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Beautiful Green Beads to Add to Your Wardrobe during Mental Illness Awareness Week - The Bead Traders

Beautiful Green Beads to Add to Your Wardrobe during Mental Illness Awareness Week

In America, research has shown that one in five people have a mental illness. Depression and anxiety, in particular, have become increasingly widespread. Despite the common occurrence of these illnesses, many people still misunderstand them. Harmful misconceptions exist that can cause real problems for those dealing with mental illness. Wearing green beads to support mental illness awareness is a novel way to show you care.

When Is Mental Illness Awareness Week?

Mental health awareness week occurs the second week of October, from the seventh to the 13th in 2018. It’s part of a wider observance of mental health awareness that encompasses the entire month. Mental illness awareness week aims to shine a light in the darkness of mental illness and encourage people to reach out, educate themselves and seek treatment if necessary.

It’s also about trying to dispel outdated and inaccurate notions about mental illnesses, like the idea that people can just “snap out of it” or that it’s a character flaw, both of which have been proven false.

beads made from nephrite stones

Green: The Color of Mental Health Awareness

Ribbon campaigns have existed for decades now to draw attention to various causes. Green is the color of the ribbon representing those who are living with ongoing mental illnesses. Green was chosen because this color was historically used to tag people as insane. By using it for support, it has turned a negative into a positive.

Making and wearing jewelry featuring green beads is one creative way to show your support for those coping with mental illnesses. By spreading awareness, you can help open the conversation about mental health, share your personal stories and educate others. Many people with mental illnesses like depression can feel alone at times, but by showing your support, you let them know there are others who understand and care.

“CureStigma” Campaign

Despite the many recent strides that have increased mental health awareness, there is still an unfortunate stigma that surrounds the topic. People who are diagnosed may face ridicule and misunderstanding, even from those close to them. This may stop people who are struggling with their mental health from seeking treatment out of fear of judgment. Since early treatment for mental health issues can significantly improve outcomes, this is a serious barrier for those struggling.

The CureStigma campaign aims to eliminate this ongoing, damaging stigma through awareness, education and encouragement. Stigma can be cured much more easily than mental illnesses. Wearing green beads can help you spread information and awareness about this valuable movement.

Beading as Therapy

Beading is considered a form of art therapy that can help people struggling with mental health issues to lower their stress, focus on something outside of their head and even create a stream of income.  

Green Stones to Show Your Support

By wearing jewelry featuring green beads during October, you can bring more support to the important cause of mental health awareness. Green is a fashionable color that’s unique enough to be eye-catching and spark a conversation. The following types of green beads are some you might consider adding to your jewelry-making projects.

isolated peridot mineral

  • PeridotPeridot is a semiprecious gemstone that is a variation of olivine. It’s a rare type of gemstone in that it only occurs in one color: olive green. However, there are variations of the shade. While olivine is plentiful, a peridot gemstone is a truly rare find. Some peridots boast such a deep green hue they are mistaken for emeralds. Currently, most peridot is mined from parts of Arizona.
  • Green OnyxWhen most people think of onyx, they picture a black stone. However, Onyx also comes in other colors, including green. Green onyx is generally a smooth stone with a translucent to opaque finish. Sometimes it’s banded. Shades range from aqua-green to yellow for this semiprecious gemstone. Onyx is found in Brazil, India and parts of the United States.
  • SerpentineSometimes known as “false jade,” serpentine stone received its name from the Latin serpentinus, meaning “serpent rock.” Serpentine beads come in a large variation of appearances, with some that include patterns, veins or speckles on the surface. Most are a milky green color and have a smooth surface. Pendants for jewelry making can be purchased, as well. Serpentine stone is found all over the world and used for many different purposes, as it is soft enough to carve easily.

Final Thoughts

Wearing green beads isn’t just limited to the second week of October. You can wear the pieces you create throughout the entire month to support mental health awareness. You can make a focal pendant or an intricate bracelet that you can wear throughout the fall. Showing support for those coping with mental illnesses is important to let them know they are not alone and that someone truly cares. By spreading this important message, you can help improve and even save the lives of others.

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