all shapes, but don’t have a center particle. Keshi pearls are the most popular baroque pearls on the jewelry market.

Potato Pearls: These beautiful pearls resemble the shape of potatoes, and so the name. They are lustrous and have a great body tone, ideal for making baroque pearl bracelets and necklaces.

Rice Pearls: Just like rice grains, these pearls are tiny and round. Rice pearls are less expensive and ideal for cluster jewelry designs or layered strands.

Stick Pearls: Stick or BIWA pearls are long and thin, more like sticks. They come with a beautiful luster with rigid body surfaces and are useful in making perfect statement earrings or pendants.

Teardrop Pearls: These are the most common pearls in the Baroque pearl category. With an elongated, spherical shape, they make an excellent choice for making earrings and drop pendants. Teardrop pearls provide the most elegant and stylish jewelry pieces, most common among celebrities.

Circle Pearls: These baroque pearl types are bumpy, ridgy, and elongated with circles. Though circle pearls are not necessarily baroque, they are categorized as irregular shapes.

Apart from the above baroque pearl subtypes, you can also find some other types on the market, such as twin pearls, cross pearls, egg pearls, heart pearls, and leaf pearls.

Why are Baroque Pearls Valuable?

Baroque pearls are valued for their unique style, characteristics, and features. Various factors such as luster, size, shape, color, and type determine the value of baroque pearls.

  • Luster
  • Luster is one of the important characteristics that determine the value of baroque pearls: how well they reflect light. Keshi pearls and coin pearls have the best glow and are hence considered more valuable among baroque categories.

  • Shape
  • While traditional pearls are assessed with their perfectly round shapes, baroque pearls are analyzed as per their distinct shape. Some of the baroque pearls which are more valuable for their shapes include Keshi pearls, cross pearls, and baroque pearls themselves.

  • Type
  • The baroque shape is the primary factor that determines the value of these pearls. A vast majority of these uneven pearls are baroque freshwater pearls, but their value is lesser than Akoya baroque pearls.

  • Color
  • The different colors of baroque pearls such as salmon, pink, white, and dark shades are considered more valuable for their rarity.  

  • Size
  • The shapes of various baroque pearl types determine their value. The larger the baroque pearl, the more valuable they are.

    Different types of baroque pearls are valued in different ways. The setting of a jewelry piece and materials also determine the value of these pearls.

    Why You Should Choose Baroque Pearls

    With such a wide range of varieties and jewelry options, choosing baroque pearls or baroque freshwater pearls provide great benefits.

    Their distinct shapes, colors, and sizes help create exclusive jewelry designs. Baroque pearls are suitable for any fashion style and make you stand apart from others. Besides, they are affordable and cost significantly less than traditional round-shaped pearls. They make a great piece to add to your beautiful selection of jewelry without spending more.

    Each baroque pearl type portrays a unique personality and becomes the medium of self-expression. If you’d like to have a bold choice of jewelry to look unique, baroque pearls are the best choice.

    They are elegant, classy, luxurious, and graceful to wear for any occasion. The pearls are also a great way to step into something new yet classy relevant to the modern-day’s lifestyle. These pearls are a visual treat to your eyes with a very light on the pocket.

    With these significant features and versatility, baroque pearls are becoming more popular these days.

    Where to Buy These Beautiful Baroque Pearls?

    Baroque pearls are a must-have in your jewelry box with these values. If you are all set to buy these wonderful pearls, the next step is to find the best place to buy baroque pearls wholesale for jewelry making.

    While the internet provides many online jewelry store options, one of the best online jewelry stores to buy baroque pearls wholesale is Bead Traders. We are a trusted and reliable store offering various baroque pearl options to create unique jewelry pieces at affordable prices.

    Get your hands on these stunning baroque pearls and make your style statement by buying unique, best-quality baroque pearls at the Bead Traders.

    So, what are you waiting for? Buy these beautiful baroque pearls wholesale for jewelry making and steal the spotlight like a pro!

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    Top Benefits of Wearing Gemstone Beads - The Bead Traders

    Top Benefits of Wearing Gemstone Beads

    Wearing gemstone beads will provide a lot of benefits. Find the top benefits of wearing gemstone beads right here in detail before buying them.

    A diamond may be the most precious stone in the world, but standstill: Gemstone beads find their favorite spot in jewelry making.  

