Agate Beads (2)

Agate is a form of chalcedony, a stone made predominantly of silica and formed under intense heat, and comes in many colors and patterns. The names of the different types of agate beads are visually descriptive: tiger’s eye, fire agate, moss agate, tree agate, honeycomb agate and many others. Agate is found all over the world and its many patterns make it highly sought after for jewelry, carvings and other crafts. Buying Agate Beads online is always affordable with the Bead Traders, since we buy beads and beading supplies in volume, and pass the savings on to you!

12x8mm Brown Banded Agate plain tube rice beads measure 15.5 inch 33 beads

12x8mm Brown Banded Agate plain tube rice beads measure 15.5 inch 33 beads


12x8mm Brown Banded Agate plain tube rice shape 15.5 inches for the strand of approximately 33 color treated beads.

14x10mm MultiColor Crackled Agate faceted rice Beads 15 inch 28 pieces

14x10mm MultiColor Crackled Agate faceted rice Beads 15 inch 28 pieces


MultiColor Crackled Agate faceted rice Beads with 1.5mm Inside Diameter drill hole, approximate 14x10mm average rice shape, 15 inch length, 28 bead...

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Unique Designs

Agate beads can be found in solid colors, but most have some variety of striation or pattern in them. A layered pattern of stripes is very common and is found in varieties of agate such as tiger’s eye, a brown and gold variety, or fire agate, a stone with different shades of red and orange. Dendritic agate has inclusions that resemble ferns or tree branches or bubbles. Some varieties are moss agate, bloodstone, honeycomb and plume agate. Some forms of agate can be sliced to produce a thin sheet. When a light is placed behind the sheet, it will shine through and bring the patterns in the stone into greater focus.


Agate forms in layers and sometimes a hollow space is left inside the stone. This space is often lined with quartz crystals called drusy. These roundish balls are called geodes and are very popular for their beautiful colors and crystal patterns. Many geodes are small and can be used in jewelry. Often they are sliced to display the drusy inside the stone. Some of them are large enough to walk into, such as the Crystal Cave on the shores of Lake Erie in northern Ohio. Some agate beads contain bits of drusy.


Cameo jewelry is often made from agate and other forms of chalcedony. The technique requires a stone with different colors, and some of one color is carved away leaving a design on a different colored background. Cameo pieces were very popular in ancient Rome and in Victorian and Edwardian England.

Many Colors and Styles

the Bead Traders carries many colors and styles of agate beads. Black agate beads are available in large pear shapes or smaller spacer beads, and come in smooth or faceted finishes. Blue agate beads can be purchased as sliced nuggets containing drusy or as faceted or smooth beads in many sizes. Agate beads come in a breathtaking array of colors, shapes and finishes, and will work for almost any jewelry or crafts project.

Three-Part Value Pledge

All beads that you purchase from GiveMeMoreBeads are covered by our Three-Part Value Pledge. First, we promise you the best value for your money. By buying in bulk, we keep our prices reasonable. Second, we promise that every bead we sell, including close-outs and sale items, is inspected for quality. And third, if we have to make a substitution, it will be of a higher quality bead product, not lower. When you get ready to start another jewelry project, put our Three-Part Value Pledge to the test and shop at the Bead Traders.

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