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3 Benefits of Using Agate Beads - The Bead Traders

3 Benefits of Using Agate Beads

If you are new to jewelry-making and looking for gemstones to add to your collection of supplies, you can’t go wrong with agate beads. A form of chalcedony, agate consists primarily of silica and forms under intense heat. It comes in a wide range of different patterns and colors and, as such, is a very versatile stone. Because agate is prevalent, it is also an affordable stone that is excellent for beginners who are working to build their collection of beads without breaking the bank. 

Working with agate beads provides numerous benefits. Whether you are new to the world of beading or you are an experienced pro who is searching for a different gemstone to use, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using agate beads in your creations. 

Agate Comes in a Rainbow of Colors

Some stones–such as sapphire and emerald–are well-known for being a specific color. That’s not the case with agate. If you choose to work with agate beads, you will have access to stones in a huge range of colors, including black, green, yellow, pink, orange, blue, red… The list goes on and on. There are also various patterns of agate, such as dendritic agate and moss agate. Each type has its own unique appearance and enables you to create one-of-a-kind pieces in a rainbow of colors. 

Agate beads come in many different shapes, too. Whether you prefer the look of perfectly round stones or you are searching for something that’s a bit rougher around the edges, it is possible to find agate beads with whatever appearance you desire. You can even find flat slices of agate that show off the layers of color and, sometimes, a druzy quartz center. 

It Has Amazing Healing Properties

In the world of crystal healing, agate is a powerful tool. It combines the solidity and strength of stone with the translucency of air and the fluidity of water to create a gem that is filled with a unique blend of energies. It has a soothing energy and can be quite protective. Agate is excellent for harmonizing and rebalancing the mind, body and spirit. It is also believed to cleanse the aura and transform or eliminate negativity. It is even said to improve mental function and analytical abilities. 

patterned agate beads

Different types and colors of agate have additional properties in addition to the general healing properties listed above. Blue lace agate, for example, is said to be a calming stone that instills a sense of tranquility and peace. It is also said to aid with the verbal expression of emotions and thoughts. Dendritic agate, which is also known as tree agate, is said to bring abundance to all areas of one’s life. It is also believed that this form of gemstone provides protection and ensures safety for travelers. It is even said to heal the nerves and blood vessels. 

If you plan on creating gemstone jewelry for healing purposes, spend some time familiarizing yourself with the metaphysical properties of different forms of agate. You’ll likely be surprised at just how many benefits these unique stones offer from a healing perspective. 

Agate Is Widely Available

Agate is prevalent in nature, which means that it is easy to find for jewelry-making purposes. No matter what color you are searching for, you should have absolutely no trouble finding it. While some forms are rarer than others, agate itself is not rare by any stretch of the imagination. When you use it in your jewelry creations, you will be able to easily replenish your supplies as needed. Because agate is a common stone, it is also one that is extremely affordable. 


stone beads jewelry

Whether you are new to jewelry-making or a seasoned pro, you can use agate beads to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to be loved. While some stones just come in various shades of the same color, agate forms in a rainbow of colors and a wide range of different patterns, and each option has its own unique healing properties. Agate is as versatile as it is beautiful, and as a common gemstone, it is an affordable option for virtually any jewelry designer. 

At The Bead Traders, we stock a huge selection of agate beads. Check out the full collection today and you’re sure to find exactly what you need for your next project. 

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