    Gemstone Beads are long, smooth faceted stones used in jewelry making for thousands of years, as long as jewelry existed. They are the perfect entity to add natural beauty to your jewelry and provide greater value. Whatever style of jewelry you choose, gemstone beads can complete the look with their fascinating texture, vibrant colors, and dramatic flair.

    They remain a fashion favorite to this day with their eternal beauty and value. Many cultures associate different meanings and properties with different gemstones.

    Gemstone beads are beautiful, durable, and valuable with powerful meanings. The beads are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles like round, rondelles, spikes, points, and gemstone sticks and serve different purposes.

    Besides, gemstone beads are popular for their unique healing powers and benefits.

    This article explains to you some of the amazing benefits of gemstone beads.

    Gemstone beads are used in a variety of ways. It is believed that wearing gemstone beads connects you to the past. They were earlier used to facilitate conception and persuade love and hate. However, the beads are not affiliated with any particular religion or culture nowadays, and everyone can benefit from these precious stones.

    Healing Powers

    The most significant benefit of wearing gemstone beads is their healing powers. Each gemstone bead has unique healing powers, and every gem represents a planet. The gemstone beads can draw energy from the planets and direct it to you. They dispel negative energies, irritation, and blockages in the sensory system.

    Gemstone beads mend all degrees of the body, soul, and psyche. Wearing them helps heal lower back issues, joint pain, neuralgia, ailment, and misery. They aid in controlling the kidney and quicken recuperation in tendons and bones. The beads also help improve nutrient, mineral ingestion and assure good blood supply to organs and tissues.

    Calming Effect

    Gemstone beads help you calm down in the hustle-bustle of modern life. Their calming effect gives you a peaceful soul and mind, which ultimately results in good mental and physical health. Popular gemstone beads like Hematite and Blue Lace Agate help relieve anxiety and stress and have a ‘grounding’ effect.


    Wearing quality gemstone beads has the cleansing effect: they can cleanse anything from fear to self-doubt and recklessness. Make sure you purify your gemstone beads regularly to clear accumulated energies.  

    Therapeutic Benefits

    Gemstone beads also act as a practical meditation tool. Wearing them around your neck daily, overnight, and on special occasions will provide you with overall therapeutic benefits. The gemstone spheres help in counting mantras or affirmations.

    Besides, you can bundle the gemstones into the palm of your hand on the body part where you wish to direct energy and healing.


    If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that can long last its beauty and style lifetime, gemstone beads are the perfect solution. A divine supreme-quality gemstone necklace will never expire and serve you long.

    Achieving Purpose

    Wearing a gemstone bead necklace serves as a visual reminder of your purpose. The beads help you achieve the goal by reminding you of your intention and helping you work towards it.

    In all, gemstone beads are fantastic semi-precious stones that rebalance and blend body, soul, and brain. This immaculateness of gemstone beads has made them more popular and demanding in the market.

    Adding these valuable beads will make your jewelry stand unique and aesthetic. Achieve your purpose and maintain wellness in all spheres of your life with the beautiful gemstone beads.

    If you are looking for the best-quality gemstone beads, pick your favorite gemstone bead from our beautiful and unique selections at Bead Traders.
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    The Ultimate Buying Guide for Labradorite Gemstone Beads - The Bead Traders

    The Ultimate Buying Guide for Labradorite Gemstone Beads

    The popular gemstone variety called Labradorite is gaining popularity all over the world for its stunning look and distinct features. This precious gemstone bead is used for making different pieces of jewelry like necklaces, pendants, earrings, anklets, bracelets, etc.

    These breathtaking Labradorite gemstone beads have become a desirable part of jewelry making due to their stunning looks and unique qualities.  

    This article throws light on everything you’d need to know about the labradorite gemstone bead and how to choose and identify the original, best-quality Labradorite beads.

    So, what exactly is Labradorite, and why is it famous?

    Labradorite is a unique variety of gemstone beads that belongs to the feldspar family. The stone has a mystic appearance and usually comes in a mix of bright and beautiful colors such as green, blue, yellow, orange, and red. Labradorite gemstone sparkles in the light and can be recognized in a wink.

