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Freshwater Pearls Buying Guide: How to Pick the Perfect Pearl? - The Bead Traders

Freshwater Pearls Buying Guide: How to Pick the Perfect Pearl?

Freshwater Pearls are one of the most niche gemstones in the world of jewelry. They are the ‘fashion forward’ pearls that every modern woman desires. Their stunning colors, shapes, sizes, and textures make them more valuable and demanding on the market.

Freshwater Pearls are highly versatile and can be integrated into a variety of jewelry pieces. This diversity makes freshwater pearls a favorite among wearers as well as designers.

Elegant and fashionable, the freshwater pearls are also affordable and durable, making them a popular choice for shoppers. 

Whether you need a stunning necklace, beautiful engagement rings, or statement bracelets, freshwater pearls make a great pair.

Stay tuned to learn more about these pearls and how to choose the perfect ones.

Characteristics of Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls are the cultured pearls created by freshwater mussels in China. They vary greatly in shapes, colors, and sizes. While a vast majority of freshwater pearls are baroque or oval, only less than 2% of them have a round shape, which is extremely rare. Freshwater pearls are easily recognizable, and wearing them makes people feel adventurous.

Baroque freshwater pearls are the most common and fascinating pearls in the jewelry market. They are unique, attractive, and known for their irregular and uneven shapes.

Large baroque pearls are in high demand for making jewelry for their great value and beauty.

Sizes: Freshwater pearls range from small to moderately large sizes, from 3.0mm to 12.0 mm. The new cultivation techniques have brought very large sizes of freshwater pearls in the past few years. They are known as “Edison Pearls,” which range between 15.0mm & 16.0mm sizes.  

Shapes: Freshwater pearls are found in various shapes. They are mostly off-round, oval, and even potato-shaped but very rarely are perfectly round.

Colors: Freshwater pearls are found in a rainbow of natural colors like flawless white, gorgeous pink, lavender, and peach.

Texture: Freshwater pearls are displayed with a softer luster. They emanate a subtle glow rather than a sparkling shine.

Here’s a buying guide for how to pick the appropriate freshwater pearls for different jewelry pieces.  

Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

The unique shapes of freshwater pearls are an impulse for the most sought-after fancy, modern designs.


Freshwater pearl necklace is the most adorable and classic pearl jewelry to wear. Round and off-round freshwater pearls are perfect for single-strand necklaces, while baroque freshwater pearls make the best choice for various necklace types, ranging from rope necklaces, princess lengths to double-triple strands.

The immense variation of freshwater pearls makes them ideal for making creative and unique necklaces. Pairing these pearls with diamonds also will provide you with a more sophisticated and royal look.


As freshwater pearls can be easily into flat shapes, they are the perfect gemstone to make charming bracelets. They look stylish, fun, and suit any formal or casual outfit.

Baroque freshwater pearls can be used to create unique jewelry pieces, and round freshwater pearls can be blended into classic pearls.


Freshwater pearl earrings are a symbol of grace! Baroque-shaped pearls are a great choice for earrings, and single-pearl earrings are the most popular choice for brides; they make the wearer stand out.

Freshwater pearls make a touch of elegance, easily accessible to women from all socio-economic backgrounds due to their affordable prices.

Freshwater pearls can also be paired with other precious gemstones like cubic zirconia that’ll make the wearer feel elegant and beautiful.

Jewelry designers also employ another technique of polishing the freshwater pearls into new and original shapes. The oval freshwater pearls are more popular, and they can be integrated with baroque pearls to create unique amazing jewelry pieces.


No worries if you can’t afford a traditional diamond ring, freshwater pearl rings are an amazing alternative to it! Pearls embody grace and refinement, which makes them ideal for a special occasion. Single-pearl rings emphasize the delicate nature of freshwater pearls and are a great choice to make engagements.

Freshwater pearls, when combined with specimens of different sizes and shapes, make some gorgeous designs.

Freshwater pearl jewelry is the perfect gift for any occasion. They provide timeless beauty to the wearers, making them feel elegant and empowered.

Freshwater Pearl Value

Buying the best-quality freshwater pearls is important to create unique, stunning pieces of jewelry that last long.

How are the freshwater pearls graded?

Freshwater pearls are graded by the AAA-A system, which includes three main grades. AAA is the highest, and A is the lowest. There are also intermediate grades like AA+ and A+ included in the grading system due to their versatility. Identify the freshwater pearls with AAA grade to pick the best-quality pearls.

While most retailers sell freshwater pearls online, Bead Traders is the reliable brand that offers the largest selection of supreme-quality freshwater pearls for jewelry making.

The incredible beauty, elegance, and affordability make freshwater pearls the most fascinating in the gemstone market. If you are looking to create a unique piece of freshwater pearl jewelry, get these precious freshwater pearls at Bead Traders at the best cost.  

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