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13-21mm Amethyst Beads Hammer Faceted Disc 8 inch 23 pieces

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Pink Amethyst Hammered Discs measure approximately 13-21mm diameter in size, exhibit a dull and glass-like luster, shape created by chip faceting then tumbling to remove rough edges, the purple amethyst shows varied medium light to medium tones within the stone, there are visible internal characteristics in this unique gemstone strand, these Amethyst beads show as a moderately saturated grayish grape Purple hue with a semi-translucent body.Hammer Faceted beads are faceted using the Ancient Technique of hand chipping the gemstone to create its shape, the gemstones have a natural appearance with crisp edges which are tumbled to smooth out any roughness on the edges, the stones are Translucent to Opaque in quality, the body colors can be natural or color treated to any hue in the rainbow, the gemstones present with the natural internal characteristics of the gemstones, the Hammer Faceted Tumbled gemstone group will have an edge with a melted appearance due to the secondary shaping after chip faceting, and this Hammer Faceted group show excellent weight, great presence for shape, have a great feel, and add unlimited color options.

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