    Labradorite is famous for its unique iridescent characteristic, which makes the stone have a glittery shine and lovely look.  Also, the gemstone is known for its healing properties of physical, mental, and spiritual health.

    Formation & source of Labradorite

    Labradorite is formed and found in different types of rocks like igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. While the mystic stone was first discovered in Labrador, Canada, from where it gets its name. It is now found and mined in the regions of Finland, Norway, Madagascar, Australia, and Sri Lanka. Madagascar is the biggest source of Labradorite now.

    Labradorescence- special & unique feature

    While Labradorite gemstone beads are known for their unique quality and vibrant colors, they exhibit a striking effect called Labradorescence. The stones glow in mysterious orange, yellow, blue, and green lights when rotated, while they can be seen just as an ordinary black rock when viewed from one angle.

    Properties & benefits of Labradorite gemstone beads

    Labradorite is considered a magical gemstone that is said to improve or heal different aspects of health-from physical illnesses to spiritual and emotional needs. The gemstone has unique metaphysical and healing properties, some of which are mentioned below.

    • Labradorite helps alleviate discomfort or stress, deal with depression, and carries excellent physical healing benefits.
    • It is also believed to heal the respiratory system, the digestive and metabolic system, gout and arthritis, symptoms of rheumatism and PMS, as well as regulate high blood pressure.
    • The Labradorite stones help improve your mental health by enhancing your mood and improving work efficiency.
    • The stones carry a great value in the metaphysical world. Labradorite creates a shield from bad auras, evades negativity, and accumulates positive energy, hence considered a powerful protector of users.

    Different variants of Labradorite

    Labradorite gemstone bead has three major variants:

    Spectrolite: It is a high-quality variant of labradorite and is found in Finland. Spectrolite displays a wide array of colors.

    Andesine: Looks quite different but shares the same chemical composition as Labradorite. This gemstone is transparent and found in a reddish-orange color in facet cut.

    Rainbow Moonstone: It is a unique gemstone variant of Labradorite with an iridescent quality and usually comes in blue.

    Continue reading to learn more about buying the best-quality Labradorite gemstone beads.

    How to identify if the Labradorite Beads are real

    Only the original and best-quality Labradorite beads will make your jewelry piece stand unique and glowing.  

    Consider the four important factors to identify if the beads are real.

    Color: Unlike other gemstones, Labradorite displays unique colors when viewed from different angles. It is due to the iridescence effect created when light interacts with imperfections in the gemstone.

    Labradorite gemstone beads are usually found in black, gray, brown, or dark brown body tones. However, they display shades of dark green, blue, and purple when rotated.

    Cut: Not every stone is created or cut equal. Labradorite gemstone beads are usually the shape of the cabochon with smooth domes. They are also found in rounds, pears, ovals, and marquise cuts in contrast to angular cuts.

    Labradorite beads show maximum iridescence when they are cut with care.

    Clarity: Labradorite gemstones are generally opaque to translucent, while some of their variants are transparent. The little impurities in labradorite allow its play of colors. Spectral colors are displayed when the light hits these tiny impurity layers.

    The opaque beads, which don’t display much labradorescence feature, are least preferred for making jewelry.

    Carat Weight: Though the labradorite beads are found in various sizes, the carat weight doesn’t play a key role in determining its value. The exact measurement of the stone’s size is weighed with the length and breadth of the labradorite bead rather than its carat weight.

    Check for these unique features to ensure you get a high-quality labradorite gemstone bead for your jewelry or other projects. Make sure the bead you choose has stunning labradorescence and translucent features, a good size, a face-up cut, and a high grade.

    Cleansing Labradorite beads

    A Labradorite gemstone measures 6-6.5 on the hardness scale, making it hard enough to use for jewelry making. Its internal layers help avoid breakage in extreme pressure or when the stone is struck hard. Due to this, Labradorite beads are mostly preferred to make pendants and earrings rather than bracelets and rings.

    To clean your labradorite beads:

    1.       Rub gently using an untreated cloth on the surface with soap and water.
    2.       Avoid steamers or ultrasonic cleaners while cleaning labradorite beads.
    3.       Store them in a soft cloth to prevent scratches on the surface.

    How often should the Labradorite beads be cleaned?

    The gemstones should be cleaned every two weeks to retain their maximum potential. Cleanse the beads gently in the lukewarm running water and dry them under the sun for about an hour. Though the tap water is sufficient, try to cleanse labradorite beads using natural, clean water.

