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How to Use Lava Stone Beads to Make Diffuser Jewelry - The Bead Traders

How to Use Lava Stone Beads to Make Diffuser Jewelry

Lava stone beads are an extremely popular trend in jewelry right now due to their unique appearance and properties. The tone itself is typically rough, dark and chunky, yet extremely lightweight due to its porousness. These qualities make them the perfect stone for use in essential oil diffuser jewelry.

Where does lava stone come from?

Lava stone beads are shaped pieces of volcanic lava stone. Magma, a superheated mixture of gases and minerals, boils until it eventually erupts, spreading as lava across the surface of the earth. Lava cools relatively quickly once it hits the earth’s surface, forming into the volcanic, or igneous, rock known as basalt.

Because the lava cools so quickly, gas bubbles remain trapped in the rock, leaving holes and pockets throughout. This porosity is what makes lava stones very light in relation to their size and convenient for use in diffusing essential oils.

Metaphysical properties of lava

Associated with the root chakra and the Taurus and Cancer zodiac signs, lava stone is believed to be grounding. It is said to enhance an individual’s connection with the earth, and to promote strength and courage. In the past, lava stone was often carried by soldiers to help them stay calm in the heat of battle.

Lava is renowned for its calming properties, and it is typically used in massage therapy for relieving stress and anxiety. Because it is formed from a molten rock that cools into new rock, lava is a symbol of rebirth, and carrying lava stone helps release draining, negative emotions.

Combining the natural metaphysical properties of lava stone beads with essential oils in diffuser jewelry can give your essential oil therapy a serious boost. 

What are the benefits of diffusing different essential oils?

There are two common methods for using essential oils. The first of these is a topical application or applying the oil directly to the skin, usually with a diluting base oil such as almond or coconut oil. The second method of use is by diffusion, which is accomplished through a heated water or wax source, or by tapping a few drops of oil onto linens.

lava stone bead necklace

Portable diffusion is becoming an increasingly popular means of taking the calming, uplifting effect of your essential oil therapy to-go, and essential oil diffuser jewelry is a fantastic way to reap the benefits of essential oils discreetly.

Lava stone beads are an ideal stone to use for diffuser jewelry due to their abundance of pores, which essential oils can easily seep into. One oil application to a lava stone can even last for several days.

To enhance the lava’s calming and grounding effects, try pairing it with an oil that has similar qualities. Lavender oil is popular for both its scent and its ability to reduce anxiety and promote sleep. Another excellent option for increasing energy levels is lemon oil. Ylang ylang is an anxiety-busting oil that helps to regulate blood pressure.

You may also want to try oils that do not offer the same effect as lava, but a complementary one. Eucalyptus oil, for example, helps relax blood vessels, which aids in circulation and amplifies the calming effects of the lava stone. Rosemary oil improves focus while the lava works to relax you.   

Many essential oil companies offer proprietary blends for addressing specific needs, such as reducing stress and anxiety or increasing focus. The variety of oils available also makes it easy to mix-and-match your very own special blend for your own purposes.

Ways to incorporate lava stone into your jewelry

There are various ways to integrate lava stone beads into your jewelry. It is recommended the jewelry is designed so the lava beads are worn in contact with the skin. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings all work well for this purpose.

A lava stone diffuser necklace can be designed to suit your style. Placing a single stone in an ornate setting denotes elegance or string several unique beads together for a bolder look, like the gorgeous black lava necklace with a gold butterfly pictured above. For a simpler style, a single round lava stone on a length of leather cord or an elegant chain makes a striking statement piece.

lava stone bead bracelet on rocks

For those who prefer bracelets to necklaces, consider making a lava stone diffuser bracelet. A set of small, rounded lava stones strung along the wrist is classic yet simple, while larger stones lend a trendier appearance. Lava bead bracelets make a lovely gift when paired with a favorite essential oil. 

Lava stone beads are also an excellent choice for making big, bold drop earrings or try placing smaller lava stone beads on a ring for a funky and functional way to diffuse your essential oils.

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