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Blue Peruvian Opal plain nuggets 15 inch 49 beads

Beads measure about 5x5-9x5mm. Blue Peruvian Opals have a translucent to opaque nature with a soft range of Caribbean to Seafoam Blues which have tan brown matrix features making this one of our favorite gemstones, and sure to be one of yours. Opal derives its name from the Sanskrit word for stone. Peruvian Opal is classified as Common Opal meaning that it does not have the `play of color` rainbow-like flashes of color. Mined exclusively in the Andes Mountains. These 1mm drilled Peruvian Opal beads have a waxy luster on the asymmetrically shaped bodies which have been straight drilled and have a varied assortment of hues throughout the well polished strand.
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