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Chalcedony Beads

Chalcedony Beads (8)

Chalcedony is a versatile gemstone that is found in volcanic rock all over the world. It comes in many varieties and colors. Chalcedony has an ancient history and is still popular today with contemporary jewelry makers and craftsmen because of its unique appearance and properties. Chalcedony can be cut into faceted beads or polished into large cabochons. Purchase Chalcedony Beads and beading supplies at the Bead Traders, where we always buy in volume, so you will always find affordable beads for your next project. Chalcedony beads come in natural and treated hues; rainbow hues are most likely color treated. 

Mineral Make-Up

Chalcedony is described as a form of silica with a cryptocrystalline structure. Cryptocrystalline rocks have very small crystals and are formed under intense heat.

Varieties of Chalcedony

Chalcedony beads come in many varieties. Agate, including the fire and moss varieties, are a form of chalcedony, as is heliotrope, which is also known as bloodstone. Onyx is a black form of chalcedony. Chrysoprase and Mtorolite are both green varieties. Chalcedony beads often exhibit a striated quality and often form beautiful pictures when cut and polished.

The many colors of chalcedony are caused by different minerals included in the stones. Chalcedony beads come in blue, gray, black, white, green and other colors. A form of orange-red chalcedony beads is known as carnelian. Orange chalcedony is caused by the inclusion of iron ore. Red is one of the most prized colors of chalcedony beads.

The jaspers and agates come in many colors and are distinguished by their striations. The brown and gold stripes of tiger’s eye make this form of chalcedony very easy to identify. Some other colors of chalcedony beads are the brown of sard, the yellow-green prase, and dark green plasma.

Versatile Finishes

Chalcedony not only comes in many colors, but is a wonderfully versatile stone when it comes to cutting and polishing into different shapes and finishes. the Bead Traders carries chalcedony beads in many shapes, sizes and finishes, such as smooth, round orange chalcedony beads or faceted orange-red chalcedony beads.

An Ancient Stone

Chalcedony beads have been found in archeological sites throughout the Mediterranean, such as the palace of Knossos from Minoan Crete. It has also been used for centuries in the crafting of cameo jewelry. This is a form of ornament carved from stone with a colored background and a white figure on the foreground. Cameos were very popular in Victorian England.

Healing Properties

Chalcedony is believed to absorb negative energy and promote good will. Chalcedony beads will bring the body, mind and soul into balance and dispel tension, hostility and self-doubt. It is also used to ward off bad dreams.

Blue chalcedony  is considered a creative stone that helps with mental flexibility and  aids memory and the learning of new languages.  Blue Chalcedony is believed to help lower blood pressure and decrease inflammation. Some people wear blue chalcedony beads to help them stop smoking.

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