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Howlite Beads

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2mm Howlite Microfaceted Rounds 12 inch 155 beads - The Bead Traders
Howlite Plain Cube Beads 16 inch 51 pieces - The Bead Traders
7mm Black Gold Bezeled Howlite Coin Pendants Set of 4 pieces - The Bead Traders
Howlite Half Moon Beads 8 inch 13 pieces - The Bead Traders
2mm Blue and Green Howlite Silver plated Dangling Chain by the foot - The Bead Traders
2mm Blue and Green Howlite Gold plated Dangling Chain by the foot - The Bead Traders
2mm Purple Howlite Gold plated Dangling Chain by the foot - The Bead Traders
8x7mm Howlite Star Cut Faceted Round Black Gold Chain by the Foot 20 pieces - The Bead Traders
3mm White Howlite faceted rondelle Black Gold plated Chain by the foot 40 pcs - The Bead Traders
45 results

There are many facets to a stone’s value, and not all have to do with cost. Less costly stones can provide real value for crafters because of their appeal, usefulness, and flexibility in jewelry designs. You’ll find all of these and more in our howlite gemstone beads, including our dyed turquoise-hued Howlite Beads.

Howlite has only been found in a few places. It was first discovered in Nova Scotia, which is one of a handful of locations where it’s been detected in eastern Canada. The next group of deposits was at the far side of the continent, with several sites in southern California and one in Nevada. The only other mine containing howlite is in Turkey.

Typically howlite is found in nodule form, and crystal howlite is an alternative and less common variation.

Getting affordable beads online is easy with the Bead Traders, since we buy beads in volume, meaning you save money on purchasing beads and beading supplies every time you shop with us.

A Diamond in the Rough: Howlite’s Discovery

History is full of errors and unappreciated discoveries, which are only later revealed to be value. Howlite beads have a history of mistaken identity. About 150 years ago, a Canadian scientist was contacted by miners who didn’t think much of an unusual mineral. They were extracting gypsum and found themselves working around a strange substance that defied contemporary description.

The miners got in contact with Henry How, a mineralogist. He determined that the stone was something entirely new and previously undiscovered, and he gave it a proper scientific name of “silico-boro-calcite.” It was subsequently renamed “howlite” in his honor.

An Excellent Substitute for Turquoise

Many ascribe magical and spiritual powers to gemstones, and howlite beads are capable of remarkable transformative capabilities. Howlite’s porous nature readily accepts a rainbow of colors. From its pale beginnings, the stone can be dyed into substitutes for sought-after turquoise Howlite beads. Your customers and friends will enjoy the beauty of turquoise and the satisfaction of significant savings.

Crafters Have Many Options

We proudly offer a wide range of howlite beads to give you many crafting options. This highly adaptable stone is available in slabs and chips. Also available is a wealth of bead types including heshi, round, bullet shaped, and rice beads. Our howlite is characterized by fine black lines that run through the stone in thin, distinctive patterns included in our turquoise howlite beads.

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