Zebra Jasper Beads (2)

Jasper is an opaque form of chalcedony than can be polished into gemstone beads, carved ornaments, vases, and seals. It comes in varying colors and often has inclusions that lend the stones a unique character. Zebra Jasper Beads are black and white with stripes, which explains their namesake.

12mm Zebra Jasper Plain Coin Beads, 15 inch Sold out

12mm Zebra Jasper Plain Coin Beads, 15 inch


Length 15 inch strand | Approx. Bead Size 12x5mm

14mm Zebra Jasper faceted round beads 7.5 inches 14 pieces

14mm Zebra Jasper faceted round beads 7.5 inches 14 pieces


Approximates: 14mm faceted round, 7.5 inches, 14 beads on the strand

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Ancient History

Jasper was a popular gemstone in the ancient world and its name means “spotted or speckled stone.” Many older languages had a name for jasper and it is usually described as being green. In some cases, ancient authors used a common name for different stones. Bow drills of green jasper have been dated back to 4,000 to 5,000 BCE. Jasper seals dating back to 1800 BCE have been found in the palace of Knossos. Geologists believe that the ancient jasper could have been chrysoprase, which is a lovely pale jade color, and most likely the stone referred to in Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung.

Artistic Stone

Today, jasper is known as an opaque stone that can be almost any color, depending on the minerals in the sediment or volcanic ash during the stone’s formation. The patterns on jasper are created during the consolidation process and are known as dendritic inclusions because they look similar to trees or, in the case of zebra jasper, like a zebra’s stripes.

Many Names

Stones are named for their color or pattern, the geographic area they were found, or the scientist who discovered them. For jasper, it is possible to find examples of all of these. Zebra jasper beads are named for their pattern. Even though this is not a vegetative pattern, it is still considered a form of dendritic jasper. Although the black and white pattern is the most common, it can be found in shades and combinations of red, brown, white, or green zebra jasper.

Optimist’s Stone

This striking, striped stone is often called the optimist’s stone because of its power to balance opposing energies. The black and white colors represent the yin and yang of Taoist philosophy. The white stripes encourage dreaming and planning for the future, while the black portions are grounding and connect the wearer of zebra jasper beads to the Earth. This stone will cure the wearer of apathy and light a fire of passion and motivation.

Physically, zebra jasper beads are recommended for kidney and bladder ailments, as well as skin problems. They’re also used to strengthen the bones and teeth and to treat muscle spasms. Jasper works through the root chakra, which is connected to grounding. It helps the wearer to pull scattered energies together and to become more organized and productive.

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