    Where to buy the best-quality Labradorite gemstone beads

    At Bead Traders, we offer the best-quality labradorite gemstone beads for jewelry making. Buy these magical beads in different cuts as cabochons, strands, and connectors; there are ample varieties of Labradorite bead colors and stones for you to choose from. We also provide Labradorite beads with a wide range of shapes, including heart, bead, rectangle, cube, and other stunning shapes.

    If you are looking for these precious gemstone beads for making unique and special jewelry, check out, for the highest-quality labradorite beads at the best prices.
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    “Swimming Pool Blue!” Neon Blue Apatite - The Bead Traders

    “Swimming Pool Blue!” Neon Blue Apatite

    Creating and wearing jewelry with natural stone is satisfying, empowering, and fun. One of our favorites for its color and texture is Blue Apatite. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes from 2.5 mm rounds to 10mm crystal nuggets to multi-tonal nugget beads. Unleash your creativity with the variety of shapes, sizes, and polishes that apatite offers. Its swimming pool blue color is especially lovely in summer. Pair it with white, pale yellow, or light blue, and it gives any outfit a special charm.

    Matte Neon Blue Apatite Natural Crystal Nuggets

    Matte Neon Blue Apatite Plain Ovals

    The Naming of Apatite

    Although there are a few ancient archeological examples, this gorgeous blue mineral became known in 1786 when it was studied and named by German geologist Gottlob Werner. The name ‘apatite’ comes from the Greek word ‘apatē,’ which means ‘to deceive.’ Because of the mineral’s diverse forms and colors, apatite often gets mistaken for other types of crystals, especially peridot.

    Where to Find Apatite

    Apatite exists in every part of the world. Some of the best gem-worthy specimens of neon blue apatite have been found in Madagascar and Brazil. 



    A faceted blue apatite - Brazil

    Apatite is discovered where ancient lakes and seas existed. It is a unique mineral formed by heat and pressure on organic debris such as teeth, bones, and scales.



    Working with Apatite

    Apatite only measures a 5 on the Mohs hardness scale, and can be easily scratched, so it isn’t suitable for every type of jewelry. Neon blue apatite is likely to have been heat-treated. Due to its relative softness, this stone is probably better suited for earrings, necklaces, and pendants.

    Spiritual Benefits of Apatite

    Apatite is called the Stone of Manifestation. People believe it helps build personal power, achieve goals, and see things in your life more clearly.  As you gain clarity, you will feel more optimistic and overcome negativity. So, apatite is said to work in two ways - clearing our minds of confusion while giving us the confidence to reach our goals. If you feel like obstacles are holding you back, apatite could be an aid in clearing those hurdles. 

    Another exciting factor is that apatite crystals are the same mineral phosphates found in teeth, horns, and antlers - providing a kinship with animal conservation. As the stone of manifestation, blue apatite helps us align with our highest intention and attract the life we have always wanted.

    Throat and Third Eye Chakra

    By opening the Throat Chakra, blue apatite enhances communication skills. It is believed to be an ideal crystal for those in public speaking or vocal performance. It is also helpful for business consultants and managers to allow their words to flow persuasively. Its energy can help us attract opportunities that will manifest in our ultimate goals.

    Blue apatite can also open and align the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing our ability to perceive truth and communicate more effectively.

    Did you Know?

    • Moon rocks contain apatite.
    • Apatite has helped preserve dinosaur bones.
    • Salt crystals come from apatite.
    • The production of plasma television screens requires the use of apatite.
    • A 500-carat purple apatite called 'the Roebling' was discovered in the Pulsifer quarry on Mt. Apatite in Maine.

    Caring for Your Apatite

    Due to its softness, you’ll need to take extra care when working with, wearing, and storing apatite. It should be cleaned in warm soapy water and stored separately from other stones. Storage is best in a fabric-lined box or a soft cloth. It is good to remove apatite jewelry when doing physical activities such as sports, cleaning, and gardening. 

    We look forward to helping you choose the apatite beads that will work for you and your clients!

