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6 Gemstone Beads That Are Great Vacation Accessories - The Bead Traders

6 Gemstone Beads That Are Great Vacation Accessories

Preparing for an upcoming vacation can be exhilarating and, at times, a bit overwhelming. One of the most important steps to prepare for your trip is getting packed. You want to feel confident you have clothes, shoes, and accessories that make you look and feel amazing so you can make the most of your getaway. Get ready for your upcoming trip with the following gemstones beads that make great vacation accessories.


Amazonite is a vibrant, blue-green gemstone perfect for a tropical vacation. The stone’s bright, turquoise hue makes it incredibly popular. The gemstone’s name and vibrant color evoke the exotic blues and greens of the Amazon jungle. Amazonite doesn’t actually come from the Amazon: The gemologists who discovered it mistook it for another stone that had been uncovered in the Amazon rainforest. Nevertheless, this rare and colorful stone is reminiscent of the stunning blue and green landscapes that comprise the untamed natural beauty of the Amazon wilderness.

Jewelry made from Amazonite beads brings a pop of color and a hint of adventure to your vacation wardrobe. Whether you’re exploring the natural beauty of the rainforest in Costa Rica or relaxing on a beach in Brazil, Amazonite jewelry adds a refreshing splash of color to your look.


There’s nothing quite like a beach vacation to escape the stress and routine of everyday life. The ocean waves crashing softly against the shore seem to soothe our very souls. Aquamarine jewelry complements any trip to the beach or a coastal seaside town.

Aquamarine gemstone beads look almost as if they emerged from the crystal-blue waters of the sea. The tranquil, blue stone gets its name from the Latin word for water, “aqua,” and the Latin term “marina,” which means “of the sea.”

Water element crystals like aquamarine are believed to promote feelings of relaxation and peace of mind. Some people use aquamarine gemstones and crystals to cleanse themselves of negative energy. When you wear aquamarine jewelry near the ocean, you might feel a sense of calm tranquility wash over you, just as the water washes over the shore.

The ancient Romans carried aquamarine as a talisman to keep them safe while traveling by sea. According to ancient legend, aquamarine was a mermaid treasure. Sailors held on to aquamarine gemstones to bring them luck and protection while out at sea. If you’re going on a cruise, you can join this ancient tradition by wearing jewelry made from aquamarine gemstone beads.

boho chic red coral necklace


Precious coral is a natural coral found deep below the ocean. Over time, enormous coral reefs develop in the rocky depths of the sea. Most of the world’s coral comes from the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy. The Mediterranean is the most popular vacation destination in the world. With its warm climate, breathtaking coastline, diverse cultures, and rich history, it’s easy to understand why tourists flock to the region.

According to Greek mythology, Poseidon, the god of the sea, lived in an underwater castle made of coral. Coral jewelry has been highly sought-after for centuries. Its bold, reddish-pink color truly stands out. Coral beads are a natural choice for a Mediterranean cruise or a trip to the gorgeous Greek Islands.

blue larimar bead bracelet


Jewelry made from Larimar beads is the ideal choice for a tropical, island getaway. Larimar is sometimes referred to as the Atlantis stone because its mystical, blue color is reminiscent of the ocean. The rare, blue gemstone is found only in the Caribbean, specifically, the Dominican Republic. Known as the gemstone of the Caribbean, Larimar evokes the stunning, blue vistas where the ocean meets the sky. The stone’s soothing, aqua hue reminds one of the sun-kissed waters of the Caribbean Sea.


Turquoise jewelry is a fitting choice for a trip to the American Southwest. Turquoise is mined in New Mexico, which is known as the “land of enchantment” due to its captivating natural beauty, fascinating history, and unique culture. Turquoise is also mined in Arizona and Nevada, known for their spellbinding desert landscapes. More than 2,000 years ago, Native Americans in what is now New Mexico began crafting turquoise jewelry and beads. In the late 1800s, Native American artists started creating sterling silver and turquoise jewelry—a style that remains popular to this day.


Azurite gets its name from its deep, azure blue color. This vibrant, eye-catching gemstone reminds one of a bright blue sky on a cloudless day or the clear, deep blue waters of the sea. Throughout history, people have used Azurite to relieve stress, ease anxiety, and alleviate distressing thoughts. Going on vacation and getting away from it all, so to speak, can be a great way to de-stress. Wearing jewelry made from Azurite beads might even enhance the soothing effects of your getaway.


Unique jewelry crafted from natural gemstone beads is the perfect accent to enhance any outfit. Creating one-of-a-kind necklaces and bracelets from eye-catching natural gemstones is a fun and exciting way to prepare for an upcoming vacation.

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