Turkish Chalcedony Beads (1)

Glowing with the same blue of the Mediterranean Sea, Turkish Chalcedony Beads have a beauty and mystery about them that has been treasured for centuries. The name ‘chalcedony’ comes from the ancient Greek port city of Chalcedon, which is now Kadikoy, Turkey. This area still produces exquisite blue chalcedony nodules.

Turkish Blue Chalcedony Beads Faceted 16x12-23x24mm Trillion, 9" length, 11 pcs

Turkish Blue Chalcedony Beads Faceted 16x12-23x24mm Trillion, 9" length, 11 pcs


Approx. Length 9" Strand | Approx. Bead Size 12x16x6-23x24x8 mm | 11 pieces

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Versatile Stone

Chalcedony is composed of tiny crystals of silica and is formed under conditions of high heat, such as those found in a volcano. This crystal structure is called cryptocrystalline and it is what allows Turkish chalcedony beads to be cut and shaped into so many different forms. The waxy luster of chalcedony is set off  by cutting it into large cabochons, and blue chalcedony is often used for engraved pieces. Chalcedony forms as a rounded nodule that can sometimes contain drusy, a hole inside the stone surrounded by jagged crystals.

Turkish Mines

The Anatolian region of Turkey has been a center of mining activity for more than 9,000 years. The natural resources of the area have been extracted by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans and down through the centuries to modern day Turks. Turkish mines have produced copper, gold, silver, tin and mercury, in addition to many types of minerals, including chalcedony. Turkish chalcedony beads have an ancient history and are some of the finest in the world.

Speaker’s Stone

Blue chalcedony has been used as ornamentation in buildings, on jewelry and for signet rings and seals for thousands of years because of how easily it can be shaped and carved. Chalcedony carvings were used in the palace of Knossos during the Minoan Age on Crete. Cicero, the Roman orator, wore a blue chalcedony on a necklace because this stone was believed to help public speakers. Chalcedony is known as the ‘speaker’s stone’  and is helpful to anyone who makes a living relying on the spoken word, such as lawyers, politicians and actors. Some scholars believe that the high priest’s breastplate described in the Biblical story of Moses and Aaron was decorated with blue chalcedony.

Uses for Healing

Blue Turkish chalcedony beads are believed to induce calm and bring tranquility to hostile situations. The stone promotes good will by absorbing negative energy. It is also thought to give protection from nightmares, improve memory and help with learning new languages.

Physically, some alternative practitioners advise wearing the stone to decrease blood pressure and help reduce inflammations.

Purchasing Turkish Chalcedony Beads

the Bead Traders is proud to bring you beautiful blue chalcedony beads for your crafts and jewelry making projects. All of our beads are hand-chosen and inspected, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase. Our customer service department is happy to help you whenever you need it and answer any questions you may have. We won’t sell you any beads that we wouldn’t want to own ourselves, so when you are planning your next project, turn to the Bead Traders for top quality and great value.

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