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Pyrite Beads

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Moss Quartz with Pyrite Inclusions faceted pear briolettes 8 inch 55 beads 16x10-30x18mm - The Bead Traders
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Also known as fool’s gold or fire stone, Pyrite Beads add sparkle and fire to any necklace or bracelet. Pyrite is fairly common and is found all over the world. It has been used to start fires, dye wool and power radios. Although this mineral resembles gold, it has a beauty all its own.

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Iron Pyrite

Pyrite is an iron sulfide mineral with a characteristic metallic sheen that often forms cube-shaped crystals. Its glossy brass color looks similar to gold. Pyrite is often found in coal veins, and it has a tendency to replace other minerals in fossils, creating what are called “pyrite dollars.”

Bringers of Fire

The name pyrite refers to the purpose for which the Greeks and Romans used the mineral: as a fire-starter. When pyrite is struck against steel, it gives off sparks which can be used to ignite tinder and build a fire. It was used during the 16th and 17th centuries as part of the igniting mechanism in firearms -- so pyrite jewelry has survival value, in addition to beauty!

Just Fooling

During the California Gold Rush in the mid 1800s, pyrite became known as “fool’s gold,” because inexperienced miners often mistook it for gold. This wasn’t as foolish as it sounds because pyrite is often found in the same area as gold. Pyrite beads were very popular during the Victorian era when they were called marcasite and set into ornate silver jewelry.

Modern Uses

In addition to pyrite jewelry, this mineral has many other uses. It has been a component in the production of copperas, or iron sulfate, which was used as a mordant for dyeing wool for centuries. Today pyrite is used in lithium batteries and crystal radio kits, and the mineral may have uses in solar technology. It would be an inexpensive and abundant component in solar panels.

Protection and Shielding

Crystal healers value pyrite beads for their protective abilities. This crystal is considered one of the most powerful protection stones available to shield against all forms of negative energy, whether physical, psychic or emotional. Wearing pyrite beads helps to overcome lethargy, fatigue and feelings of inadequacy. It instills confidence in the wearer and also helps to improve mental recall of information, making it a popular gemstone for students.

The Incas used pyrite for divination, and it has a reputation for allowing the wearer to see what lies beneath the surface of a situation. It also has a connection with luck, and because of its similar appearance to gold, pyrite has long been used to attract wealth and prosperity.

Don’t be Fooled

the Bead Traders will never substitute inferior quality beads for the beads you order. If we need to make substitutions in your order, it will always be with beads of a higher quality, never lower. Trust the Bead Traders to supply you with the best pyrite beads and jewelry making materials.

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