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Vermeil Bezel K2 Granite & Azurite faceted Pear Pendant 1 piece

24x14mm Vermeil Bezel K2 Granite or K2 Jasper & Azurite faceted Pear Pendant sold as one focal bead. Due to the unique beauty of each stone, it is unlikely to be provided as a 'perfectly matching' pair. K2 Granite with Azurite material from the Skardu area of northern Pakistan is a white granite that contains sharply contrasting orbs of bright blue Azurite creating a beautiful gemstone. These pears have a highly polished surface showing a symmetrical larger than average sized shape for a granite gemstone of opaque transparency with internal Azurite features of opaque transparency. Mined from K2 the 2nd Highest Mountain in the world & located on the border of China & Pakistan in the Himalayas.
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