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At, we take pride in providing the best quality service, creating a welcoming online environment, and offering hassle-free transactions. Our knowledgeable and resourceful staff gladly attends to your gemstone bead requirements whether small or large in scope. Supportive, convenient, and effortless experiences are our intention when you shop with us.

What can you expect with every order?

• Quality beading supplies at affordable prices

• Extensive, hand-chosen inventory

• Attentive, accurate customer service

• Commitment to our three-promise Value Pledge

• Convenient and reliable shipping

Thanks for stopping by and visiting today. Please let us know how we can best serve your beading endeavor.

-Arun Yadav, President and CEO’s 3 Promise “VALUE PLEDGE”

 Our Power Buys Save You Money - Wondering where to buy beads at a constant price point? At many wholesale and value bead sites, as soon as the price to acquire a bead increases, they will adjust the retail price, regardless of how much inventory they have on hand.

But at (TBT), we make "Power Buys," which means we purchase bulk beads and value gems, allowing us to maintain our competitive price for extended periods of time. Our purchasing power guarantees your access to our inventory at a constant price point, saving you money every time you order.

 The "Any Price" Quality Inspection - While it's not unusual for value bead providers to cut corners on their initial inspections, our "Any Price Quality Inspection" sets a new standard of quality. Even a value bead or discount bead strand must meet our rigorous quality standards. You don't have to buy our top-of-the line products to enjoy your order. While many bulk providers keep prices low by keeping the quality just as low, our Value Pledge promises customers that our sales and closeout inventory are Quality Inspected to insure you can buy with confidence, regardless of your price point. That is our commitment to you.

 The No Substitution, No Downgrade Policy – Our Value Pledge protects our customers from fake look-alikes and inventory substitutions that some suppliers make to protect profit margins. Too often, bead providers take advantage of their fine print disclaimers to downgrade the quality of their inventory or re-grade hard-to-source items. At The Bead Traders, we maintain constant grading standards - even for entry price value beads, so you can count on consistently beautiful items in every order you receive. If we ever make a substitution, we promise it will be to a higher quality grade than the one you have on the original order. At, we prefer to protect our customers. affirms a unique and unwavering three- promise Value Pledge. Our dedication to your needs, budget, and satisfaction as a valued customer makes us an easy choice when choosing where to buy beads for your projects.

Knowing where to buy beads just became a whole lot easier!, THE source for beads!

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