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6 Elegant Beads to Use in Your Winter Jewelry Creations - The Bead Traders

6 Elegant Beads to Use in Your Winter Jewelry Creations

Fall is here and, before you know it, winter will be upon us. While we are currently all about shades of orange, brown and yellow, our thoughts will soon be shifting toward more wintry hues. While red and green are the traditional colors of the season, they aren’t the only ones that are perfect to wear in the winter. And even if you do choose to go with the classics, you can give them a more elegant look by using genuine gemstone beads rather than glass or plastic ones. 

If you are struggling to come up with ideas for your winter beading projects, don’t despair! Keep reading to discover a few elegant beads to use in your winter jewelry creations. 

Crystal Quartz

When you want to design elegant jewelry that is stunningly beautiful yet simple, crystal quartz beads are a great option. These colorless stones sparkle like a blanket of fresh snow or sun reflecting off of icicles. Their icy beauty is perfect for all sorts of winter accessories, and these stones are equally beautiful on their own or when paired with other colors. Crystal quartz can be used as a focal stone or an accent stone, so it’s an incredibly versatile option to have on hand. 

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is a powder blue gemstone that is lovely in winter palettes. It works especially well when paired with white or clear stones (such as crystal quartz) to create an elegant, cool look. It works well with other icy blue stones, including aquamarine or chalcedony beads. 

When paired with darker blue or even black stones, blue lace agate has a striking effect that is sure to turn heads at even the fanciest of holiday gatherings. 


The color red is synonymous with the holiday season. If you want to incorporate it into your jewelry, garnet is an excellent gemstone to use. Garnet beads come in various shades of red. Whether you are looking for a true, vibrant red or you want to create a piece of jewelry using deeper shades, you can find what you need in garnet. There are even green garnet beads that you can use to create the traditional red and green look. 


jewelry beads bright colorful green emerald

If you are working on a red and green color palette (or you just want to rock green on its own) and you want to go for the utmost elegance, you definitely can’t go wrong with emerald beads. Emerald is one of the few precious gemstones, and it has an unparalleled beauty that will add elegance to any jewelry creation. Emerald beads come in various sizes, shapes and shades of green, so it’s possible to find ones that are absolutely perfect for any project. 


To create elegant, multi-colored jewelry that is reminiscent of holiday lights, consider tourmaline. Tourmaline comes in more colors than any other gemstone, so tourmaline beads are perfect for those festive multi-colored looks. This stone is famous for forming in so many different colors, so it’s great for creating a unique look. From black and colorless to red, green, pink, yellow and all sorts of other colors, these stones are available in every color you could possibly need to create a beautiful holiday necklace, bracelet, earrings or anything else you can imagine. 


If you are searching for gemstone beads that will help you get through the winter, citrine is a great option. This bright yellow stone is reminiscent of the sun and is wonderful for anyone who is suffering from a case of the winter blues. Citrine beads are believed to soothe anxiety and depression and energize all aspects of life. They can dispel negative energy, too, so while they aren’t a “traditional” holiday color, they are excellent to wear to potentially stressful events. 


woman wearing beads

When designing jewelry for winter, finding the perfect gemstones can be tricky. There are a lot of different ones to choose from, and it isn’t always easy to match genuine gemstones to traditional winter color palettes. The stones listed above are just a few of the many that will work perfectly in your winter creations. When in doubt, however, clear stones like crystal quartz are always a safe bet. They are reminiscent of ice and snow and are perfect for capturing the feel of winter when you are trying to avoid “traditional” colors like red and green. They also pair perfectly with a wide range of other stones, making them an ideal stone to add to your collection of jewelry-making supplies. 

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