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Citrine Beads

Citrine is one of the many varieties of quartz that are used for gemstone beads. Because of the beautiful yellow color of Citrine Beads, they are often called ‘sun stones’. It is also known as  the ‘stone of the mind,’ and the ‘merchant’s stone.’ Quartz is the most plentiful mineral on the planet, and citrine is found in many places. When you make a purchase with us online at the Bead Traders, it means you will always get affordable beads and bead supplies. We can offer low prices on all of our products because we buy in volume, and pass the savings on to you.

Dazzling Yellow

Citrine beads come in many shades of yellow ranging from very pale to bright yellow to gold to orange. This gemstone can also be greenish or brownish yellow as well. The name citrine means ‘golden yellow’ in Latin and was derived from the citron fruit, a type of citrus fruit that is most commonly found dried and candied in fruitcake. Citrine has the same hardness level as amethyst and other types of quartz, making it durable and able to stand up to everyday wear. Darker citrine gemstones resemble topaz and it can substitute for the birthstone for November.

Attracts Money

Citrine is also called ‘sun stone’ because of it’s golden yellow color. The gold of citrine beads also reminds people of money, so citrine is believed to be lucky. Stick a citrine in your pocket before heading to the casino or playing the lottery. It is also called the ‘merchant’s stone’ because some people who run shops keep a piece of citrine in their cash box or drawer to attract sales. Keep a golden citrine on hand to keep money coming in instead of going out.

Yellow Goes with Everything

Citrine’s various yellow hues combine well with other gemstones. Mix bright orange citrine beads with fire opals, carnelian or orange chalcedony. Brown stones, such as smoky quartz or caramel or chocolate chalcedony, look yummy with glowing yellow citrine.It pairs well with multicolored stones, too, for example, fluorite or tourmaline. Citrine and amethyst work well together; as a matter of fact, a necklace or bracelet of yellow citrine, violet amethyst and the bi-colored, yellow and purple ametrine would be unique.

Metaphysical Uses

Citrine is often used to increase self-esteem, to promote an open mind and increase clarity of thought. It is a stone of manifestation and it helps focus the mind on a goal and attracts positive energy toward that purpose. It attracts wealth and prosperity and promotes generosity in the wearer. Citrine beads spark creativity and are a perfect choice for artists of all kinds.

The Best Beads at the Best Prices

the Bead Traders is your place for fantastic beads at affordable prices. We guarantee that we wouldn’t sell you anything we wouldn’t want to buy ourselves. By making bulk purchases, we save money and then we can pass those savings on to you. Come to the Bead Traders for citrine beads and a full array of other gemstones, freshwater pearls, metal beads and jewelry findings.

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