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    How to Get Amazing Jewelry Shots with your Smartphone - The Bead Traders

    How to Get Amazing Jewelry Shots with your Smartphone

    Beautiful photographs are essential for a successful jewelry business. Your images reflect your business and brand, and poor images can severely impact your online sales. Because it is so small and is highly reflective, jewelry is tricky to photograph.

    But you can learn to take fabulous photos with your phone! Smartphone technology continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and each new version introduces a more recent and better camera. With a few tricks and a little practice, your photos will shine! Here are a few tips to get you started:

    Get to know your smartphone camera

    Choose the right lens and camera mode. If your smartphone has a single lens, it is probably a wide-angle lens. If your phone has two or more lenses, one might be a telephoto lens or macro lens. A telephoto lens is preferred for jewelry photography because it provides optical zoom, which enlarges the image while keeping the resolution and sharpness.

    Wide-angle lenses have digital zoom, which simply crop a section of the image and enlarges that section. If you only have one lens, be sure to get close to your subject rather than zooming in.

    If you have the option of a telephoto lens - use that for your jewelry photography. With optical zoom, you will get higher-resolution images.

    Your phone probably has several camera modes. The best option for photographing pieces of jewelry is the PRO mode. Using PRO mode will allow you to adjust camera settings like shutter speed and exposure.


    Lighting is probably the most critical aspect in creating beautiful images.

    Don’t use your phone’s flash because it produces a flat image. Side lighting will create photos with more depth and light.

    • If you can shoot outdoors, in the shade, that will be your best option
    • The best lighting is natural light. You can use lamps, but sunlight will produce the best results. Place your jewelry at an angle instead of directly in front of the light source.
    • To reduce shadows, you can place a white foam board on the opposite side of the subject from your light source. This will bounce the light back onto the piece.
    • If the sunlight seems too harsh, diffuse the light with a light tent or white tracing paper.
    • Don’t mix light sources. Use sunlight or artificial light - not both. If you are using lamps - use the same type of bulbs.
    • If you are photographing a transparent stone, use backlighting to show it off.

    Image resolution

    Set your android to save the largest possible files with the highest resolution. Starting large will allow you to reduce file sizes as needed. If your files are small, and you have to enlarge them, you will have grainy images. (iPhones do not have this setting without using a third-party app.)

    • When working with the PRO mode on your camera, you’ll want to use full saturation mode.
    • Decide what you want to focus on in your photo, tap on that item, and it will jump into focus.
    • If you are using artificial light, you may need to play with the white balance in manual mode or try some of the presets. Adjust as necessary to get the cleanest colors of your piece.
    • Focus is vital to getting the best image. There are several tricks to making sure your item is in focus. We discuss them below when talking about the tripod.

    Eye-pleasing arrangements

    In addition to good lighting and focus, there are techniques to arranging your jewelry to create professional-style photos.

    • Use the grid feature on your phone to help you place items. Placing your featured item (pendant or stone) at the intersection of two gridlines will help it stand out.
    • Rule of odds. It is more pleasing to the eye to view displays with an odd number of items. If you surround your piece with some simple props - three or five is a good number to use.
    • Paper, not cloth. When placing your jewelry for photographs - use the smoothest possible surface. Paper is a good choice, as the details in the fabric can be distracting in close-up photography. You can also try tile or plexiglass.
    • Use a dust blower (canned air) to clear away any specks of dust. It also helps to handle your items with cotton gloves or tweezers.

    Useful Equipment

    Handy accessories will enhance your photography.

    • A tripod. You can use a simple table-top one or a regular one with an attachment for your camera. One of the most common mistakes people make is not recognizing the camera shake when they push the shutter button. You must have your camera completely still to get a quality image. Your phone offers several ways to click a picture without touching the phone itself.
      • Remote shutter release (iPhone have these on your earphones)
      • Voice-activated - found in your phone settings
      • Timer (you press the shutter, but the photo doesn't take for a few seconds)
      • Burst mode - takes several shots, and you can choose the best one

    Any of these will ensure that the camera doesn’t move when you take the picture. Explore the various options on your camera, and find what works for you.

    • A lightbox. Using a lightbox will ensure that you don't have any dark corners or shadows. It will also help you to keep your whites the same shade of white. Consistency in composition is key to professional-looking shots.
    • A white foam board. If you don't have a lightbox, you can use a simple white foam board positioned opposite your light source (preferably sunlight) to serve as a reflective surface.
    • Clip-on lenses. If you find that your smartphone's built-in lens is too limited,you may want to invest in a clip-on lens. This accessory can offer better zoom, focus, and other effects.

