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All About Obsidian Beads

While not as flashy as diamonds, rubies or sapphires, obsidian has a unique beauty that is all its own. It is often thought of and sold as a gemstone, but in reality, it is not a gemstone at all. Instead, it is a type of glass that forms naturally when certain kinds of lava cool rapidly. This most often happens when the lava comes in contact with water.

If you are looking for a unique stone to use in your next jewelry-making project, obsidian is a great option. Here’s all you need to know about obsidian beads.

What Is Obsidian?

Obsidian is a type of glass that forms when lava that is high in silica cools quickly. During the rapid cooling process, the silica halts crystallization and allows obsidian to form. Like other types of glass, it is brittle and can break into pieces with extremely sharp edges. In prehistoric times, it was used to make arrowheads and spears. Today, obsidian is used to make some types of surgical scalpels because it is sharper than steel and may reduce scarring and post-operative infections.

There are different types of obsidian, each of which forms as the result of variations in the compounds present in the lava and in the cooling process. Snowflake obsidian, for example, forms when the cooling process does not entirely inhibit crystallization. When silica reacts with certain minerals, rainbow obsidian can form. And when lava meets water and vaporizes it, tiny pockets can occur. This creates sheen obsidian, which sparkles like a sea of stars.

Meaning of Obsidian

Obsidian contains elements of fire, water and earth, and it carries a lot of energy. Since prehistoric times, it has been valued not only as a tool for cutting and hunting but also as a tool used by spiritualists, alchemists, lightworkers and shamans for healing purposes.

Known as the “stone of truth,” obsidian can help you answer some of your biggest questions about love and life. When combined with tourmaline, it becomes the “stone of honesty” and can help you uncover lies and break through illusions that are standing in your way. Obsidian is a wonderful stone for anyone who values integrity.

As a powerful grounding stone, obsidian is especially useful when you are experiencing success and having all of your dreams come true. It prevents you from being overwhelmed by your success and losing track of what is important. It helps bring things you have been neglecting to the forefront and forces you to deal with them head-on.

obsidian crystal

If luck is what you need, obsidian can help. It transforms bad luck into good luck and can help attract wealth. It removes negative energy from your thoughts and decision-making processes and can help you spend and invest more wisely.

Obsidian also does great things for your physical health. It is thought to aid in digestion and digestive problems, ease issues involving the gall bladder, promote good cardiovascular health and lowers high blood pressure. The stone gives off a powerful healing energy that is thought to also repair muscles and help with viral and bacterial infections.

Mentally and emotionally, this stone is thought to release tension and stress from your body and replaces it with relaxation and calmness. It may soothe feelings of anxiety and depression and helps you better understand the things that are bringing you down.

While not typically referred to as a stone of love (that’s more of a job for rose quartz), obsidian can help improve your relationships. Its healing energies can aid you in finding the love you want and dealing with problems in current relationships. It can also eliminate negative energies that are surrounding you, your partner or your relationship. It removes negativity that can damage the foundation of your relationship and can help you and your loved one live more happily and harmoniously.

Obsidian Beads for Jewelry-Making

Obsidian bracelet

Because the stone is brittle and has sharp edges when broken, most obsidian used in jewelry making is rounded and polished. Faceted obsidian beads with rounded edges are also popular for creating subtle yet captivating jewelry pieces.

At The Bead Traders, we stock a variety of obsidian beads that are well-suited to a wide range of projects. Whether you are making earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or even looking for unique stones to add to your next knitting project, we have the obsidian beads you need! From beautiful black obsidian to snowflake and rainbow varieties, we have it all! Browse our selection today and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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