11x9-19x16mm Silver Leafed Grossular Garnet Plain Nugget Focal Beads 8 inch 7 pieces

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Grossular Garnet plain nugget bead is Silver leafed at the tip exhibiting a strong yellowish green hue.   These Grossular Garnet beads are semi-transparent with internal characteristics and a smooth polish.  The Silver leafing is hand applied to these moderately saturated natural green hued Garnets with vitreous luster.

Silver Leafed beads have been hand crafted with silver leafing as has been done for centuries in art and jewelry design.   The silver application technique provides a polished metallic gleam to any jewelry art, finding, or bead.   Our Silver leafed beads have been specifically chosen for their beauty, quality, and rarity.  Warm soapy water is always a safe cleaning method. Cleaning by ultrasonic and steam cleaners is unsafe.

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