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Why Hematite Beads Are Perfect On-the-Go Jewelry Pieces - The Bead Traders

Why Hematite Beads Are Perfect On-the-Go Jewelry Pieces

Hematite became extremely popular in jewelry design during the Victorian era, particularly in Europe. It's still a very popular bead used in jewelry and fashion designs today. Hematite is the oldest iron oxide mineral known to man. It is much harder than iron, but also more brittle.

The beautiful gemstone has a luster that can range from metallic to sub-metallic with the variable color, depending on the specific type. The most common type has a black to silver-gray color. You can also find red, reddish brown or brown Hematite. If you look carefully, all the variations of natural Hematite will have a rust-red streak. The stone is a deep red if it is powdered or thinly sliced.

Man-Made or Synthetic

Scientists have found a way to reproduce the material signature of the stone to create man-made Hematite beads. The synthetic stones have the identical chemical makeup of the natural ones and, therefore, are still classified as iron ore. You can tell the difference by looking closely at the color. There's always a reddish tint to natural Hematite which is absent from synthetic Hematite. Synthetic Hematite has a striking gunmetal glow with no red tint.

Using Hematite Energy on Your Travels

The Hematite stone is trusted for its many properties, which is why it has been used for centuries to assist with alternative healing and protection. This makes it perfect for on-the-go jewelry pieces.


The stone's grounding qualities are probably its most widely trusted features. Hematite will relieve anxiety, bring balance, and restore a sense of calm and positivity. This is critical when you want to combat travel anxiety. Wearing Hematite jewelry will ensure you carry these calming properties with you throughout your trip. Hematite also absorbs negative energy generated when we are stressed and uses this to create positive vibrations. This is good for us, personally, but it's also good when we face confrontation on our travels.

The negative energy absorbed around us is released into the immediate environment as positive energy. Not only will Hematite jewelry help keep you calm during interactions, but it will send out a positive vibe that's sure to be returned to you. Who wouldn't want to benefit from this cooperative vibe? Just think of the benefits when you're traveling on business. Hematite is like armor in any confrontation.

Clearing the Senses

If you're looking for a gemstone to calm the senses and clear your thinking, then Hematite will do the trick. It helps to improve concentration, focus, mental organization, and clarity in thinking. These are all critical on any business trip. Your Hematite jewelry will look exquisite with any business attire. These properties are not only critical on business trips. They are also useful for all the negotiations that happen on any holiday, like negotiating the best prices in exotic foreign trading markets.

Keeping Cool

Traveling is physically taxing on your body, especially when you do a lot of sightseeing by foot or bicycle. Hematite helps improve oxygen circulation in the bloodstream, which cools down your body. This is also useful during pesky episodes of pain and fever that might otherwise spoil your trip.

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New Experiences

Traveling should be about breaking away from what you do every day and trying new experiences. Hematite helps you with this. It opens up your mind to thinking more creatively and releases the limitations that you've placed on yourself. It also helps you to maintain healthy boundaries of self-control so you will be more adventurous without being reckless. Carry Hematite when you need help feeling daring. You'll find that you won't be standing in your own way anymore.


This versatile gemstone will protect you against electromagnetic smog and geopathic stress. It is claimed to have strong detoxifying properties, especially for the blood and liver. Place Hematite around your temporary holiday home to ward off any negative energies.

An Elixir for Grounding

A Hematite elixir is a good start to any trip. Drop a natural (not man-made) Hematite stone into a pitcher of clean water. Refrigerate this overnight and drink half a glass before you leave on your trip. This will help alleviate travel stress. Make another pitcher when you reach your destination. This time, it will help relieve jet lag and calm you during your trip.

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The Best Way to Use Hematite When You Travel

Hematite produces the strongest results when it's placed in direct contact with your skin. This makes Hematite jewelry the most practical solution for keeping the powerful gemstone close to you when traveling. Wearing a Hematite bracelet and necklace will place the stone directly over your key pulse points. This maximizes the release of protective and healing properties.

The fact that it’s a beautiful stone means it will be aesthetically pleasing to the eye while being equally pleasing to the mind, body, and soul. From a practical point of view, Hematite beads are easy to come by at reasonable prices so you can easily create jewelry pieces like this gorgeous black Hematite and clear glass bead bracelet.

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