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A Brief History of Gemstone Beads - The Bead Traders

A Brief History of Gemstone Beads

Gold, diamond, or silver may have the best fan base for jewelry today, but let us not forget, gemstone beads have their significance and value.

Gemstone beads have been in jewelry making since the primitive civilizations, and they are the fashion favorites even today. Whatever style of attire you choose, gemstone beads complete the look with a dramatic flair, an eye-catching texture, and a dash of color.

A lot of people today use gemstone beads for jewelry making and compliment outfits based on their natural skin tone. They are perfect for adding natural beauty to any of your jewelry designs or attire.

Read on to know how and when gemstone beads for jewelry making began.

What is the history?

The history of Gemstone beads can be dated back to 35000 or 40000 years ago. Beads were believed to be the first item that human civilization used as jewelry to decorate their bodies. Anatolian people who lived between Asia and Europe first used the beads in the eighteenth-century BC. They made a wide variety of jewelry designs incorporating precious gemstone beads.

Why do the beads matter?

To get adorned and feel special is why humans have started wearing beads as jewelry for a long time. And this was in the minds of both men and women, which gave rise to using gemstone beads as jewelry.

Gemstone beads were used to make adornments like necklaces and bracelets. The Anatolians used the beads in different parts of the body like hair, toes, navels, and even noses. The gemstone beads were used to magnify beauty with their diverse patterns and colors.

Above all, the gemstone beads are affordable and easy to make jewelry. Anyone can make stunning pieces of jewelry using gemstone beads.

Where are gemstone beads found?

Gemstone beads are made from crystalline materials, which are cut and polished to produce these elegant stones. These precious gemstone beads can be found all over the world.

In ancient times, beads were made by rubbing against a more rigid material known as bruting. Stone tools were used to make holes and peck the dots from the sides.

The oldest shell beads recorded were about 35000 to 40000 years ago, which proves wearing jewelry was in the genes of humans. The British archeologists reported perforated shell beads dated back to 135000 years ago.

Gemstone beads were greater in value because of their stunning beauty. Both men and women adorn these beads to enhance their beauty. As the demand for gemstone beads rose in the market, the bead makers honed their skills, developed better tools, and rapidly advanced the art of making jewelry with gemstone beads.

Gemstone beads in the modern era

Gemstone beads are more popular even today. You can find them at many online and offline craft stores. Here, at “The Bead Traders,” we offer a large selection of unique and beautiful gemstone beads for jewelry making. The gemstone beads wholesale are available in diverse colors, shapes, and sizes. We also offer a wide range of pearls to pair with gorgeous gemstone beads for jewelry making.

You can also buy gemstone beads wholesale at reasonable costs at Bead Traders.  

No matter if you are a beginner or an expert at jewelry making, gemstone beads are easy to make, adding sparkle to your jewelry piece in the wardrobe. Shop the best-quality gemstone beads wholesale at Bead Traders to adorn yourself and feel special.

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