Peacock Off Round Freshwater Pearls 16 inch 60 pieces

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Like the feathers of their namesake, peacock freshwater pearls feature dark, iridescent colors that catch the eye and hold your attention. These beautiful peacock pearls come in a variety of dark grey, green, purple, blue, and brown hues, each one capable of shimmering in the light and creating an unforgettable look. Their versatile coloring makes these pearls work perfectly as either the main beads in a piece of jewelry, or as accents to a more brightly colored stone. These inspirational pearls are a must have for anyone who loves designing jewelry.

These peacock freshwater pearls are an off-round shape, meaning that they are very close to the spherical shape of a perfect pearl, but with some unique differences. Off round pearls are frequently used; most pearls that you might think are perfectly round may actually have some small detail that makes them off round instead, giving them rich, textured quality that creates a beautiful artisan look. We know you’ll love working with these exotic pearls as you create new jewelry pieces for your friends, family, or even devoted customers. This versatile and stunning 16 inch strand includes approximately 60 pearls, with an average diameter of 7 mm.

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approximate 7mm average on the 16 inch strand of approximately 60 pieces

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