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Rhyolite Beads

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Every rhyolite bead is uniquely beautiful: we guarantee you’ll lose yourself for a moment studying this stone’s dreamy patterns and unexpected colors. While each piece of rhyolite is different, there are some key characteristics you can expect from all Rhyolite Beads.

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Rhyolite tends to take on a mossy green hue, with the occasional brown, tan, cream-colored, or even clear spots thrown into the mix. These markings give rhyolite gemstone beads a unique character, which means that they will definitely bring an element of the unexpected to your jewelry. the Bead Traders offers a stunning selection of rhyolite that we’ve inspected for quality to make sure that they meet our standards and help you create your most amazing projects. Each stone has its own variations so you’ll be able to match different accent beads based on what inspires you about each stone.

Dramatic, Volcanic Beginnings

The word rhyolite comes from the Greek word rhyx meaning “streams of lava.” Rhyolite is a volcanic rock that is formed when lava cools into an igneous rock with a high silica content. In other words, because the lava that creates rhyolite moves slowly and is very viscous, it generally collects into dome-like formations and cools very quickly—too quickly for any crystals to form. Rhyolite differs from granite, also an igneous rock, because granite cools slowly, which results in crystal formation. Because rhyolite is a product of volcanic activity, it tends to form around hot spots on continents (as opposed to islands). That’s all a very scientific way of saying that your rhyolite beads have had quite the life before they came into your hands!

It’s Time for a Change

Rhyolite is associated with a host of both metaphysical and physical properties and benefits. Given that rhyolite beads are born during a volcanic eruption, it should be no surprise that one of these metaphysical qualities includes change. Rhyolite is said to increase creativity and promote transformation for those who wear or carry it. Physically, rhyolite is said to help with troubled sleep, aid focused meditation, and provide an overall sense of physical regeneration. So if you’re feeling tired, uninspired, unfocused, or just plain stuck in a rut, rhyolite beads might be exactly what you need to revitalize your life.

Quality Beads at The Best Prices

Here at the Bead Traders, we do everything we can to make sure that our customers have a great experience shopping with us and that you always get the best possible prices. While other sites might promise that their beads are top of the line, we’re confident that our rigorous standards for quality are unmatched, and so are our prices. We love making our customers happy.

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