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​Why Every Woman Needs Fancy Jasper in Her Jewelry Collection


Fancy jasper is a category of calming, deep-hued gems that are essential for every jewelry enthusiast. These beautiful stones invoke deep lakes, evenings in the forest and starry skies.

For anyone making jewelry, fancy jasper is indispensable. The many hues are irresistible to your buyers and help them pair different pieces with their favorite outfits and various types of jewelry. Order your fancy jasperbeads in different tones you can mix to bring your designs to the next level.


Find Your Center

Anytime you feel afraid, disconnected or stressed, reach for a fancy jasper stone. Make a beautiful fancy jasper bracelet and let the gems touch your skin and infuse you with tranquility.

The stones come in smooth, creamy green, mauve, lilac and earthy red colors. All of them work together beautifully or paired with a bloodstone. They have a more robust quality than most gems because of their fiber, but that only lends to their buttery texture. Run your fingers over these beautiful stones during any bad day to release pent-up stress or anxiety.

Celebrate Copper

One of the reasons jewel artisans love fancy jasper is because it looks so great with worked copper. Copper is one of the easiest, most malleable metals to shape and sculpt, so stones that look nice in this brassy metal add to the simplicity of creating a beautiful piece.

Curve your copper into beautiful shapes and make it unique with jasper stones in green and lilac. The metal will look more alive with the silent, magical stones set against it.

jasper jewelry

Pair Them with Everything

With their gentle colors and variations, these stones are subtly bold without taking over a particular look. You can layer several bracelets on top of long, spring-weight sleeves without looking overdone. For something more casual, find a blouse or sweater in a grey or forest green to pair with your favorite earrings and necklace and help yourself relax.

Let Them Soothe You

These unique stones feel lovely against your skin when you touch or wear them. The stone is finely grained and densely structured, making for a silky finish. Once they’re polished, these beautiful stones have a worn, watery finish to them that skin loves to feel.

Wearing jasper also helps you feel better on a metaphysical level. In addition to soothing you, it gives you energy and keeps you going. The stones have been used since the fourth century to keep evil spirits at bay and help people feel great as they went about their day. Fancy jasper is also credited with aligning chakras, helping the user feel connected, aware and strong in their sense of self.

Keep it Simple

The many shades and variations of jasper can stand on their own, with only a few beads on a chain or a simple stone set into a ring. A beautiful chain can become something even more special with a little fancy jasper.

jasper beads

Get Fancy

Conversely, fancy jasper also looks beautiful in big, bold cuts and then layered on top of itself. Do you love to cover your wrists in bracelets or wear fabulous, chunky necklaces? Then you need some jasper. Look for unique forms and shapes that lie on top of one another or small strands that you can pile on top of your favorite maxi dress.

Try it on top of a basic piece or with a powerful suit. Either way, the magic and beauty of these stones will make it unique.

Start Creating

These beautiful, love-filled stones are the perfect reason to try making some jewelry on your own. Have you ever wanted to solder your own copper into something truly beautiful? You can do it–you just need the right tools and a good workspace.

If you’ve soldered before and want to try something new, this project is just the thing.

If you’re ready to do some serious work inspired by the original jewelry lovers, check out this beautiful Egyptian scarab from GoMeow Creations. Here you can choose three of your favorite fancy jasper stones and then polish and shape them to fit the design.

The soldering process of this piece is advanced, so be ready to spend several hours at the work table. The scarab is shaped with small, golden pieces that are laid on the main section to make the winged bug. Add the stones last and then wear it all over town to show everyone just how talented you are in the shop.

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