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How To Choose The Best Gold Chain For Jewelry Making? - The Bead Traders

How To Choose The Best Gold Chain For Jewelry Making?

Choosing chains to make jewelry is one of the most crucial steps in jewelry making. There are many options to choose from, but it all comes down to your personal preference and the design you want to achieve.

With the proper chain in hand, you can create and add a whole new dimension to your handmade pieces of jewelry. You can choose a simple chain to make the pendant or charm the star of the design, or you can opt for a beaded chain and create something sparkling and unique. While beaded chain options range from different gemstone beads to metal beads, the most preferred and common simple chain colors are gold and silver. Buying a gold chain is especially difficult owing to its color, quality, and design which can make a significant difference in the appearance of the finished product.

In this blog, we will discuss how to find the best gold chain for jewelry making to create a piece that represents your style and creativity. 

Plated vs. Solid Gold

It is safe to assume that if you make your own jewelry, you will likely choose gold-plated chains, not solid gold. While jewelry made of solid gold has only gold inside and out, gold-plated jewelry is made from another metal with a coating of genuine gold.  

The price also significantly differs, with plated chains costing considerably less than solid gold alternatives. Although the life of gold-plated jewelry is less than solid gold, modern plating techniques have made it possible for plated chains to hold their beautiful appearance and shine for a long time. When cared for properly, gold-plated chains can be one of your prized possessions. 

The Right Karat Matters

The karat indicates the purity of gold. While 24kt is the highest karat, meaning the gold is in its purest form, it is hard to work with and never found in gold-plated chains. The most common options in gold-plated chains are 14kt and 22kt. 

With solid gold, higher karat means the metal is soft and safest for people with nickel allergies or sensitivities. However, it is prone to scratches and other damages, making gold-plated chains the best choice for handmade jewelry if you are just starting or running a small business. 

Importance of Link Type

Depending on the type of jewelry you make, the links in the gold chains matter a lot. The link type decides the strength of the chain and, therefore, the durability of your jewelry. 

However, the choice also depends on your preference; for instance, men like to wear chains with heavier links while women prefer daintier ones. 

Some links come with inherent problems of twisting, kinking, and getting stuck on clothing like the omega, herringbone, and round snake chains. You can consider buying oval and twisted oval link chains that are versatile and work well in many designs and are strong enough to withstand daily use.

Choosing the Right Colored Gold Chain

At first, it may sound confusing, but gold-plated chains come in different shades and hues, not just in 'golden' color. So choosing the right color is crucial for your jewelry design to pop and look attractive.  

The choices may range from rose, yellow, to even black gold. If choosing only one seems too daunting, you can buy different shades of gold-plated chains by the foot and create your masterpiece. Always shop from a trusted vendor who ensures you get quality chains by the foot and maintain color consistency, too.  

Choosing the Right Length – Like Chains by the Foot

If you are looking to start your handmade jewelry business or even for your personal use, buying chains by the foot is advantageous as it gives you the liberty to use them the way you want while avoiding material waste. Chain by the foot is a jewelry-making essential, and it's also a lot of fun to play around with. You can make all sorts of pieces with chains, from necklaces and bracelets to earrings and anklets. And the best part is, you can buy chains by the foot, so you don't have to worry about purchasing too much or too little. 

What are the Tools Required for Jewelry Making?

The right tools for jewelry-making are like the oars that will help you propel your business forward. These tools allow you to put the different parts together, like putting beads onto the strings, attaching the clasps to the string, and more. A good set of jewelry tools is crucial for achieving remarkable results. 

Pliers – Jeweler's pliers are helpful when working with metals and wires as they help you grip, bend and work with small objects, just like a second pair of hands. 

Wire Cutters – As the name suggests, it is used to cut wires and work with pins and findings. 

Nylon-Tip Tweezers – It is extremely helpful when working with small and delicate gems and beads without causing any damage to the surface, like scratching the color. 

Needles – Beading needles are a must for putting beads onto the stringing material. These needles should be of high quality and different sizes to accommodate various bead openings. 

Now that you know the ways to choose the best gold chain and the ideal tools for your jewelry-making process to be a success, the next step is to find a trusted vendor. Once you find a vendor offering high-quality jewelry parts, buying wholesale chains by the foot is a smart move. You will often get discounts and offers and build a relationship with the vendor, ensuring that you will find quality products every time.

The Bead Traders is one such destination where you can get everything to kick start your jewelry-making business and give your dream the wings to fly. 

Why Buy at The Beads Traders? 

The Bead Traders has the ultimate collection of gold chains by the foot ranging from Rose gold-plated link chains and black gold-plated link chains to simple gold-plated chains and gold-plated link chains. You can find your preferred link types from the extensive collection that includes Figaro, Fancy, Divot Oval, Square link chains, and plenty more.

If you want to explore other designs, you can buy beaded chains by the foot or even freshwater pearl chains by the foot. The Bead Traders also have some of the most impressive hand-selected inventory of gemstone beads. 

So if you want the best quality jewelry parts at an affordable price and convenient and reliable shipping, The Bead Traders is your ideal store. 

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