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Product Spotlight: Carnelian Beads - The Bead Traders

Product Spotlight: Carnelian Beads

For centuries, carnelian gemstone beads have been used to create brilliant pieces of jewelry, dramatic decorative accents and charms believed to deliver health and good luck.

The carnelian gemstone is a bold stone that truly stands out. The intense, fiery gemstone can evoke the warmth and illumination of the sun or the blazing embers of a burning fire.

What Do They Look Like?

The carnelian gemstone is a vibrant, brightly colored stone. Its vitreous luster gives it a reflective quality, like a piece of glass.

Some carnelian gemstones are translucent, meaning they are able to transmit light. Others are nearly opaque and allow very little light to shine through.

Range of Colors

Carnelian gemstones range in color from a pale, pink-orange hue to a deep, rust-brown color. The stone is best known for its striking orange and red-orange shades.

ancient polygon carnelian beads

History of Carnelian Beads

Since ancient times, people around the globe have used carnelian gemstones to make jewelry, talismans and seals. The stone was especially popular among ancient kings.

Early Civilizations

Throughout history, numerous cultures have considered the carnelian gemstone to be a token of good luck. In ancient Rome, the carnelian gemstone was a symbol of courage. The Greeks and Babylonians believed wearing carnelian would bring them good fortune.

Arab and Muslim Countries

Carnelian gemstones are particularly revered in Arab and Muslim countries. It is believed that the Prophet Mohammed wore a carnelian seal on his right little finger. The ancient Egyptian goddess Isis is also believed to have worn carnelian.

Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians placed carnelian gemstones on mummies before burial. They believed the stones would provide good fortune during the transition to the afterlife. The iconic gold death mask of King Tutankhamen features inlaid carnelian gemstones.

Why Use Carnelian Beads?

Carnelian gemstone beads can be used to create eye-catching jewelry, striking decorative accents and talismans for health and positive fortune.


Carnelian gemstone beads are among the most popular beads for jewelry making. The stunning beads can be used to craft distinctive necklaces and bracelets that make a great statement piece.

carnelian bead bracelet


Carnelian is a birthstone for the month of July. In astrology, carnelian is associated with the signs Taurus, Aries, Leo and Cancer.

Carnelian is associated with the second chakra, the sacral chakra which is linked to creativity, sensuality and emotion.

Power and Courage

Since ancient times, carnelian has served as a symbol of power. Ancient rulers wore carnelian to project courage and authority. Ancient warriors wore carnelian into battle to provide them with the strength and valor to conquer their opponents.

Sensuality and Pleasure

Throughout history, people have worn carnelian gemstones to inspire love, passion and desire.

The stone gets its name from the Latin word for flesh. Carnelian is thought to symbolize the pleasures of the flesh and is a symbol of sexuality.

The Singer's Stone

Carnelian is known as the singer's stone. It is said to invigorate the voice and to provide performers with the courage and vitality to dazzle audiences.

Grammy Award-winning singer Adele carries carnelian crystals to help her overcome stage fright and perform at her best.


Carnelian is believed to be a powerful source of positive energy.

It is believed that wearing carnelian can restore one's health, vigor and physical energy. The stone is also believed to enhance fertility and sex drive.

Healers have used carnelian gemstones to relieve menstrual pain, soothe headaches and backaches, improve blood circulation, boost the absorption of vitamins and minerals, and alleviate sexual dysfunction.

Feng Shui

Carnelian is linked to fire elemental energy. Fire energy governs passion, physical energy, emotion and creativity. Fire energy is a source of motivation, confidence, decisiveness and action.

The radiant, flamelike gemstone brings warmth and heat to a room. A living room with a fireplace is a fitting setting for decorations made from carnelian gemstone beads.

During the winter months, decreased sunlight reduces the fire energy in our homes. Adding carnelian gemstone accents to a space during the cold winter months can evoke the warmth and brilliance of the sun's rays.

Carnelian inspires enthusiasm and a zest for life. Incorporating carnelian decorations into your home creates an invigorating environment and revitalizes your surroundings.

Where can Carnelian be Found Today?

Carnelian is mined and sold in countries around the world.

Brazil, Uruguay, and Other Countries

Carnelian is primarily mined in Brazil, Uruguay, Australia, Madagascar, South Africa, and India.


Interested in purchase carnelian beads? You can find carnelian gemstone beads for sale online.

Final Thoughts

Carnelian gemstone beads are legendary for their rich cultural and historical significance, supposed healing properties and metaphysical powers, and intense, eye-catching orange and red hues.

Whether you want to harness the stone's intense fire energy, or you want a unique piece of statement jewelry to enhance your look, dazzling carnelian gemstone beads are an ideal choice.

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