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Ruby in Zoisite Beads

Ruby in Zoisite Beads (1)

If you’re looking for truly special beads that will bring a touch of mystery to your next jewelry-making project, there aren’t many gemstone beads more exotic and stunning than Ruby in Zoisite Beads. These beads include the earthy green tones of zoisite, as well as highlights from the beautiful red ruby crystals within, making for an unmatchable color combination. We all know what they say about great combinations, from peanut butter and chocolate, to milk and cookies, but when it comes to a remarkable combination stone, nothing compares to the fusion of energy and beauty in these eye-catching beads.

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    Ruby in Zoisite Faceted Pears & Hearts 7 inch 12 pieces

    Beads average about 7x6mm.

    Original price $37.00 - Original price $37.00
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Beautiful Beads Like No Other

The stunning color combination of ruby in zoisite makes these beads a crafter’s dream. Ruby zoisite beads are a real find for any bead crafter, and can be used to create all kinds of appealing jewelry, in addition to many other crafty products. At the Bead Traders, we provide beads created from a number of different ruby in zoisite cuts, as well as different balances between the red and green crystals of the stone. This enables you to create a wide variety of looks using one exceptional gemstone.

An Intriguing Natural Mineral Combination

Ruby in zoisite is a naturally occurring mineral combination, sometimes referred to by the alternate name of anyolite, which was originally discovered in Tanzania. To this day, Tanzania remains the only source for these unique stones, which occur when ruby inclusions make their way into a larger zoisite stone matrix. This combination is distinct from the fine ruby, but still quite desirable. Some people believe that ruby in zoisite stones have unique healing properties, combining the earthy powers of zoisite with the passion of ruby to build the wearer’s vibrancy and energy. Whether you believe in the stone’s healing powers or not, eye-catching jewelry made from ruby in zoisite beads certainly brings an unmistakable energy to the room.

Get Inspired to Create

At the Bead, we work hard to bring our customers the beads they long to craft with, all at competitive prices—that way you never have to sacrifice working with the stunning stones that inspire you, even if you are on a budget. From the unique beauty of ruby zoisite beads, the classic look of freshwater pearls, and even the simple essentials of metal findings, we’ve got everything that any jewelry crafter needs in order to get inspired. Whether you’re creating beautiful jewelry for yourself, your loved ones, or for your devoted customers, our bead supply makes it possible to bring every lovely creation you’ve imagined to life.

When you make a purchase from the Bead Traders, you can always expect that you’ll receive high quality, hand-selected beads and gemstones, each at competitive prices. We subject all the beads in our inventory, even the discount strands, to rigorous inspection, ensuring that your purchase will be of the highest quality. In addition, every order is backed by our three-tiered Value Pledge to make sure that you’re always comfortable making purchases from our collection. So don’t stop with ruby in zoisite beads—browse our full selection today and get inspired to create!

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