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Glass Beads

Glass Beads (1)

At the Bead Traders, we proudly offer high quality gemstone beads at crafter friendly prices. We’re sure you’ll find a beautiful home for our affordable beads, beading supplies, and versatile Glass Beads.

  • 2mm Sky Blue Glass microfaceted round beads 12.5 inch 173 beads -
    Original price $20.00 - Original price $20.00
    Original price
    $20.00 - $20.00
    Current price $20.00

    2mm Sky Blue Glass microfaceted round beads 12.5 inch 173 beads

    2mm Sky Blue Glass microfaceted round beads 12.5 inch 173 beads

    Original price $20.00 - Original price $20.00
    Original price
    $20.00 - $20.00
    Current price $20.00

If you ever have any questions, or need help for making jewelry or perhaps you have a crafting project, feel free to ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives. 

Ancient and Storied Past

Naturally occurring glass, such as volcanic obsidian, has been utilized as a tool, and even as a weapon, by mankind for eons. However, strong archaeological evidence demonstrates that glass was first made by man on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea over 5000 years ago. Glass beads symbolize power, fashion, wealth, and the exploratory spirit of humanity.

The methods and tools used to make glass beads are among the oldest in recorded human history, dating back over 3000 years. The ancient Roman civilization utilized glass bead making and employed glass beads in their own arts and crafts. In fact glass and glass making became so prevalent in ancient Rome that glass has been referred to as Roman plastic and naturally spread throughout the Roman Empire.

Bead Like an Egyptian

Ancient Egyptian culture made a glass-like bead from clay with a luminous glaze. They used these in their craft pottery, ornamented clothing and dress, and even burial rituals. The majority of ancient glass beads and glass ingots from antiquity find their origin in Egypt.

In the 5th century, glass was imported to China. The most widespread form of glass brought in to the nation was beads. This influx naturally created momentum for local glass bead production. By this early date, they had become a ubiquitous aspect of global life.

Time Traveller

Glass beads are not only beautiful additions to your jewelry or art project, they're also valuable archaeological clues. A long lasting object, comprised of materials that can be chemically and geologically sourced, glass beads transmit rich histories of trade, technology, lifestyle, and artistic expression for cultures and civilizations long forgotten.

With such a rich history and deep connection to the earliest forms of human artistic expression, glass beads from the Bead Traders will add sparkling beauty and abundant tradition to any project you can imagine.   

Kaleidoscope of Color

Because they have such a long storied history of manufacture and use, they naturally are available in a plethora of sizes, shapes, lusters, and colors. They are made to appear similar to many different precious stones and beads and are therefore available with a clear, translucent, and even smoky appearance. Glass is a highly adaptable product, presenting a resplendently beautiful rainbow of colors and hues at affordable prices.

Choose GiveMeMoreBeads for all Your Bead Needs

At the Bead Traders we believe that high quality shouldn’t break your budget. We know you’ll love our premium quality glass beads because we love and use them, too. Contact us and get yours today!

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