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Rainbow Moonstone Beads

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21x11mm Black Gold Bezel Rainbow Moonstone faceted point 1 focal bead - The Bead Traders
6.5-7.5mm Rainbow Moonstone rondelle Linked Silver Chain by the foot 24 beads - The Bead Traders
Dalmation Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Natural Crystals 7 inch 50 beads 9x7-20x17mm - The Bead Traders
Dalmation Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Natural Crystal Beads- Lot of 3 strands - The Bead Traders
8x6mm Frosted Rainbow Moonstone plain oval beads 7 inch 22 pieces - The Bead Traders
5x5mm Rainbow Moonstone Heart MicroBriolette Beads 6 inch 52 pieces - The Bead Traders
7mm Rainbow Moonstone Faceted Straight Drilled Teardrop Beads, 14 inch - The Bead Traders
115 results

Rainbow Moonstone Beads are beautiful, opaque, watery looking stones that glow with a shimmering blue light. They have been treasured as sacred for centuries and are prized by lovers and crystal healers alike. They are generally found in Australia, Mexico,the Austrian Alps, Burma, Madagascar, Norway, India, Sri Lanka, Poland and the US.

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Trapped Moonlight

Moonstones glow as if they contain trapped moonlight, and that is often given as the explanation for how they got their name. Rainbow moonstone beads have been used in jewelry and decorations since ancient times. The Greeks and Romans used moonstone extensively and connected it with their moon goddess, Artemis or Diana. It was considered a stone for lovers and protected those who traveled by night.

In India, rainbow moonstone jewelry was associated with dreams and romance, and moonstones were popular wedding gifts. In Arabic culture, women sew moonstones into their clothing as a fertility charm. The moon affects the cycle of the tides on Earth, so moonstones are thought to help regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle. Moonstones were

also popular inclusions in the highly detailed filigree jewelry popular in the Victorian and Edwardian eras in England

Layers of Feldspar

Of course, it isn’t really trapped moonlight that gives rainbow moonstone beads their special blue glow. Moonstone is composed of two different forms of feldspar, orthoclase and albite, mixed together when the stone is formed. As it cools, the different types separate from each other and form layers, and the characteristic blue glow is caused by light bouncing off of the different layers in all directions. This effect is called adularescence. The characteristic glow and the high water content of moonstones makes them especially good for cutting and polishing into cabochons and large pendants.

Moonstones in Healing

Moonstone is used by crystal healers to regulate body rhythms. Rainbow moonstone beads are worn to increase fertility, bring about regular menstrual cycles and promote a healthy pregnancy and easy birth. It is also thought to aid with hormonal changes that occur during puberty and menopause. It is often used to encourage growth in children and to slow degenerative diseases associated with aging. It can be used to treat insomnia and promote positive dreams. It is also believed to be effective in helping the body absorb nutrients and get rid of toxins.

For spiritual healing, rainbow moonstone beads diffuse energy throughout a person’s aura. It is considered a sacred goddess stone and is called upon for psychic protection, to clear the mind and senses, and to help in developing lucid dreaming. The white glow of rainbow moonstone jewelry deflects negativity and calms emotional trauma.

Beautiful Beads

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