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Charoite: The Siberian Stone

Charoite is a lovely lavender gemstone mined exclusively in the mountains of Siberia —a remote region known for its harsh climate, brutal winters and historical legacy as the site of Soviet prisons and forced-labor camps. However, despite its reputation as a barren tundra, the formidable landscape is rich in natural resources.

The charoite gemstone reminds us that we can find exquisite beauty where we least expect it.

What is Charoite?

A charoite gemstone is a rock comprised mostly of the mineral charoite, which gives it its distinct purple color.


Charoite's vibrant purple hue is one of its most striking features. It tends to be lilac or violet in color with subtle swirls of white, black and brown. Its pearly, glass-like sheen gives it a shimmering, ethereal glow.

  • Cat's Eye Effect

Some charoite gemstones are chatoyant, meaning they possess a cat's eye effect. The fibrous stone simultaneously reflects light from multiple directions. When you move the stone or view it from a different angle, the light appears to move across the stone's surface. This fascinating optical effect gives charoite a mystical, almost otherworldly appearance.

  • Natural Beauty

When they see charoite for the first time, some people assume it must be synthetic or artificially enhanced. They can't imagine its bright purple color and swirling, multifaceted appearance as naturally occurring. Though it may seem too good to be true, charoite gemstones are found in nature and are not man-made. The charoite gemstone is a natural beauty.

tumbled charoite


Charoite is only found in one region. It is mined exclusively from the Sakha Republic in Siberia, Russia. The elusive stone is prized for its rarity and beauty.

Charoite was named after the Chara River that runs along the mountain where it was discovered. The Kodar Mountains are a vast Siberian range surrounding the Chara Sands. The Chara River flows through stunning sand dunes in the mountain basin.


Charoite wasn't discovered until the 1940s, and it wasn't available on the global market until 1978. Although the gemstone is a relatively recent discovery, metaphysicians believe it possesses a deeply spiritual, symbolic meaning.

  • The Heart Chakra

Charoite is associated with the heart chakra. According to ancient Hindu and Buddhist spiritual beliefs, the heart chakra promotes calmness, openness, cooperation, peace, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, acceptance, balance and serenity.

According to spiritual teachings, the heart chakra can become blocked when we accumulate negative energy from anxiety, fear, stress, conflict, loss or trauma. When the heart chakra is blocked, we might experience physical symptoms such as high blood pressure, difficulty breathing and heart and lung problems. Emotional symptoms may include social anxiety, agoraphobia, isolation, reclusiveness, being overly critical of oneself and others, and a lack of empathy.

Charoite is believed to open the heart chakra, restore inner balance and provide positive energy.


For thousands of years, some people have believed that gemstones and crystals are imbued with powerful, natural energy. Since antiquity, mystics and healers from diverse cultures have used gemstones and gemstone beads for spiritual and practical purposes.

Gemstones are also valued for their aesthetic appeal. Gemstone jewelry is highly sought-after for its unparalleled style and timeless sophistication. Charoite jewelry is rare, unique and eye-catching.

  • Alternative Medicine

Crystal healing is not a substitute for professional medical care. It is not approved to prevent or treat illness. However, some people consider it beneficial to supplement traditional medical treatment with alternative therapies derived from ancient practices and beliefs.

Acupuncture, homeopathic and naturopathic medicine, herbal medicine, Reiki and energy therapy are sometimes used in tandem with mainstream medicine.

Proponents of energy therapy surmise that negative energy causes a host of physical and psychological problems. They trust that, by restoring the body's natural balance of positive energy, we can improve our overall health and wellbeing.

Energy healers use charoite to protect against negative energy, improve self-esteem, foster spiritual understanding and personal growth, enhance innate psychic abilities, move on from past traumas, stimulate lucid dreaming and soothe anxiety, nightmares, insomnia, high blood pressure, headaches, immune and nervous system disorders and other physical and emotional ailments that may be linked to stress and fear.

  • Jewelry

Even those who doubt the supposed metaphysical benefits of charoite are drawn to the alluring gemstone due to its unmistakable, awe-inspiring beauty. Natural charoite gemstones are so magnificent that some people are surprised to learn they're real and found in nature rather than engineered in a lab. Charoite jewelry makes a breathtaking gift and a stunning addition to your wardrobe.

bracelet made of charoite beads

Final Thoughts

Since its unexpected discovery in the harsh Siberian mountains, charoite has inspired wonder and amazement. Its rarity, distinct brilliance and supposed metaphysical powers have captivated collectors around the globe.

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