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“Swimming Pool Blue!” Neon Blue Apatite - The Bead Traders

“Swimming Pool Blue!” Neon Blue Apatite

Creating and wearing jewelry with natural stone is satisfying, empowering, and fun. One of our favorites for its color and texture is Blue Apatite. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes from 2.5 mm rounds to 10mm crystal nuggets to multi-tonal nugget beads. Unleash your creativity with the variety of shapes, sizes, and polishes that apatite offers. Its swimming pool blue color is especially lovely in summer. Pair it with white, pale yellow, or light blue, and it gives any outfit a special charm.

Matte Neon Blue Apatite Natural Crystal Nuggets

Matte Neon Blue Apatite Plain Ovals

The Naming of Apatite

Although there are a few ancient archeological examples, this gorgeous blue mineral became known in 1786 when it was studied and named by German geologist Gottlob Werner. The name ‘apatite’ comes from the Greek word ‘apatē,’ which means ‘to deceive.’ Because of the mineral’s diverse forms and colors, apatite often gets mistaken for other types of crystals, especially peridot.

Where to Find Apatite

Apatite exists in every part of the world. Some of the best gem-worthy specimens of neon blue apatite have been found in Madagascar and Brazil. 



A faceted blue apatite - Brazil

Apatite is discovered where ancient lakes and seas existed. It is a unique mineral formed by heat and pressure on organic debris such as teeth, bones, and scales.



Working with Apatite

Apatite only measures a 5 on the Mohs hardness scale, and can be easily scratched, so it isn’t suitable for every type of jewelry. Neon blue apatite is likely to have been heat-treated. Due to its relative softness, this stone is probably better suited for earrings, necklaces, and pendants.

Spiritual Benefits of Apatite

Apatite is called the Stone of Manifestation. People believe it helps build personal power, achieve goals, and see things in your life more clearly.  As you gain clarity, you will feel more optimistic and overcome negativity. So, apatite is said to work in two ways - clearing our minds of confusion while giving us the confidence to reach our goals. If you feel like obstacles are holding you back, apatite could be an aid in clearing those hurdles. 

Another exciting factor is that apatite crystals are the same mineral phosphates found in teeth, horns, and antlers - providing a kinship with animal conservation. As the stone of manifestation, blue apatite helps us align with our highest intention and attract the life we have always wanted.

Throat and Third Eye Chakra

By opening the Throat Chakra, blue apatite enhances communication skills. It is believed to be an ideal crystal for those in public speaking or vocal performance. It is also helpful for business consultants and managers to allow their words to flow persuasively. Its energy can help us attract opportunities that will manifest in our ultimate goals.

Blue apatite can also open and align the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing our ability to perceive truth and communicate more effectively.

Did you Know?

  • Moon rocks contain apatite.
  • Apatite has helped preserve dinosaur bones.
  • Salt crystals come from apatite.
  • The production of plasma television screens requires the use of apatite.
  • A 500-carat purple apatite called 'the Roebling' was discovered in the Pulsifer quarry on Mt. Apatite in Maine.

Caring for Your Apatite

Due to its softness, you’ll need to take extra care when working with, wearing, and storing apatite. It should be cleaned in warm soapy water and stored separately from other stones. Storage is best in a fabric-lined box or a soft cloth. It is good to remove apatite jewelry when doing physical activities such as sports, cleaning, and gardening. 

We look forward to helping you choose the apatite beads that will work for you and your clients!

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