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Everything About Baroque Pearls - The Ultimate Guide - The Bead Traders

Everything About Baroque Pearls - The Ultimate Guide

While pearls are always the favorite and treasured stones in women’s jewelry collections, Baroque pearls make them even more fascinating. They are an ideal choice for those who want to stand alone in the crowd. These pearls are trending with their priceless value and uniqueness in color, shape, and size.

What Exactly are Baroque Pearls?

Baroque pearls are unique pearls widely used in jewelry making for their distinct style and colors. Unlike traditional pearls depicting a perfect round shape, baroque pearls are non-spherical, uneven, and irregular in shape.

Baroque pearls are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are suitable for any high-fashion style. Baroque pearls are found in freshwater and saltwater, mostly in Tahiti, China, the South Sea, and Japan.

Types of Baroque Pearls

Baroque pearls are categorized into different types based on their shapes. These unique, irregular shapes make them stand apart from traditional pearls and can be used in various jewelry making.

Baroque freshwater pearls are the most common type of baroque pearls. While only 10% of the traditional freshwater pearls are round in shape, most of them are baroque. Baroque freshwater pearls are more affordable and can be used in different jewelry-making designs.

There are also saltwater, cultured and natural pearls, which come in baroque shapes. Even some Akoya pearls, best known for their perfectly round shapes, have baroque shapes.

Baroque pearls are further identified in vast categories, and below are their main subtypes:

Coin Pearls: These types of baroque pearls are coin-shaped, round, and flat with smooth surfaces. They have luster, which helps in creating beautiful jewelry designs.

Baroque Pearls: While ‘Baroque’ is the common term used to describe uneven and irregular pearls, baroque pearls are also one of the subtypes. They are round, long, and asymmetrical spheres with dented and uneven surfaces. These pearls are widely used in Victorian and Art Nouveau pieces.

Keshi Pearls: These are the rarest baroque pearls, mainly composed of nacre and an extraordinary luster. They appear to be elongated, come in all shapes, but don’t have a center particle. Keshi pearls are the most popular baroque pearls on the jewelry market.

Potato Pearls: These beautiful pearls resemble the shape of potatoes, and so the name. They are lustrous and have a great body tone, ideal for making baroque pearl bracelets and necklaces.

Rice Pearls: Just like rice grains, these pearls are tiny and round. Rice pearls are less expensive and ideal for cluster jewelry designs or layered strands.

Stick Pearls: Stick or BIWA pearls are long and thin, more like sticks. They come with a beautiful luster with rigid body surfaces and are useful in making perfect statement earrings or pendants.

Teardrop Pearls: These are the most common pearls in the Baroque pearl category. With an elongated, spherical shape, they make an excellent choice for making earrings and drop pendants. Teardrop pearls provide the most elegant and stylish jewelry pieces, most common among celebrities.

Circle Pearls: These baroque pearl types are bumpy, ridgy, and elongated with circles. Though circle pearls are not necessarily baroque, they are categorized as irregular shapes.

Apart from the above baroque pearl subtypes, you can also find some other types on the market, such as twin pearls, cross pearls, egg pearls, heart pearls, and leaf pearls.

Why are Baroque Pearls Valuable?

Baroque pearls are valued for their unique style, characteristics, and features. Various factors such as luster, size, shape, color, and type determine the value of baroque pearls.

  • Luster
  • Luster is one of the important characteristics that determine the value of baroque pearls: how well they reflect light. Keshi pearls and coin pearls have the best glow and are hence considered more valuable among baroque categories.

  • Shape
  • While traditional pearls are assessed with their perfectly round shapes, baroque pearls are analyzed as per their distinct shape. Some of the baroque pearls which are more valuable for their shapes include Keshi pearls, cross pearls, and baroque pearls themselves.

  • Type
  • The baroque shape is the primary factor that determines the value of these pearls. A vast majority of these uneven pearls are baroque freshwater pearls, but their value is lesser than Akoya baroque pearls.

  • Color
  • The different colors of baroque pearls such as salmon, pink, white, and dark shades are considered more valuable for their rarity.  

  • Size
  • The shapes of various baroque pearl types determine their value. The larger the baroque pearl, the more valuable they are.

    Different types of baroque pearls are valued in different ways. The setting of a jewelry piece and materials also determine the value of these pearls.

    Why You Should Choose Baroque Pearls

    With such a wide range of varieties and jewelry options, choosing baroque pearls or baroque freshwater pearls provide great benefits.

    Their distinct shapes, colors, and sizes help create exclusive jewelry designs. Baroque pearls are suitable for any fashion style and make you stand apart from others. Besides, they are affordable and cost significantly less than traditional round-shaped pearls. They make a great piece to add to your beautiful selection of jewelry without spending more.

    Each baroque pearl type portrays a unique personality and becomes the medium of self-expression. If you’d like to have a bold choice of jewelry to look unique, baroque pearls are the best choice.

    They are elegant, classy, luxurious, and graceful to wear for any occasion. The pearls are also a great way to step into something new yet classy relevant to the modern-day’s lifestyle. These pearls are a visual treat to your eyes with a very light on the pocket.

    With these significant features and versatility, baroque pearls are becoming more popular these days.

    Where to Buy These Beautiful Baroque Pearls?

    Baroque pearls are a must-have in your jewelry box with these values. If you are all set to buy these wonderful pearls, the next step is to find the best place to buy baroque pearls wholesale for jewelry making.

    While the internet provides many online jewelry store options, one of the best online jewelry stores to buy baroque pearls wholesale is Bead Traders. We are a trusted and reliable store offering various baroque pearl options to create unique jewelry pieces at affordable prices.

    Get your hands on these stunning baroque pearls and make your style statement by buying unique, best-quality baroque pearls at the Bead Traders.

    So, what are you waiting for? Buy these beautiful baroque pearls wholesale for jewelry making and steal the spotlight like a pro!

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