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Thulite side drilled Plain Cushion Beads 8 inch 14 pieces A 1mm large hole

Beads measure about 19x14mm. Norwegian Thulite side drilled Plain Cushions are a Variety of the gemstone Zoisite, the same family as Tanzanite. Due to the presence of manganese, Thulite possesses an intense pink to red color with white calcite features for its mottled appearance, resulting in the display of pink, white and red tones throughout this opaque gemstone. Besides being known as Norwegian Thulite, the stone is sometimes described as Rosaline. The basis of the name lies in the gem's rosy color. Thulite may also be known as Manganoan Zoisite derived from the manganese content. Larger than average inside diameter with a 1mm drill hole.
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