    Other Tips

    • Clean your jewelry and camera lens. This might seem obvious, but it is easy to forget that a slight smudge or speck on your camera lens can ruin your photos before you even really get started.
    • Keep your background simple. There is no need to be flashy with your background. You want the focus to be on the jewelry. A white background is considered by many to be ideal for jewelry.
    • Check your reflections. Gemstones and metal will naturally reflect light. Check your pictures for reflections from your camera or light sources. Try taking shots from different angles to eliminate reflections.
    • Editing, editing, editing. Your phone has lots of editing features. You can read up or watch videos on these and how to install editing apps for your particular phone. Learning how to edit will make a huge difference in your final result.
    • Take multiple images. Customers are more comfortable purchasing an item if they can view it from different angles first. More points of view can produce more sales. In addition to different angles, you can focus on specific parts of the piece that you want to highlight.


    By using these techniques and photography tips, your images will stand out and be more memorable. Jewelry photography is fun and satisfying. Enjoy the process of experimenting with your smartphone and various apps to get the best product image. You’ll see a spike in customer interest and sales when your photographs are clear and highlight the beauty in your jewelry.

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    Color Theory: Choosing the Best Metals for Your Piece - The Bead Traders

    Color Theory: Choosing the Best Metals for Your Piece

    While there are no hard and fast rules about which metals to use with which gemstones, the look of a necklace, bracelet, or earrings can change dramatically depending on its color metal pairing. Paired with silver: “cooler”; gold: “warmer.” And while trends come and go, specific bead colors pair better with different metals. Here’s an easy guide to choosing your metals.


    When in doubt, silver is almost always a good choice. It pairs well with every color and even other metals. It conveys a classic sophistication that never goes out of style. Some of the best gemstone pairings for silver are turquoise, lapis lazuli, and celestial quartz. Silver pairs well with pastel colors (think Tiffany & Co.’s blue and silver box), but it also complements and enhances bold colors. It is considered a neutral color and feels very sophisticated when accompanied by other neutral colors.


    Gold works well with warm earth tones and cool pastel colors. It is a natural choice for nature-inspired color schemes. Purple stones like purple opal, amethyst, or agate are exquisite when paired with gold. Gold also makes a beautiful partner for all shades of reds, rusty oranges, and reddish yellows.

    When pairing with neutrals, warm deep-toned neutrals work best. These include your slate grays, chocolate browns, olive greens, and dark tans. When choosing white, go for a warmer shade so that the contrast isn’t too stark.

    One note of caution: Because gold comes in many different shades, some yellow gemstones might clash with the wrong gold color. It is a good idea to have several varieties of gold chains in your collection that can make perfect matches with the best shades of your yellow stones.



    Black looks fabulous with primary colors but can go with any color. Combined with white and black, or silver and black, black gold conveys sophistication and elegance. For a more casual look, use black gold as a backdrop for bright colors like yellow, magenta, hot pink, or turquoise. It also pairs well with neutrals like white, beige, and brown. Finally, purple and black gold are gorgeous together.



    Rose Gold has a warm pink undertone similar to copper and is a natural fit for shades of pink like blush, dusty rose, and burgundy. With a powder blue, grey-toned lavender, or mint green  - rose gold can bring a sense of serenity. (Perhaps one reason for the popularity of this combination in today’s home designs). To bring out the metal's rosy tones, even more, pair it with rich, saturated colors such as black, teal, or navy. Among these dark colors, rose gold will be warm and radiant.




    Generally speaking, cool tones convey peace and serenity - warmer colors give a sense of passion and energy. Before you commit to a metal, lay your gemstones out next to the chain. Try various metals to see what appeals to you. You might even create the same pieces using different metals and have two or three entirely new creations. Color is the language of the soul, and various colors will speak to people in unique ways.


    Colors and color combinations will look different in different lights. You probably have an area where you do most of your work and that has good lighting. Sometimes it helps to take your piece to a new location and light source. Doing this might inspire you to change a bead or two or go with a color scheme you hadn’t previously considered. 

