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4 Healing Properties of Obsidian Beads

In the world of crystal healing, obsidian is held in high regard as one of the most powerful protective stones. A glass-like rock that forms as volcanic lava and quickly cools, obsidian has a soft, mysterious energy that draws you in and is believed to have a huge impact on your life. It has been used for various things since the dawn of time and remains a prized stone in the metaphysical community.

The healing properties of obsidian are numerous, and if you use obsidian beads in your jewelry designs, wearers could experience the benefits for themselves each time they wear your creation. Keep reading to discover a few of the healing properties of these unique beads. Once you’ve read this post, you will be armed with just about everything you need to know about obsidian beads!

Physical Healing Properties of Obsidian

Obsidian is thought to provide insight into the emotional causes of physical diseases. It eases tension in the muscles and lowers stress. It improves circulation, dissolves blockages and can even heal hardened arteries. It is also believed to speed up the healing of cuts, sprains and bruises and is said to provide pain relief. Among women, obsidian is believed to ease difficult menstrual cycles and soothe cramps.

This powerful stone is sometimes used to aid in detoxification and digestion. It is also said to help one overcome addictions, such as overeating, drinking excessively, smoking or using drugs.

Emotional Healing

While obsidian has numerous physical healing properties, it is especially powerful as a tool for emotional healing. It can help one overcome emotional injuries caused by physical and verbal abuse, sudden trauma and other events that can create negative or destructive thoughts and subconscious patterns. By enabling one to overcome such things, it can ease aggression, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions and many, many other emotional problems.

As a protective stone, it is said to shield the wearer against negativity and unwanted energy. In this way, it can protect one from things that could cause emotional distress.

obsidian bracelet in hand during meditation

Spiritual Healing

Wearing obsidian helps draw one inward toward the center of the Self. It also provides deep cleansing of the soul and helps anchor the spirit to the body. In doing so, it facilitates growth on all levels. It shields the aura and protects it against harmful intentions and serves as an excellent tool for removing past blockages and debris. It is said to bring clarity to the mind, eliminate confusion and limiting beliefs and encourage exploration into the unknown. When used in meditation, it is a powerful tool for expanding one’s consciousness and accessing previously untapped abilities.

Many cultures have used obsidian for making prophecies. Pieces of black obsidian with highly reflective surfaces can be used for scrying, and it is said that it is possible to see images of your spirit loved ones when gazing into the stone’s dark mirror-like surface.

Chakra Healing

Obsidian is closely associated with the root chakra. Also known as the base chakra, it is situated at the base of the spine and is responsible for controlling the energy associated with movement and feeling. It serves as the foundation for the body’s physical and spiritual energy. Black-colored stones–including obsidian–stimulate the root chakra and help bring it into balance. This restores the body’s strength and stamina and helps rekindle spiritual energy.

Wearing obsidian jewelry helps keep one grounded and connected with the earth. Doing so also helps one become more in-tune with the healing vibrations of the earth, which can stimulate healing processes on all levels. Because it works with the root chakra, it can also strengthen one’s inner personal power and enable them to confront their fears and anxieties.

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Working with Obsidian Beads

In its natural form, obsidian breaks easily and has extremely sharp edges. For this reason, the obsidian beads used in jewelry-making are generally rounded and polished. There are also faceted varieties with rounded edges that work well for creating pieces that catch the light.

Because it is black, obsidian pairs well with virtually any stone and metal. Try pairing it with sterling silver for a dramatic modern look or with brass if you are going for an antique finish. Feel free to experiment to discover the gemstone and metal combinations that you like best.

The Bead Traders offers a variety of high-quality obsidian beads for jewelry-making. Browse our selection today to find the ones that are perfectly suited to your next project.

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