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Moukaite Jasper Beads

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6.5mm-7.5mm Moukaite Jasper Plain Cube Beads 8 inch 29 pieces - The Bead Traders
12mm Moukaite Faceted Square Double Drilled Beads 6" 6 pcs - The Bead Traders
Mouakite Jasper Hand Cut Faceted 12 inch - The Bead Traders
Moukaite Jasper Faceted Nugget Beads 15 inches 23 pieces - The Bead Traders
8-9mm Moukaite Jasper Faceted Square & Rectangle 6 inch 6 Beads - The Bead Traders
7-8mm Moukaite Jasper Faceted Cube Beads 7.5 inch 27 pieces - The Bead Traders
Mouakite Jasper Handcut Rectangles 15 inch 30 beads - The Bead Traders
6x7-8x9mm Moukaite Jasper Double Drilled Faceted Rectangle 5.75 in. 6 Beads - The Bead Traders
9-10mm Moukaite Jasper Faceted Heart 6 inch 6 Beads - The Bead Traders
12mm Moukaite Faceted Heart Beads 6 inches 6 beads - The Bead Traders
8mm Moukaite Jasper Top Drilled Faceted Oval Beads, 8 inch - The Bead Traders
12mm Moukaite Jasper Faceted Nugget Beads, 14 inch - The Bead Traders
Moukaite Jasper Top Drilled Faceted Ovals 8 inch 50 pieces - The Bead Traders
Moukaite Jasper Beads Plain Pear Beads 8 inch 10 pieces - The Bead Traders

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No, it’s not coffee. Moukaite, also sometimes spelled mookaite, gets its name from the place it was discovered and first mined: Mooka Creek, located on a 700,000 acre sheep farm called Mooka Station. The creek is about 100 miles inland from a remote town on the west coast of Australia called Carnarvon. Much of the world’s moukaite jasper beads are sourced from this Australian locale, but moukaite deposits can also be found in Egypt, Brazil, India, Canada, Madagascar, and the United States.

Moukaite is a variety of chalcedony. As such, it has a Mohs hardness rating of 7 and consists of microcrystalline quartz, which means the fine crystal structure of chalcedonic minerals is visible only under a microscope. Chalcedony varieties are categorized based on what geologists and mineralogists call diaphaneity (how easily light passes through them). Moukaite is a jasper because of its opaqueness; no light passes through it.

How’d That Happen?

As an expert crafter, you might be protesting, “but microcrystalline quartz is semitransparent!” That’s true for its pure form, but the jasper in our moukaite jasper beads forms when silica cements fine particulate materials in the quartz. In moukaite jasper’s case, the skeletal fossils of tiny protozoa, called radiolaria, sediment into the quartz over many thousands of years. Their intricate opaline silica skeletons account for the beautiful opaqueness of moukaite jasper beads.

Moukaite’s color range, from pink to light red to yellow, is caused by iron rich groundwater activity interacting with the rock formation. Interestingly enough, Australian locals say that “mooka” is an Aboriginal word for “running water.” Alongside their purely aesthetic functions, minerals such as moukaite jasper beads have been said to have metaphysical properties. Some claim that jasper provides grounding energy which eases the transition into a meditative state.

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