    As you see your colors in different lights - take a step back and observe the colors and textures from a distance. See what catches your eye, and get a feel for how the colors and materials flow together. Changing your perspective will give you confidence that you are on the right track and help you connect with your vision for each item.

    Also, consider the background you have underneath the piece. A neutral or white cloth will give you the cleanest version of your colors.


    Silver tones have a soothing, relaxing effect, and gold is warmer and more exciting.

    But in today’s design world, the main rule is there are no rules! What ultimately matters is what you or your customer likes. Go with what you love. Some seasons, it may be silver; other times gold, black, or copper. It comes down to what is pleasing to you at that moment. The beauty of jewelry design is you can play around with various combinations and looks. By comparing metals and exploring how they interplay with your stones, you’ll discover fresh and beautiful designs that will color your world!

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    Three of the Prettiest Jewelry Trends for 2021 - The Bead Traders

    Three of the Prettiest Jewelry Trends for 2021

    Despite the pandemic, designers recently introduced exciting new fashions for the Spring season. Their designs featured jewelry emphasizing the personal and beautiful - things to lift our spirits and enhance our limited wardrobes. Although virtual introductions and intimate settings replaced the ordinarily lavish shows, the jewelry still shines bright. Here are some of the popular styles to incorporate into your bead crafting this year.
    Beach Beads
    As more people become vaccinated, many of us are hopeful that we will soon get back to taking vacations. And a beach vacation is probably number one on many people’s list. Top designers Etro and Versace featured beachy beads in their creations, and colorful, earthy jewelry designs are plentiful in Spring fashion lines. Beachy looks can include all types of beads, from Drusy beads to Opals to Pearls. Our multicolored agate crackle beads are a fun, simple way to incorporate a beachy feel into your pieces.


    8mm Multicolor Crackled Agate Plain Round Beads 14 inch 45 pieces



    For an elegant beachy look, try our gorgeous Baroque Freshwater Pearls.

    Tri-Color Straight Drilled Ultra Baroque Freshwater Pearls 15 inch 18 pieces 12x18-14x22mm



    These sea-foam green chalcedony carved flower beads are unique and so tropical.

    Seafoam Green Fancy Carved Flower Beads 7.5 inch 9 pieces





    8mm Multi-Color Amazonite faceted round Beads 15 inch 49 pieces




    Freeform apatite nuggets are reminiscent of rugged coastal stones.

     7.5 inch 15 beads 10x8-12x8mmMatte Apatite plain nuggets


    For a polished look, add a focal bead or three to your beach beads. Our beautiful pendants will give you lots of options for styling your necklace. You can add whatever appeals to you or your clients. These are some of our newest statement gemstones.

    Seafoam Green Agate Drusy Gem Focal Bead 1 Piece



    2x1.5 - 1.5x1.5 inch Aegean Blue Agate Slice Set of 5 focal beads




    Solar Quartz Focal Beads - Lot of 7



    Wire-wrapped focal beads and connector beads are trendy and come in many gorgeous colors and several sizes. One idea is to add them in a staggered pattern throughout the piece.


    30x24mm Oxidized Silver Bezeled White Oval Drusy Connector Focal 1 piece




    10mm Pink Chalcedony faceted heart Black Gold Wire Wrapped focal beads 1 piece




    37x26.5x3.7mm Pyrite Slab Bead 1 Piece

    Another trend for 2021 is fabulous mismatched earrings. As a jewelry designer, you have the ultimate opportunity to create bespoke treasures that clients will love to wear. Anything goes for mismatched earrings, but the idea works best when they have a common theme or similar vibe.


    Extra-long Pendant Necklaces
    Take advantage of our lovely selection of chains and create one of the most stylish looks of 2021 - extra-long chains with extra-large focal beads. These can be casual or elegant and are a popular statement piece for men and women.


    15x15x15mm Black Lava Rock Trillion Focal Pendant Waxed Set of 6 beads






    Labradorite Plain Teardrop Focal Bead 1 Piece



    You can add a single pendant to a simple chain or create a long strand of beads on an ornate chain. Heavy chains are incredibly trendy now.

    Some of these styles had carried over from 2020, a year when we weren’t able to dress up and be out on the town. Now is the time to create new and fresh pieces to give new life to clients’ wardrobes. Shoppers will be ready to show off their latest gemstone discoveries as they return to work, school, and play!

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